The Daily: June 23rd, 2022

Okay deep breathe my darlings. After yesterday, today has been a veritable ocean of calm. This morning I got up early, I walked when the temperature outside was only 75 degrees, which while still warm felt like a cool autumn afternoon compared to the last few weeks. Admittedly my walk was done before eight am. Then around eleven I slipped in some yoga. I had a delightful Smoothie for lunch (Yup, another Chocolate one from Smoothie box. I’m not normally a huge chocolate fan but this strikes the right balance for me and I absolutely adore them)

In a surprisingly calm day, work just flowed and even though my work load is heavier today to help makeup for yesterday, I did work a little late last night so it is not overwhelming.

Yesterday was just a flying mass of crazy.

There was car trouble on one end of town and the mechanics clear on the other side of town. So there was the drive to rescue, the drive to repair and since I was crisscrossing town anyway I just added in a few other things that I was going to have to do later this week and weekend anyway to the list since I was there. It will make Friday and the weekend feel luxuriously easy, which I suppose is the real birthday present for myself (Birthday is Monday).

So despite everything, mostly the heat making me crazy because the air in my car does not work so it was a very sweaty adventure, I actually got a lot done yesterday. It wasn’t what I expected and it wasn’t done in the order I planned, but they were things that had to be done. So that’s like achieving a goal unexpectedly. Which feels way more like a positive now than it did yesterday. Perspective, I suppose, can be everything.

But a cold shower often helps too.

Today’s Look:

Today’s Look:

Primer: ELF Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-caring Glow Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Dominique Cosmetics Silk Tone Cream Blush

Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette

Mascara: Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara

Lips: Yensa Super 8 Lip oil in Pink Shine

With one or two changes, this should look more or less like the rest of the week. I ran out of the Sephora primer so I chose instead a classic favorite with the Elf. It is a great primer and because I’ve used it so often for so long, I know exactly how it performs. Knowing how it performs (and loving it) as well as keeping the face products more or less the same are kind of key for me when testing a new foundation. Especially one that has a one shot sample try on. On Monday I used all of these products with a tried and true foundation that I love (albeit a discontinued one) and so I can compare the samples to how that performed. the same slate of products serving as a sort of control in the process.

I also really like almost everything on this list. I think the Patrick Ta is just okay as far as Mascara goes. It isn’t really blowing me away with major volume, but everything else on the list is either a long time favorite or a new product that is really impressing me. The Blush is blending well and lasting all day. And even though the Urban decay is a fairly Neutral palette my love of bronze colored shadows means that I really want to reach for it. I’ll still be using it next week and give a full review next Thursday but my personal preferences make it a really good palette for me.

The Laura Mercier doesn’t want to come out of the little holes and keeps bunching up behind the plastic screen, but the powder itself is really good.

Not my favorite look with this palette, but i was trying out the lighter mattes

Which of course leaves is with the foundation sample. This one is from Givenchy. It is a blister pack and I did have to combine two shades to have enough product to use. So how did it perform? It performed well. It stayed in place all day with only a little settling in the lines around the corners of my mouth. It was a little on the glow-y side but not too overpowering with the glow. It looked quite nice. It felt a little heavier than either the Giorgio Armani of Tuesday or even one of my favorite foundations the Yensa BC Foundation (which is rapidly what I am starting to compare foundations to actually it is the one I want to reach for most mornings.)

Admittedly part of that ‘weight’ might be the scent. With the scent I couldn’t forget I was wearing it. It is a perfumed foundation. It is a light and pleasing perfumed scent, but throughout the day I would find myself moving about and catching a whiff of scent and wonder what it was before I remembered, oh year, its my foundation. It is not a bad scent. I actually like it. I just don’t like the scent on my face. This week I am not wearing a perfume because I just didn’t feel like it (sometimes I get that way when it is hot, all scents become a bit much) I think I might have had a bit of an issue had I been wearing scent. I do not want to have to scent coordinate between my foundation and my perfume. (or hair products or skincare, etc.) If I was head over heels in love with the way the foundation looked and performed, maybe I would be more inclined to over look the scent. But the foundation is good, not spectacular and for me, the perfumed scent of it edged it into the probably not for me category. If it happened to come in a subscription box (although a not very realistic scenario as I have never seen Givenchy in any subscription box) I would use it for a more fulsome trial, but as a sample packet I have the one shot to judge and todays use does not make me want to pick up a bottle for a full test. while I am sure the Armani foundation will end up as a full trial at some point, I doubt very much that I will be seeing this Givenchy again. It looks good, I just can’t get past the scent.

