Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for November 2022

That’s right folks the big purple box from IPSY has arrived. This Glam Bag X is a quarterly upgrade to the IPSY Glam Bag Plus subscription. Inside you find eight full sized items. I believe it is officially listed at $60 for the box. With all of the taxes and shipping charges it ends up costing me $65.84 each month. For a while there every time I checked my e-mail there was some sort of increase so I am not entirely sure what it is officially listed for on the site and what is actually taxes, but that is my charge.

While recently IPSY and Boxycharm have had some issues with repeat items for me, there was only one repeat item in this box. I’m sure some of the items were featured in other boxes, but I never received them so getting them now doesn’t bother me. And truthfully the one repeat item I received I don’t mind getting because I know I’ll use.

So let’s start with that. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Translucent setting powder. It is a nice setting powder and one that I will definitely use. The ABH Powder is really good actually. However I use so little each time that the container lasts a really long time because it is so large. I will either keep it and know I will eventually get to use it, or pass it on to someone I knw will absolutely love it. Either way repeat or not, I am thrilled to have it.

The second item in my box is an interesting one. It is the FARAH Retreat Set. It is a set of three skincare brushes. They feel nice and look nice. I am happy to have them as my silicon masking brush has seen better days and is in need of a replacement. Two of the brushes I know how to use. The third I’m guessing you use in a similar fashion to a jade roller. The learn more about it section had this to say about the set…

“Use these tools to apply your favorite clay masks mess free, do a lymphatic drainage massage, cleanse your skin, and soothe tired under-eyes. Just be sure to wash them between each use.”

The paper insert where things are broken down had nothing more to add, nor did the Farah website and there was absolutely nothing that came with the set. No paper instructions or description of the tools. Nothing. Which means on the lymphatic draining tool I am flying blind. Since it isn’t a standard masking tool item, at least not that I’ve had before some instructions would have been nice. I’m going to play around with it like I would a jade roller, but some thought would have been nice. I actually really like the set but I do like instructions for things I have never seen r used before.

The third item I am sure has featured in a box before, either here or on Boxy, but I have never received it and am thrilled to have it now. It is the Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisturizer. I have heard such fantastic things about this that I am really looking forward to trying it out. The jar is glass, pink as one would expect. It feels nice and luxe in the hand. I know that isn’t important but as it is skin care I am not opening it until I am ready to use it so outside packaging is all I have to go on.

I am also excited to try out the Byroe Rose Tea Eye Cream. Byroe is an interesting brand for me. I absolutely adore their Bitter Greens Toning Essence. while the other items I’ve tried from the brand have all been good, none of them have reached that level of fantastic-ness for me. They are still good though. which means that I am pretty sure that even if this eye cream isn’t as super fantastic as the Bitter Greens it will probably still be really good. Ans as I am still working on an eye cream that is similar in price but only so-so in results it will be nice to compare the two so close together. But still, until I use it, this eye cream is staying sealed.

The last skincare item in the box this month was one I chose. It was the Beauty Bio Bright Eyes Depuffing eye Gels. I love under eye masks and can always use more in my collection. None last long. I remember trying something out from Beauty Bio but I can’t remember what. I do have a positive mental recollection though so hopefully these will do well for me. Either way, under eye masks are always a win for me.

The next item in my box this month is the Stila One Step Correct color correcting primer. You know I love primer. It is why my collection is a bit shameful. I also really like Stila products. I loved their souffle primer and in fact just decluttered a very old and almost completely empty jar of that a few weeks back (it was kept for looks I could no longer wear it but the jar was lovely)I have seen this product and I always thought it was interesting, but I never tried it. I am kind of looking forward to seeing how it performs.

The next item is not a new release wither. It is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette. It smells like peach and has some interesting looking shades. It has been a while since I have used any Too Faced Shadows. I like the look of them and am happy to give the palette a go. I will say though it doesn’t really seem like a November palette though. There are light pinks and purples in it and it seems like a spring or summer mix from first glance. I would have thought they’d lean more into the fall shades. But I am pleased to give it a try,.

