Perfume Review: Sun Eau de Toilette by Zents

Welcome once again to the weekly Perfume review.  For the past few weeks I have been working my way through the Sample Collection from Zents.  They very kindly gifted it to me so that I could try out the scents of their Eau De Toilettes and review them. For those who are hazy on the difference between an Eau de Parfum and a toilette, the difference is in the concentration of perfume oil. An Eau de Toilette has less and as such has a less intense scent to it.  If you like scents but like keeping them light, toilettes might be your lane.  They tend to be more friendly to the scent sensitive in the world.

Which makes sense that Zents would have them rather than perfumes.  In their about page there is a great personal story about the founder and why he wanted to create bath and body products for those with scent sensitivity to enjoy.  I highly recommend reading it and you can find it on this link if you are interested. I wouldn’t do it justice if I tried to retell it, but it is is well worth reading.

What I love about this brand is the interconnectivity between the products.  The scents of the Eau de Toilettes is carried through into the other products of the line.  There are some differences though.  The eau de toilettes are much more concentrated scent wise, for one.  In the bath products many of them have the pleasant scent associated with them, but are light almost fleeting scents. 

For example the Mandarin Shampoo that I am currently using (also send as a gift by the brand) has the light orange scent that you would assume a Mandarin product has.  The scent lightly surrounds you as you wash your hair but almost completely rinses away with the suds.  You are not eternally surrounded by the scent of orange.  The Bath truffles from the mandarin line (a repeat purchase for me and how I first tried the brand) also has the light mandarin scent wafting up with the steam from the hot bath water, however once you get out of the tub, only the softness and a slight hint of scent remains on your skin.

The Mandarin Eau de Toilette lasts all day when you place it on your wrist and has a more nuanced scent to it.  It has spices mixed in with the orange that aren’t really noticeable in the shampoo and bath truffle.  So while the Eau de Toilette sampler can give you an idea of the scents of the bath products and vice versa, just know there are some variations. I use this as an example because I’ve tried more of the products from the Mandarin line than I have any of the others.

However each week I am pulling out a different scent rom the sample collection and trying it out.  This week’s scent was called Sun.  According to the Zent’s website it is…

Calming & Sensual
vanilla, sandalwood, blood orange, grapefruit, amber

Sparked by the fusion of healing and art, ZENTS SUN Eau de Toilette becomes a potent potion as it reacts with your body’s natural chemistry. You are the artist, crafting a unique essence that invokes what is in your heart, inviting love, beauty, and joy, and drawing all of life’s most cherished gifts into the present moment. Apply SUN Eau de Toilette on pulse points and heart area. Your radiance and warmth will bring the scent to life and make it uniquely yours.

ZENTS SUN Eau de Toilette is pure perfection on its own. It is also fully compatible with other scents and products in the collection.

Create your signature blend by spraying each scent in the same spot on your wrist. Then, rub wrists together to blend.

Zents Sun Eau de Toilette

Like all Zent’s Eau de Toilettes, it goes on fairly strong and then after a minute fades back to hug your wrist.  All of their scents have that same personal scent feel to them.  They are not the sorts of scents that announce your presence to the room when you are still three feet from entering.  These scents stay close to the skin and last well throughout the day.  There is some fading as the day goes on but in general one spritz in the morning and you are good until the end of the work day.  Because the scents stay so close to the body, they are perfect for wearing in almost any environment.  To smell them someone really has to enter into your personal space. So they aren’t scents that will annoy and disturb your co-workers, even if they have different taste to you.

That being said, this scent is heavily weighted towards vanilla and has a sandalwood backing.  I didn’t get any of the blood orange, grapefruit or amber.  I would have actually liked those scents actually.  I’ll be honest, this scent isn’t for me. It is a little too sweet smelling and has an almost talcum powder scent to it because of it.  It is a very young type scent. 

Zents is a brand that started out as Spa products and is still actually featured at spas.  If going to a spa with my twelve year old niece this is the scent I think she would gravitate towards. On me it felt a little too sweet and a little too young.  It is a nice scent and quite pleasant to wear, it just isn’t suitable for me. Admittedly I may end up getting my niece some of the bath products from the line for Christmas and see if she likes them enough to warrant picking up the Eau de Toilette.

While this isn’t a scent I would wear, I have to say I am looking forward to the end of my trial when I get to blend it with other scents and see how it works out. I think that Sun could help lighten a few of the deeper scents. Also, because of the citrus notes that are listed, I might try mixing it with Mandarin just to see what happens. 

But that is a trial for another time, for now I will be putting the Sun away and pulling another Eau de Toilette from the bag to try out in the upcoming week.  I believe this was scent number six out of ten so we are slowly working down to the bottom of the bag.   I personally can’t wait to see what comes out next.

And if you are interested in trying out anything from Zents, now might be a good time to order.  Currently you can get 20% off your purchase with the code LOVEGROWS.