Three Times Sublime or is it?

After my success with the Draw it all Out Mask by Fromula 10.0.6 I decided to try the brand’s Three Times Sublime or to give it its full name Three Times Sublime 3-in-1 Blackhead Wash + Scrub + Mask with Pink Grapefruit + Jojoba (retail $6.99).  It was relatively inexpensive and I am always looking for a good exfoliator.

In general I am skeptical when a product claims to be multi use.  Generally I find that the product either does one thing really well and really doesn’t deal with the others well, or in trying to do too many things they end up failing at all of them.  At least that has been my experience. Maybe I’m a cynic.

But I am always willing to be proven wrong.

In fact in the arena of multi-tasking skin care, I love being proven wrong. The bathroom I use for my skin care is a small powder room and shelf space is rather limited. Multi-taskers mean the shelf is less crowded.

So first let’s look at the claims.  According to the website…

This miraculous multi-tasker makes light work of stubborn blackheads, to remove excess oil, unclog pores and eliminate blemishes. Pink grapefruit cleanses while jojoba exfoliates. Its 3-in-1 formula acts as a wash, scrub and mask for the complete complexion overhaul.

Interesting, no?

I have to say with all of the stress and bad eating from the last two weeks I have been having a few break outs so I am not opposed to a product willing to tackle them for me.  As I’ve mentioned before I love exfoliators and I adore face masks so this should be a win for me.

First off, the scent.  Yes I know, I have to smell everything.  At least I didn’t feel the need to taste this one. That’s progress, right?

This cleanser/mask smells lightly citrusy.  It is light, quite pleasant and not overpowering.   I generally think of jojoba in terms of softening rather than scent so I don’t know what it actually smells like.  I’m guessing though that it mitigated the grapefruit scent a bit.

Product in hand. You can feel the exfoliate but it is rather fine grained.

Satisfied with the scent I decided to try the cleansing aspect first. So I started with a full face of makeup and washed my face. Yeah, there is a reason it is not called a make-up removing cleanser. While the exfoliating particles do technically scrub the make-up off, you would have to rub harder than I feel comfortable with to do it, and I’m pretty sure there will still be some left over.

Realizing my error, I quickly rinsed it off, used my Make Up Eraser to remove my makeup and then started again, using it as a cleanser/exfoliator. I have to say it worked well. It is a light exfoliate with fine grain particles that aren’t too harsh on the skin.  There was a little put of foaming, but not terribly much.  After cleansing/exfoliating, I rinsed my face.  It takes a bit of rinsing to remove all of the particles.  If you like splashing a lot of water on your face, this is the product for you.  The rinsing is mostly because the particles are rather fine grained and you need to get them all off.

Once everything was washed off, I was very pleased with my skin.  My skin was clean with no residue left behind, exfoliated and soft and there was no irritation on my break outs. They were in fact a little bit dryer which is I believe one of the product claims. Despite this the rest of my face was not dried out, it was just the spots where I was broken out. I call that a win.

At least on one front.

I did try the Three Times Sublime as a mask.  Not on the same day of course, but the next.  It gives the same cleansing exfoliating effect as before but I could see no noticeable benefit to leaving it on the skin as I would a mask.  It dried out a bit and the scrub was a little harder to remove.

So, three times sublime, maybe not.  I like cleansers that remove my makeup, which this didn’t do, but on nights when I either haven’t worn makeup that day or have used something else to remove it first, this is a great face wash and exfoliator combo, especially if you have some stress related break outs cropping up. It is gentle enough to use daily, which most exfoliators are not and after a few days I saw a noticeable reduction in my break outs. I didn’t see the point of using it as a mask, but I suppose if you are super oily or have more of a problem with breakouts, you might find it more helpful than I did.

So even if all the claims weren’t met, I think this product is definitely one to keep around as a useful addition to my skin care team.



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