And finally this month, I received a perfume. The Pinrose Secret Genius Perfume to be exact. While always dicey picking out a perfume from a description, from the description I decided that it would either be something I enjoyed or something I could give to my mother. while I haven’t tried it yet, I will spray once. If the scent is something I like then i will give it a go. If the scent isn’t something I like then i will pas it on. with sample sizes I don’t mind using the sample for a week even if it isn’t my favorite because sometimes it will grow on me. Plus it uses most of the sample up. With the full size, if I don’t think it is for me then i like to pass it on without really using it. So time will tell.

Over all I was really please with my IPSY Glam Bag X this month. For me at least it was a really good selection of products that I am excited to see. Fir a while now there has been little excitement. And in fact I was skipping the months between the Glam Bag X months. I will be going back to reviewing them in December though. This month they sent out an e-mail where you could sign up for something called Beauty Boost. For an extra $15 you get one additional item in your box that is guaranteed to be worth more than $40. I did sign up because I am curious to see if this is indeed going to be a good thing or if they are trying to use this as a way to eliminate extra stock. It has the potential to be a good thing. It also has the potential to be a complete waste. Which one it will be has yet to be determined. Either way, I’ll let you know how it all plays out in next month’s box.

Unboxing the Look Fantastic Beauty Box for November 2022

This month’s Look Fantastic Box has the theme of Party Prep. Usually i don’t pay too much attention to the themes but this month it seems to relate. This Box is $19 a month if you are on a month to month plan, I get it for less with an annual subscription. So I pay $16 per month ($17.59 when all is said and done) and while some boxes are better than others, I have always felt the box is worth what I pay.

The first item out of the box this month was hard to photograph because it is metallic and just reflects light like crazy. It is the Color Wow Dream Coat in a travel size. It is a product i really enjoy using to smooth down my hair and make it glossy without flyaways. I will say though that i have thick hair and I spray very little. If you have fine or thin hair, it can weigh down your hair if you use too much so go cautiously. Because my hair is so thick it works fantastically well for me. I love that it is travel sized too because I tend to use this sot of thing when i am traveling more than I do at home.

I think that might be because I travel for holidays though. And holidays have lots of events. regardless, the travel size is fabulous.

The next item in my box, I can’t say i am all that excited by. In fact i will probably pass it along to someone else. It is the Bondi Sands Pure Sleep Tanning Mask. My skin picks up the sun well. Occasionally I will use a tanning product on my legs so they match the rest of my body but there is no point in me using a tanning product on my face. I simply don’t need it. I do like Bondi Sands though and when i use tanning products on my legs, they are the brand I go for. So good brand, just not something for me.

The third item in the box is a primer. And you know how much I love primers. This one is from Avant. I am not entirely sure how i feel about Avant to be honest. Their products are usually really nice but usually very over priced. And I never see them anywhere but in subscription boxes. Don’t get me wrong their lip balm was fantastic and I really enjoyed their moisturizer. I am also really looking forward to trying out the Avant Pro Perfecting Collagen Touch eclat Primer that is in this box. I am just not sure how i feel about the brand in general. I am pleased to have this in my box though. Especially since it is a makeup item and I have never tried anything but their skincare.

Next up we have a six pan Mini Reloaded Velvet Rose eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution. I really like the browns and golds in the palette and looking at it I can see several looks that would be quick and easy to create with it. (I opened the lid so the plastic wouldn’t glare). I also think this small palette would be good for travel as well so I am very happy to see it,.

The final two items in the box this month are tools. The first is an eyeshadow brush. There were options this month. I received the Luvia Cream Shader brush. I have used brushes from this brand before and find them quite nice. Plus I can always use another shader brush It is the final item that I am really happy to have in my box this month.

