Revisiting the Ulta Beauty Youthful Glow Foundation

Ulta Beauty Youthful glow Foundation Serum Drops

Have you ever forgotten how good a product was until you dug it out of the drawer and gave it another shot?  I know I did a full review of the Ulta brand Youthful Glow Foundation Serum Drops a while back but I think this one deserves a revisit.  I think it was one of the first foundations I tested out in the initial phases of my foundation trials.  I liked it then, but then there was an ocean of foundation products used between.  I remembered I liked it and added it into my foundation round up when I was planning my holiday/ black Friday shopping.

To be honest, I forgot about it until I pulled out the foundations for the review.  I remembered I liked it and I remembered I didn’t like the fact that the screw top lid became rather messy rather quickly but that was about all.

no matter how careful, that screwtop gets messy

This week I pulled it back from the depths of the drawer and decided to see if my feelings had changed any.  Also I wanted to see if it was still good.  I thought I might have accidentally left the cap unscrewed and wasn’t sure if it dried out.  It turns out it was just a shadow and the product is fine.

The inside screw cap is just as messy as I remembered and needs to be wiped down every so often so that the product closes tightly. No matter how carefully I pulled the dropper out, some product got onto the lid. The enclosure is tight so the product is safe from air, but it does mean a bit of a mess. The mess is only on the bottle though as I haven’t had any product splash out onto the sink (or me) when i open it.

This Foundation needs to be shaken vigorously before being used, however since it is shaped like a mini-martini shaker shaking it when picking it up is almost instinctual.

Not that I shake my martinis.  It tends to change the flavor of the gin slightly in ways I don’t care for so I always stir.  I also always make a face at James Bond movies when he requests a shake.  My baby doll says I occasionally make a sound at the screen in disapproval as well.  I don’t think I do, but I’ll admit I might.  I take a good martini seriously.

Bare face on the left (sorry I forgot to pull my bangs back before taking it) and just the foundation on the right

But you should shake this foundation shaker as though it contained a vodka based cocktail. Vigorously and without mercy.

It is an oil free product and I had no issues with it clogging my pores or causing breakouts.  (It is also paraben free). The consistency is on the thinner side.  I find this really nice as it is easy to get a nice thin layer of product over the skin on low makeup days.  It is also able to be built up.  I tend not to go above medium coverage and I never had a problem with the coverage level.  Those who like more full coverage products may be a bit disappointed. Because of it’s thin consistency, if you have large pores or issues with texture, you are going to need a pore filling primer underneath. It just flows over the skin like a second skin and while it is a light product to wear, it also means it shows everything underneath (texture wise, dark/red spots it covers beautifully). So choose your primer wisely.

Full face for the day, prior to fixing the hair

When I apply, I put the foundation on my hand, dab it on to my face with my finger, making sure to hit any strategic blemishes or dark spots first so they are certain to get covered as I blend the product out.  Because it is somewhat thin, you need to work pretty quickly to blend it out. It’s not a race, but you don’t want to dawdle either. I used my usual foundation brush (999 Master Blender from Bdellium tools) and found it didn’t leave streaks in the product. 

end of the day

I then went in with my Huda Beauty Makeup sponge (I really like that one flat edge) and made sure all of the fiddly bits of my face were covered.  It feels absolutely weightless on the skin and has a beautiful finish that is matte without being flat and dull.

There was a slight shininess in the t-zone after a full day of work, but that was my only issue.  And that issue was taken care of with a quick pat from the No 7 compact. (more pan is showing on that and I can feel it’s days are numbered however when I was looking for it’s replacement I found out that it is now on sale usually $12.99 it is now $9.74. Plus if you sign up for their newsletter you can get 20% off so if you are looking for pressed powder you might want to look into the No. 7 perfect light pressed powder. I use the shade medium in case you were curious.).

While not exactly a drug store product, the Ulta Youthful Glow Foundation is reasonably priced.  Usually it is $18 but as I am writing it this foundation is on sale at Ulta for $12. (I have no association with Ulta, I am just a customer and that sale was one I found poking around their site)  Personally I think it is worth keeping around and it is a product I will replace once I finish.  I will also take care not to let it get buried in the depths of the drawer again.

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