Trying out the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Eyeshadow

The Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eyeshadow was an interesting eyeshadow to work with.  While it has only appeared in a couple of Daily Makeup Posts I have been playing around with it since it came in May’s Boxycharm. I am used to only having shimmer shadows and having a matte one was fun.  The product smoothed on well over the eyes, dried down well and didn’t budge once in place.  I actually wore it on a walk and while I was sweating profusely, the shadow didn’t budge.  It came off with my current Elemis Cleansing balm very easily though so I didn’t need a specific waterproof makeup remover to take it off.  I could use my usual makeup remover.

the wand

The applicator tip is a small curved doe foot.  I can see it helping if you wanted to draw fine lines on your eyes for a more complex look.  Let’s face it though, I am not a makeup artist and I generally go for pretty simple looks. 

So when I used a one and done look I applied it on the outer edge of my eye and then used my finger to work it inward.  This works well except that my finger is a little large and I didn’t quite get the precision I wanted.  I tried using the do foot applicator on the other eye, but I ended it adding far more product than I needed or wanted. And with this shadow, a little is really all you need. In the photos below you can see the swatch I put on my hand and then the blending out of the swatch to see how far it would cover. You need very little to cover your eye lid.

Quick Swatch

In the end I applied a line of the liquid eyeshadow to the outer edge then took a clean flat blending brush to blend it over the eye.  It let me have more control over where the product ended up than I had with either the doe foot or my finger.

The shadow does dry down relatively quickly so you have a very limited window of time to move it around.  I highly suggest cleaning up the edges fast so they don’t dry messy. Actually this might be where scotch tape is your friend. It will let you get that clean line on the edge and allow you to just concentrate on blending out the color across the lid.

swatch blended out, I could have actually covered my whole hand with what was in the swatch

As it is a single shade I was curious as to how it worked with other shadows.  I played around  with both cream shadows and powder.  The powder shadows I chose were from the Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Palette. 

The Melted chocolate shadow tends to get a little muddy if you try and blend it when it is wet.  Everything just sort of melts together.  If you apply it, wait a second for it to dry down and then apply your other shadows, everything is fine.  Creams, liquids and powders all apply equally well over the shadow.  It didn’t really do well on top of powdered shadows. 

on it’s own

On top of powders it got streaky and muddy and with other shimmers they just all blended.  This is very much a liquid shadow you lay down and then layer other products over it.  The shade Amaretto, which I have worked well with a range of browns and looked nice in my crease.  It also has enough of a pinky tone to it that it worked well with red toned shadows and pink shimmers.

As I only have the one shade I don’t know how it works with other Too Faced Melted chocolate shadows, but given the formula of the one I have, I would imagine that you would have to paint it on in layers. 

Over all I really liked the shade, and found it relatively easy to work with.  Just remember to dedicate a clean brush to working with and to let it dry down before attempting to add any other shades and it will work really well. Just remember though, a little goes a long way.