But I find it helpful to know what I don’t like as well as what I do, so for me, this was a very useful test, even if I do prefer larger samples to test out. As I am already looking forward to removing this foundation tonight, that’s pretty much all the sample I need. And so it is back to work for me. have a great rest of your Thursday my darlings. I’ll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning.

The Daily: April 20th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings, I hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday. Mine is off to a slow start. I made the mistake of having my coffee out on the back porch. Today was significantly warmer than it had been and this morning the back porch where the sun is captured was fa fantastic spot to just sit and sip my first cup of the morning. And my second. And part of a third before I convinced myself to go back inside. I did work on my lap top so it wasn’t just idling, but I have to admit, it wasn’t me at my most productive.

we are entering the season where for a few short weeks, barring rain storms, I can spend as much time as I want on the back porch with no issues. After those few weeks the temps will rise and my time will shorten until spending any time out there while the sun is out will be a misery. Then it will be lovely in the evenings. Gradually the summer will progress and even if I went out at midnight it will be too warm to enjoy. My back porch will then be ignored until the temps start to drop and then it will be a reverse. I will slowly start enjoying evenings, lead into spending time out on the porch and once I am accustomed to taking my coffee to the porch in the morning, winter will arrive and it will grow too cold to use again.

It’s a cycle.

I do like taking my coffee out there, even if it does cut down on my productivity. I’ll just work a little later tonight to make up for it.

The ToKit Omni Cook

Oh before I forget I have a discount code to share with you. From April 18th through May 31st, you can get $50 off the ToKit Omni Cook site with the code AMB_50OFF at checkout.

Have you seen these ToKits? I have been obsessed with them since I first saw them. It is pictured to the side. As a reward to myself for sticking with my diet and exercise plan every week I remain focused I get to put just a little bit of money aside so I can purchase one. If you haven’t seen one of these in action I highly recommend just going on the site to watch the videos. If you like to cook but don’t have a lot of space this looks like it would be a fantastic option. At the moment one of the reason I am posting the Kitchen Kit posts is that I am trying to slim down my kitchen gear to just what works and what I like using. Kind of like a declutter for the kitchen. that will soon change over to just an In the Kitchen Segment as I try new recipes. But that is another tale. And a long way to go to say that I find the Omni Cook from ToKit fascinating, and that they have a discount code.

Shall we move onto today’s look? I think we should.

Today’s Look:

Pre makeup Base: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Primer: Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Foundation: Yensa BC Full Coverage Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzer Stick

Blush/Highlight: Natasha Denona Cupid Cheek Duo

Powder: KimChi Puff Puff Pass Set and Bake Powder

Eyeshadow: Sandbar The Mirage Palette

mascara: ABH Lash Brag Mascara

Lips: M2U NYC Matte Liquid Lip in Soho

Today we have a fairly neutral look. I used a lot of products I absolutely love, mostly so that I could play around with the new products. The Embryolisse is a standard now and I pretty much use it before any makeup now as that extra layer of plumping moisture just makes everything work better and last longer.

I love everything about the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer. It is one of the only products I have ever tried that is actually worth the mega hype it received when it first came out.

The Yensa Foundation is still under trial but i have to say as this is the last day of the trial, I absolutely love it. My full review will be up tomorrow, but I am already putting it on my must replace list. This skin on skin formula just melts into the skin and feels weightless all day.

Do I need to tell you how much i love this Trestique Bronzing stick? While I don’t like everything from the brand, this bronzing stick and the lip crayons are must have products and now that this bronzer is refillable I will be refilling it as soon as it runs out.

This is the second use for the Cupid Duo by Natasha Denona. the blush performed well. It applies darker than it looks on the fingertip but blends beautifully. It was the highlighter that I had issues with yesterday and again today. I usually apply highlighter with a finger, but when I tried with this it simply disappeared. I think I might have blended too much or it simply liked my finger more than my cheek. Today I used a brush. It worked better but still has a tendency to blend out to nothing. I’ll be playing with it to see if I can get it to perform better. I suspect I will reach for this duo when I want to use this blush and then just use the highlighter because it is there. But time will tell.