It sounds silly but I use (and tend to lose) these clips a lot. These are the Brushworks No Crease hair Clips. While I haven’t tried the Brushworks versions I have these creaseless style hair clips from about four other brands floating around my house. They are amazing for pulling back my bangs while I am doing my makeup. They are also an item that no matter how many times I purchase them, they always seem to disappear. I really like them and am thrilled to welcome two more into my collection.

And so that was my Look Fantastic Box for November 2022. Pretty much everything goes along with the theme of party prep, but to be honest it is less about the theme and more about the fact that besides the facial tanning mask every other item is one that I will definitely use. For me that is way more important than the actual theme. For me this was a great box this month. Was it worth the cost i paid for it? Definitely. Well done Look Fantastic.

Unboxing the BoxyCharm Premium for November 2022

My Boxycharm Premium for November 2022 just arrived and I have to say this was a bit of a strange one. The day before I received my tracking e-mail I received another e-mail stating that the Kate Somerville Moisturizer i chose would be sent separately and that an additional product would be in my box to make up for it. My guess is that either there were supply chain issues or the wrong box was packed and sent. However when it arrived there were the usual six items and I received a tracking e-mail that the moisturizer was on it’s way separately.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Boxycharm Premium Category, this is a subscription that includes six full sized items each month, two of which you get to choose during choice and while I believe it is advertised as $39.99 once all of the taxes and fees are paid I am charged $46.07 each month for this subscription.

Shall we see what was in this month’s box?

The first item I received it, I believe the makeup item for the missing moisturizer. It too is a Kate Somerville product and it is the EradiKate Daily Foaming Cleanser. (retail $44). Oddly enough I do have a sample of this cleanser in my foil packet collection at the moment. I think it came from a Sephora purchase. Some acne cleansers I can use and some I can’t. I will be trying out the sample and if it works well with my skin then i will keep this for times when i break out (and as we are heading into the season of richer foods, that won’t be long) If the sample dries out my skin too much i will send it along to someone who might make better use for it. It is a good sized tube though.

The second item which I did choose was the Iconic London Precision Duo Contour pot (retail $29). I chose this mostly because I didn’t want the other option. I can’t remember why. I just remember choice wasn’t that exciting. I am actually interested in this though. One of the contour pans is a powder and the other is a cream. The powder looks to be the right color for me. I’m not s sure about the cream but i am more than willing to give it a try. And I do like the little round pot. I think it looks kind of cute.

Next up we have a set of two lip liners from Saint Luxe (retail $30). I like lipliners and i am glad they came in a set of two. When i swatched them though one was a bit on the pink side and the other was really brown. They feel pretty smooth and creamy though. I might be able to use them to help alter lip products whose color needs a little help, but honestly neither color is that appealing to me. I also suspect that once i put them away I will end up looking at the brown lip liner and think it is an eyeliner. It is just a brown eyeliner sort of shade. I just find the shades to be an odd choice for a duo and while I am interested in testing out the formula I am not certain how much use i will actually get out of them.

Next up we have an item I am actually really excited by It is the Wander Beauty Wanderess Escape palette. (retail $42). The last Wander Beauty palette I had I used a lot and then a shadow broke (because I dropped the palette and it landed badly). I continued to use it until it was just unusable. I love that it has the bronzes and browns and golds. I also love that pink shimmer and that pop of blue. I am looking forward to giving this palette a go.

I am not exactly that excited by the Complex Culture Executive Level mascara (retail $28). Complex Culture is a sister brand to IPSY. And I have received many items from the brand. The packaging is always beautiful but the products tend to be so so. They are never bad. But they are also never good either. They are mostly forgettable. They tend to be the kind of product you use while it is there and then let it go without another thought. I’m sure this mascara will be fine as well. All their products are. Who knows, maybe this one will surprise me and it will be really great. We shall see.

The last item in my box this month is the Skin Inc Sculpt Lift Bar. (retail $125). It is one of those battery operated face sculpting tools. I think this makes the fifth one I’ve had in a subscription box this year. the shape of the end is a little different in each one and I have to say this curved end does look like it will be more comfortable than the bar ended one I have and might even be as comfortable as the rounded quartz ended one I have. Will it work? Yes. Will it be a good tool to sculpt the face like a battery operated gua sha? Yes. Am I somewhat annoyed that its $125 value makes up the bulk of the perceived value of this box especially when Boxy Charm sent me two nearly identical tools already this year? You betcha.

I know these tools are nice and I have one that I do like and use. I have also passed on four others. The people I passed them to like and use them. I just don’t need another one. I also think it is over priced and, while in general it does annoy me when things are over priced, it bothers me more knowing that this is the item they are going to use to inflate the value of the box when they say that for your subscription price you receive this mush worth of product.

And so i am not adding up the monetary value of the items in the box. I have listed the prices above for each item so if you want to add them up feel free. I will not do so in protest for this tool.

Having said that, I really like the eyeshadow palette. The palette is very much a daily wear set of colors for me. I am looking forward to trying out the bronzer/contour as well. I may be able to use the cleanser, or I may pass it on. I may love the mascara but I suspect I won’t. I know the lip liner colors aren’t for me but at least I get to try out a new formula. There is a little bit of excitement over the two items I like but i have to be honest for me, this month Boxycharm fell a little flat.

Unboxing the Beekman 1802 Quarterly Beauty Box Winter 2022

This Beekman 1802 Subscription box has to be one of the most beautiful subscription boxes I have ever unboxed. It actually feels more like a gift set than a subscription box. It is $65 per quarter. It is a brand box so all of the products are from the brand Beekman 1802. I signed up for this box because I wanted to try a range of their products. I heard really good things about them and thought that this would be a good way to try them out.

This is the second box I have had from them My First box was in August so I think it was the Autumn box and this is the Winter Box. The next box is in February. While I loved the first box and enjoyed using all of the items in it actually, I am not sure how long I will be keeping the box. I really enjoy it but I do get skincare from other subscription boxes as well, So I am not certain about getting this every quarter. I have found some products that I definitely want to reorder so I may just order those and occasionally try something new from the brand while I work on reducing my skin care supply.

Of course I say this and then might just end up keeping the subscription. We shall see.

Before any decisions can be made, let’s take a look at the box. I have to just show that as it is so neatly packed. This month there were five items in the box. Last month there were six items and an additional sized sample of their Bloom Cream Moisturizer.

I couldn’t find anywhere on their site where they said how many products were supposed to be in the box each month. I don’t think they have a set number actually. I also don;t think they have a set theme although last month did feature a lot of body/bath products where this one seems to be more facial skincare oriented.

The first item in the box is a bar of the Beekman 1802 soap. This one is the Ceramide soap. It is a big hunk-a-chunka soap. It is a goat milk soap and like the one they sent last quarter it has no scent to it. I actually don’t mind that they sent a second soap as the one that has been in the shower since this subscription arrived in August is now a sliver. It will not last the week. And this one will just go right in to replace it. I like the soaps and am happy to have another one. I like that they send unscented soaps but i have to admit most of their scented soaps call my name. I can see why they send unscented ones though, It makes sense for a subscription box with no variations (everyone gets the same box). I don’t know if they include a bar of soap every quarter but i can tell you that the soap will last from one box to the next. And my babydoll has sensitive skin so he will be happy to see the new bar arrive.

The second Item is the other body item and it is their Ceramide Goat Milk Body Cream. I don’t get too excited about body creams in subscription boxes. I use them, but i don’t find them all that exciting. I have several i am working my way through at the moment. However i like that this is the Ceramide body cream to pair with the soap. i also have never tried any of their body lotion. It is sealed and no scent can get past the seal, but I suspect it is unscented as well. While not terribly exciting, I am looking forward to trying out their formula. Mostly because they have several scents that i would like to try out. So I want to see if i like goat’s milk lotion before purchasing them. I also want to see if it works with my babydoll’s skin. The winter is the only time I can actually get him to use lotion of any kind, so I like to have products that he can use without issue on hand.