Today was the first use of the KimChi setting powder. It is translucent but it does have a slight tint to it. Personally I like this as it means it isn’t a splotch of white on the skin when applied. I needed very little to set my makeup and it worked beautifully for this first use. AS I am now adding sunscreen to my face at the end of my skincare application each day, my skin can look a little shiny. which happens every summer. A good setting powder can take off that added shine without making me look powdery and cakey and this far this is working well for that. it will be interesting to see how it works as the temps rise. But for a first use, I am happy.

Today was also the first use of the Sandbar eyeshadow palette, Mirage. This is a very neutral palette but it looks like it would be great for everyday use. Today I went with one matte and one shimmer to see how they performed. I might have gone a little over board with the gold. The matte had a bit of fall out but it wasn’t too bad. The gold I thought I only put a little bit of in the center of the lid, but then I blended with a finger tip and it turns out I put on a lot more than I thought I did. So that is something I will have to work on as I proceed. Over all I think that this is going to be a fun neutrals palette to play with. I’ll be using it for the rest of the week and into next to see how it performs. with luck I’ll reign in the gold shimmer.

The ABH mascara isn’t new to me. I like the volumizing of it. There are two things to watch out for. The first is that it takes a little longer to dry than a lot of other formulas so you need to give it a minute to dry down. Until it is dry it will smudge like crazy. This is not the mascara you want to sneeze with when applying. The second thing to watch out for is length of time. Eight hours is fine but if you wear it too much longer (maybe 12 hours) it will flake a bit. I can either wear this during the day for a work day or I can use it to spruce up my lashes post work day for a night out. Beyond that it is a great mascara (and those are both easy to deal with issues).

The M2UNYC matte liquid Lip is not new either but it is fabulous and every time I use it I think that I need this formula in many shades. It dries down so that it stops leaving lip prints everywhere and locks in place but it doesn’t dry down enough to leave my lips feeling like they have been left alone in the desert for too long. It is an amazingly good formula and it is not that expensive. A full size is only $8. Which is a steal for the formula. (and no I am not an affiliate, although i wouldn’t mind being, I just really like the formula).

And that is me today. Overall I am pleased with the fairly neutral look today. I also have a conference call later so it is work appropriate as well. Until then though, I have to make up some time form my slow morning with the coffee. I’ll have to skip the porch tomorrow and Friday though and just let myself enjoy it on Saturday morning instead. Since it is a chores at home sort of weekend coming up I won’t mind the slow start then. But for now, it is time to buckle down at the desk. Have a great Wednesday!

The Daily: February 24th, 2022

Today my darlings the rain is pouring down and the sun has decided to take the day off. even though it is mid afternoon it feels as though it is still early morning. which is not helping my productivity. I had to turn up the radio and dance myself into productivity today.

Well chair dance anyway.

There was a lot of arm and shoulder shaking with head nodding and the occasional under the desk foot movements. But I did for the most part stay at the desk. My few ventures outside were more of a rescue mission to the mail box and brief sprints to the car. You have to love when you have to dry out a bill before you can think about paying it. And then I accidentally stuck one of the wet flyers to the counter top and a corner of it dried and stuck to the surface so I had to soak it off, which wasn’t part of my planned day, but necessary.

I’m hoping the chair dance burned extra calories. I did my exercises but my babydoll was giggling when he told me he was picking up dinner on the way home. He is in that ‘soon I will have dental surgery and need to eat what I want now’ phase. while I appreciate not having to cook, I am a little worried about what he’ll be bringing home. It is however out of my control. So I did my exercises, and I am hoping for an extra calorie burn while dancing and using my resistance band at the desk. Because there is also a lot of work to get through today. It was a busy morning and it looks like it will be a busy afternoon. I think as a reward I might finish binge watching The Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount + tonight. I also might catch up on the Winter Olympics coverage they have on there as well. I’ll be honest I keep meaning to watch but thus far the only winter olympic bits I’ve seen are the ones reviewed by Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg. which are absolutely fabulous, but not really watching the Olympics.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Ole Henricksen’s Banana Bright Face Primer

Foundation: Natasha Denona Transformatte Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Illamasqua Colour Veil Blusher

Highligher: Wander Beauty Wanderess Highlight

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Setting powder

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette

Mascara: Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes Mascara

Lips: Uoma Lip Liner in Angelou topped with Kinship Super melt Jelly lip mask

next week I am going to start rotating through my foundations. My goal is to see which ones are expired and which ones I no longer want as well as which ones I really like and need to remember to reach for. In the BoxyCharm choice for Premium (which was Monday) I chose a Charlotte Tilbury Foundation so I know I have a new foundation coming in. That is sort of what prompted the foundation clear out. I figure I’ll rotate through my products and see what I see more than plan a declutter. So I wanted to use the Natasha Denona one more time. Since I know I like it and I just used it, I know I’m keeping it, I will have to set it aside while I sort through products. So I used it with the primer I like pairing it with the best and that is the Banana Bright. The brightening primer just works so well with this foundation. I really like the way my makeup turned out today.