And testing out the products form the brand is also the point of me getting this box.

And now we move into products I find more exciting. Facial skincare. I know I love skincare. I just do. And I love trying out new products. I am currently really likening the Collagen Boost Serum (it is in my weekly line up this week if you want more details) so I have high hopes for more facial products. There is a Booster in this month’s box as well. It is the new Blotting Booster. It was released in either September or October I believe. Or at least that is when I saw the e-mail announcement. In truth September and October sort of blurred together for me this year. However I do remember seeing this was a new release and thinking I wanted to try it. I love that they have new release items in the subscription box and it isn’t about getting rid of older product. I am also really glad I get the chance to try this serum since it was on my list of products to try.

Also it is just a really nice looking bottle. I know that shouldn’t matter but all of their boosters just look so aesthetically appealing.

The next item up is another one I wanted to try. It is the Milk Wash. It is an Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser. I am really curious about the consistency of this product. And you know I love a good exfoliation. If it is mixed in with a cleanser I am hoping that it is gentle enough to use daily. I found this packaging interesting. For some reason inside the box, the Milk Wash bottle came in a canvas bag.

The only thing I can think is that the bag was there to protect the pump in transit without adding a lot of extra packaging. At least that is my theory anyway. I thought it a little strange since nothing else was packaged that way but I have no complaints, I think it is actually quite nice.

And then we have the final product. And I have to say my darlings this is the one I am very excited about. Can you guess what it is? Oh yes, it is a face mask. It is the Milk Glaze Deep pore purging Lactic Acid Clay mask to be precise. And you know how much I love masks. Especially clay masks. And so I will be testing it out. Hopefully this Friday if nothing happens.

For the past few weeks anytime I have gotten ready for Face Mask Friday something happens to derail it. And then i skip my masks. I don’t like skipping my masks and so hopefully this Friday, Face mask Friday can resume. And I’ll get to try this one. Or I’ll at last get to put it oin before something happens to derail me and then I can spook the neighbors with my clay face.

I know, I shouldn’t enjoy doing that as much as I actually do.

But that my darlings is the Winter Box from Beekman 1802 for 2022. I really like the selection of items and really find the box worth it. If I didn’t have so much skincare I need to work through it would be a no brainer to keep this subscription. And truthfully at the moment I am considering keeping the box because I am enjoying it. It is just one of those subscriptions that is so beautiful to open. It really is like getting a present. And yes I know it is a present that I gave myself, but with the frustrations of many subscriptions this year it is nice to have one that ships on time, delivers on time and is a true joy to unpack. Is it worth the price? Yes, it very much is. And even if I do have to cancel the subscription before next quarter I strongly suspect that I will be returning to the Beekman 1802 Subscription Box..

Unboxing the Look Fantastic Box for October 2022

And so we wind up the October subscription Boxes with the Look Fantastic Box. It is a $19 per month subscription box although if you sign up for a longer subscription you can get the box for less. I have an annual membership (but still pay monthly) so my box is $16. While some months are better than others I have never regretted the annual membership and I have always found that the box exceeds my $16 cost.

This month has been interesting with Look Fantastic. When they released their advent calendar i swooped in and ordered it right away. I think that they started sending them out because I keep getting e-mails saying mine is delayed due to shipping. Since I thought the Advent calendars wouldn’t ship until November I wasn’t looking for it and at first thought my subscription box was delayed. But it is the Advent Calendar. I do hope it comes soon because I want to share it with you so that if you are looking into getting it yourself you can see it before you decide. But we shall see.

In addition to boxes and advent calendars Look Fantastic has an on-line store. They have deals going pretty much every month. Currently they have 50% off Christophe Robin products. It is one of my favorite hair care brands so I thought I’d share that with you. It is well worth signing up for e-mail announcements so you can stock up on some favorites for less.

But now it is time to jump into the box. The first item I smelled before i opened the box. It was actually the spoiler for this month and until I smelled it I forgot all about it. This month you could either get the Rituals of Sakura candle or room spray in your box. I received the candle. The candle is adorably cute and comes in a frosted glass candle holder. I don’t know why I find this size candle so adorable but I do. The scent is fantastic. I had the body wash from this Rituals line and adored it. This candle scent is exactly the same. As it gets colder and winter really settles in I know i will enjoy this spring time scent as a reminder of warmer weather to return. especially as it is supposed to be a brutal winter this year. Even without that it smells fantastic.

The second Item in my box is a deluxe travel size of the Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial Night Cream. It is a 20mL size so I should be able to get several uses out of it. My skin has always done well with Korres products actually. I am picky about my rose scented products but Korres always keeps their scents kind of mild so it should be fine. I can’t smell anything through the metal seal. At the moment I will be leaving the seal on, however I am almost finished with my current skincare trials so I might rotate this in as a night mask once i write up that review.

Next in the box we have something from Paradoxx. I am happy to see that it is a different product from the one I seemed to have received in every other subscription box. I ended up with three or four different sized containers of the same deep conditioning hir mask from Paradoxx. while I love that hair mask, it will be nice to try something different from the brand. This is the Moisture Conditioner. It is, well, a conditioner. It is 50mL so I should be able to get a feel for the product with several washes. I don’t like that it is just the conditioner. I like to try paired shampoo and conditioners. I’m sure at some point I will have a lone shampoo i can try it with. At the moment I have used up all of my single shampoos. I went on a testing rampage with samples of hair care products in September so there are few remaining in my collection.

There is one makeup item in this month’s Box and it is a highlighter in a magnetic pan from Luvia Cosmetics. I know Luvia is a clean and vegan brand and I believe i have tried something from the brand before, although what that is currently escapes me. I am always happy to test out new to me brands though and i love that the pan can easily slip into a magnetic palette.

There was a variation in the next product. This month you could either receive a makeup brush cleanser or a makeup sponge cleanser, both from ISOClean. I received the makeup sponge cleanser which I am really happy with.

Before I left I cleaned all of my makeup brushes but forgot about the makeup sponges so when I traveled I just packed a new one and when I got back I had a new one from Shop Miss A come in that I wanted to test out, so I just started using that. So I have to sadly admit to a bag of very dirty makeup sponges that need to be washed. That may be tonight’s post dinner activity. So at least i will get to put the cleanser to the test very quickly.

And finally this month’s box came with a two pack of the Magnitone Wipeout Swipes. I love these things. I have a bunch of them and have been using some of them for over a year to take the place of disposable cotton rounds. This far they have washed up well and none have reached the point where they can’t be used. When I wash them I have a net bag. I just put them in the net bag, close it and toss it in the wash. After i spread them out to air dry rather than put them through the tumble dryer, but they have really lasted and I am very happy to have two new ones to add to the collection.

This month the October Box did come with a pamphlet. while everything was listed and there is a QVC code with each in case you want to order the full size, other than the name and value of the size received in the box there is no real information about any of the products. There is a two page spread on applying highlighter and then a short article about the benefits of scents in the home with a short rose oil ingredients break down. All of which is nice, but I would prefer if there was just a little bit more information on the actual products themselves. There is a sneak peek for the November box which is the most exciting thing in the pamphlet actually.

Next month’s box will have wither an Avant Pro Perfecting Collagen Touch Eclat Primer or a Colour Wow Dream Coat Spray. While I tend to think Avant is a bit over priced, I really do like their products and wouldn’t mind trying out their primer. I have used the dream coat before and in fact keep a bottle handy. It is fantastic for making your hair look shiny and glossy without weighing it down. Personally i wouldn’t mind either option and I am thrilled that one or the other will be arriving In the November Box.