The trestique is a long term favorite and I couldn’t resist using it again. I justified the use because it was still out from yesterday, but it is just a really good formula for me.

My plan was to use the Illamasqua blusher as both blush and eye shadow today, but while it is fantastic for me on the cheeks, The shade didn’t look quite right on the eyelids. I think if I were going to use this as a shadow I would get it in a darker shade, which they make. Although I love a lot of my single shadows, I really forget to reach for them so at the moment I am trying not to buy single shadows.

There are only two single shadows I have ever managed to use up in my life. They were both from Chantecaille. One was a smoky brown matte and the other was a shimmery iridescent pink. I was being minimalist in my products and used them as my only two shadows until they were empty. I absolutely loved them.

I’m thinking of getting a metal panel and putting magnets on the back of my single shadows so that I can create a sort of wall art piece that will keep the single shadows from getting lost in the shuffle, but that is a project for another day.

I’m loving the Wander Beauty highlighter, but I also justifies using it again because it was out. I will switch it up more and not just reach for it automatically. I need to actually do a bit of a highlighter declutter as well. I have a couple of shades I’ve been hanging on to because they are different and not because I actually use them. I may work on that while I go through the foundations. But today I used one of my favorites and I am okay with that.

Because the blusher didn’t workas eyeshadow I pulled out my Lime Crime Exposed Palette. it is just a good easy palette to use. The eight shades are well thought out and complementary to each other. I have my quick go to looks with this palette but if i want to shake it up, I can easily create something new. there is enough variation in the colors that it is not boring.

Today was the last of the Pat McGrath Mascara. It is a good mascara. I like the way it looks and performs. Thee are just other mascaras I prefer. So while I wouldn’t mind using this mascara again, I’m not putting it on my repurchase list. So today was it’s last day.

The Uoma lip liner is a nice color and it suited me today. I’ve tried it alone and it is a little dry and I tried it with lipstick. Today since I wanted to keep the color, I went and put a lip mask over it. The lip mask has worn off but it keeps the line hydrated and my lips actually feel pretty good. I think I may have to pair these two up again. I also might try pairing this jelly mask with other more drying lip liners and see what I get.

For now though that was my makeup for the day. No surprises as most of these are products that I use routinely. They all worked as expected. The mascara is being cleared out but everything else will return at a later date. Next week I plan to play around with the Huda Beauty Retrograde Palette so we’ll see how that performs as well as clearing out some other products. But for today, I got to use some of my favorites and I feel pretty good about that.

The Daily: February 23rd, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is hot and humid. Which seems like a strange thing to say at the end of February. We are sitting at 57 degrees so possibly hot is a little bit of an exaggeration. But we had a boat load of rain in the night and the air is thick with even more impending rain. The park is even more flooded and I doubt there will be any walking for at least three days. And that is if there is no more rain.

So indoor workouts it is. I have my yoga mat and hand weights from ProsourceFit and I have my newest indoor work out item, resistance bands. I honestly picked them up because I thought it would be amusing and that they would be rather pointless. They are turning out to be rather fab. They weren’t expensive and take up so little space when not in use. I am really liking them.

Other than the indoor workouts, it has been a keeping my head down and getting as much done as possible. I know there is a day next week (Tuesday) where I am taking my babydoll to the oral surgeon. The appointment is early but he is the sort who when he has undergone anything painful or feels sick he needs to be babied a little, so I suspect that I will not be getting anything done then. So I am trying to get ahead of things so that I can essentially take Tuesday off without feeling swamped next Wednesday. It also means that I am going to have to watch out for calories. whenever my babydoll knows he is going to get dental work done, he craves things that he knows will be hard for him to eat right after the dental work. So while tonight is a salad night, starting tomorrow he is more or less in control of the menu plan. I have no idea what he is going to choose so I’m going to have to roll with it and really focus on my portion control. But for tonight, there is salad.

Today’s look:

Foundation: Natasha Denona Transformatte Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Illamasqua Colour Veil

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Setting Powder

Highlighter: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow After Hours

Eyeshadow: The Nubian Palette from Juvia’s Place

Mascara: Pat McGrath Fetish eyes Mascara

Lips: elf Runway Ready Berry Bliss Lip Palette

Okay first off, you aren’t seeing things. I skipped the primer today. I wanted to see how the foundation performed without it. I will say that the foundation did not apply as smoothly as it did over a primed face and it doesn’t have as good a coverage. It is still a really good foundation, I just like it better with a primer underneath. The primer just gives it a better surface so it doesn’t have to work so hard to look fabulous.

The Trestique Bronzer I love. What can I say. It is fantastic. It is so easy to grab and it hasa built in blending brush. I actually really like the built in blending brush as it works really well with the formula. This is maybe the third or fourth bronzing stick I have had. I love that they are now refillable. That just makes a great product even more fantastic in my opinion.

Can I tell you, I forgot about this Illamasqua Colour veil? I had it stored with my eyebrow gels for some reason (I think I saw the size of the container and just stored it next to the ABH for size reasons. I have the color Frission and it is the perfect barely there dusky pink tone on my skin. It blends so well and even though I like being able to use a light hand with it, it is buildable. When I went to get the link for this page I saw this blusher also used as an eye shadow. I haven’t tried that yet, but as my trial of the Nubian is ending I may give that a shot tomorrow. I love it as a blusher.

The ciate London powder is also a favorite. I am trying to use up this deluze sample sized jar since it has been open a while and I am getting down to a really low amount. I actually have a full sized unopened and waiting in the drawer for when this ends, but I want to clear out some of my open powders so the Ciate will be making a few appearances in the upcoming daily posts. I figure if i use it up and at least one of my other really low setting powders I can open up a fresh one soon.

The fethisheyes mascara is also here to get used up but unlike the Ciate once it is used up, it will not return. It is a nice mascara and if it showed up in a subscription box I would use it, but as I have other mascaras that are just as good if not better, I’m not going to repurchase it.

The wander Beauty highlighter is one of my favorites and I will happily continue to use it. I love the way it blends into just a soft glow rather than just a bright swipe of silver. You can leave it as a bright stripe but my preference is blended.

And finally we reach the lips. I do reach for this palette quite a lot. I don’t tend to use it for the daily posts though because I think elf stopped carrying it. I know you can still pick it up at Walmart and Target, but I could never find it on the elf site, which is usually not a good thing. the link just takes you to the Elf Lips page. I can see why these lip palettes aren’t all that popular. They are products you use at home and not easily tucked into a purse. So it is difficult to refresh your lipstick while you are out. However i really like the formula and I love the ease with which I can blend colors. Today’s lips are actually a mix of three shades. the formula feels good on the lips. They don’t really dry down, so they do leave lip prints. However recently, I haven’t been eating while in public and I rarely remember to touch up my lipstick in public. I think part of that is a lessening of bathroom time in public. Generally i am out and about in short bursts and I’ve gotten into the habit of using the restroom before I leave and then not using it again until I return home so I don’t look in the mirror and thus don’t see my lipstick needs refreshing. So even though i can see why it isn’t a best seller, I really do like it and love playing around with blending the shades to create exactly what I want.

And so that my darlings is todays look and how I feel about it. I had several favorites, one ending test and a couple of products I want to use up. Plus I have a new test for the blusher I really enjoy. I’m not sure how well it will work as shadow given my skin tone but it should be fun to try. Maybe I could pair it with one of my liquid shimmers I tend to forget about as well. something to think about. But for now, it is back to work for me in an effort to get ahead of my Tuesday absence. Wish me luck.

The Daily: December 7th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today, my nose is a little less runny and the sneezing is thankfully less. Which means that it is actually just the up and down weather and not an actual cold. Saturday the temps were in the upper sixties to low seventies (I know far too warm for this time of year) but it was warm air pushed in front of a rain storm. The rains came and it is now in the thirties. Such changes always make my nose feel somewhat offended. Hopefully the temps will settle down and we won’t have such major shifts for a while.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m not counting on it though.

Even though the sun has actually started to peek through the clouds, the air is raw and damp and large portions of the walking trail are flooded, so workouts today were again in the sunroom. This time with an actual bit of sun included. I have to say the hand weights and yoga mat from Prosource Fit were a great investment. (they still have a 60% off sale going on right now). I’m not comfortable at the gym right now and sometimes weather prevents the walking trail from being used. I like having the back up of the weights and yoga inside the I can still move a bit even if I don’t get my full work out in.

while I will never really be a gym sort of person, I’ve incorporated daily exercise into my routine for so long at this point that if I don’t at least get a little bit in each day I feel really off balance and twitchy. So it was You Tube Yoga and some workouts with weights today.

This afternoon’s sheet mask is going to be the I’m Lavender Mask Sheet from Tony Moly. I think I’ve used their Hemp mask before but I don’t recall using the lavender one so this will be a fun one to try. Hopefully it will be both hydrating and soothing without being overly floral. I don’t like when sheet masks are overly floral. They tend to make me feel like I should wash my face after, which sort of defeats the purpose of the mask serum in the first place. So we will see how that goes. I’ll let you know on the end of month masking recap.

For now, let’s talk makeup.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Figs and Rouge Blurring Primer

Foundation: KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Rodial Blush Drops

Eyeshadow: Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Palette

Mascara: Roen Lash Cake Black

Lips: MAC Love me Lipstick in Bated Breath

Glasses: ThinOptics

I forgot to take my reading glasses off when taking the pics. Personally, I love these readers. they are so light weight that they make no dent in the makeup and are super easy to wear. Also the case clips onto the back of my cell phone so I always have them with me. They are the MVP of my work life at the moment. Oh and if you think you may need readers but don’t know the strength, ThinOptics now has a Clarity kit so you can easily find out. My eyes have always been bad so glasses and readers have been a part of my life for a long time. And having readers I like to wear makes me squint less, so it helps with the fine lines around my eyes almost as much as the eye cream. After all not helping them to form is better than fighting the ones already there.

The primer and foundation I’ve been using for over a week now and I will be posting my full reviews on Thursday. The short version is that the primer is good at blurring and the foundation is more full coverage than I would have given powder credit for. In addition it doesn’t look all that powdery when on. Admittedly I used more cream products with it and skipped powder itself most of the time when using it, which helped.

The we have the blush drops. I like cream blushes. well, I like some cream brushes. I’m just not sure i like this one. when the drops are first placed on the skin I thought, that is a bit bright. then I blended it in and thought, where did it go. I added a little more and when blended it looked better. Of course today I think my entire face looks a bit on the pink side, but I’m not sure that is the blush. I certainly didn’t apply it on my nose. I think that might be due to the sneezing.

With the blush, it is a light pigment on the skin that easily blends away. I think I might want to try it with a BB cream to see if it lends itself more to a more natural look. In addition to the color, I am not entirely certain I like the texture of it against my skin. It is a heavier weight than some of my other cream blushes. I may actually swap it out for a different cream blush tomorrow so I can do more of a comparison, but to me it feels a little heavier on the skin. I may play around with it a bit more, but at the moment it isn’t looking like a top product for me,.

The storybook Cosmetics palette I always enjoy using, as long as I stay away with the blues. It is the rosier tones in this palette that I really like. The shades can be a bit powdery so tap off your brush before applying. They do blend well without becoming muddy. However they also tend to fade a but by the end of the day. You will still know you have eyeshadow on after eight hors of wear but it won’t be nearly as vibrant.

It you are interested in the palette, when I went to grab a link for reference I say that it is on sale. Usually it is $55 but right now it is $15. I think several of their other palettes are on sale as well. It is good eyeshadow, just remember to tap your brush and not to expect it to last for a full 12 hours. It’s big drawback is it’s size which is why I have it out as a decorative element rather than in the drawer. It simply takes up a lot of space. The book design is cute though. So at least it looks nice out.

The Roen mascara is a good basic mascara. It works well, but there is nothing spectacular about it. I will happily use this until it is done, but once gone I will see no real reason to repurchase it.

And finally we reach the lips. MAC is a long time favorite for the lips (although there aren’t a liot of their other products I really gravitate towards). This is a great color for me and feels very comfortable to wear. It is one I will continue to use and one that I will certainly replace when it is gone.

So that my darlings was today’s makeup look, the good, the bad, the indifferent. Well maybe indecisive would be a better descriptor than indifferent. either way there are products I love and products I will just use for now.

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