And so my darlings this has been the October box. I believe this is my last subscription box for October and quite honestly I am happy to end on a high note. Tonight i will give the Iso Clean a try, I will probably light the candle to see how far the scent travels if nothing else and I will add the Magnitone wipes to my collection of reusable makeup wipes. the other three products will have to wait for their first trial but they will be used. As always I ask myself if I find this subscription box worth keeping. And with Look Fantastic I always say yes. This month it is a definite yes. Every item inside is one that I will use. For me, that makes this Look Fantastic box well worth the cost.


Unboxing the October 2022 Glossybox

That’s right my darlings, my October Glossy box arrived. If you’ve been following along you know that in the past few months there have been some issues with shipping. One month i even was sent a replacement box instead of that month’s box. Despite that, Glossy Box has remained one of my favorite subscriptions. While some months are always going to be more exciting than others, they remain consistently good. I always get items I can use and often I am introduced to brands i don’t really know along with seeing a few favorites.

The box costs $21 per month but you can get it at a lower cost if you subscribe for a longer period of time. You will still pay per month (if you want, you can also choose to pay for the whole year in one go). I signed up for the annual box and pay $18 per box. For me it has always bee worth the cost of the box.

So what did I find when I untied the ribbon and peeled away the tissue paper?

Well the first thing I found was a full sized Makeup Eraser. That’s right. A full sized Makeup Eraser. It is in purple and is quite lovely. I have use Makeup Erasers for years and adore them. they last for ever. I had the original pink one when it was the only color of Makeup Eraser. I would probably still be using it if my babydoll hadn’t gotten motor oil on it while fixing the lawn mower. Oddly the oil came out but the scent of the oil remained. As it was quite a few years old at that point I decided to just replace it. The replacement is now several years old and still going strong but a second one to rotate into the mix is not a bad thing and will likely extend the life of both.

while i will occasionally use makeup wipes if they come in a subscription box, for the most part I have eliminated them and just use the Makeup Eraser. I just love it. And actually I have been eyeballing the Disney Villains set for a while but they just came out with a nightmare Before Christmas set that I think is fabulous. its a set of seven and while they all look good, I really want the Oogie Boogie one. Not sure what that says about me, but there you have it.

I love the little stars impressed in the powder

But there are other products in the box. So I forced myself to put it aside and see what else was inside. The first item is a mini Bamboo Bronzer from Ciate London. I have a full size of this bronzer and use it quite often. it isn’t highly pigmented but it is is buildable. I tend to reach for it when i am doing a more natural look and want to keep things soft. As I have this in a full size I may just put this in my holiday travel kit. I kind of like traveling with the mini products like this. Not only do they save on space but the sturdy packaging means it is less likely to break.

There is another makeup item in this box and it is the Give them Lala Beauty Drenched Lip Quencher. I don’t know a lot about Give them Lala Beauty in general. I tried a mascara from them and it was okay but not really that memorable. the most memorable part was that the cap of the mascara had a faux marbling look to it that somehow just made it look dirty. I kept trying to wipe it off. This has the same faux marbled lid. From the description this product is supposed to look like lip gloss but feel like a lip oil. which should be interesting to test out. while i still think the faux marble is a design misstep, I am interested to try the product. And like the Makeup Eraser, it is a full size.

There is one skincare item in this months’ box. It is the French Bine Bark Serum from Skin Inc. It is a travel size but large enough that I will be able to get a feel for the serum. it is supposed to reduce fine lines, which is always a yes from me. I know I’ve tried something from Skin Inc but at the moment i can’t remember what it was. I have a positive mental association for the name of the brand so I imagine whatever it is worked well. I’ll have to scroll through my notes and try to figure out what the product was though. I will say this serum does look quite pretty in the bottle.

And finally we have something for the hair. This is the Vor Secrets in the snow soft styling foam. It is a travel size but I am actually happy about that. I have tried the Vor hairspray and liked it so i have high hopes for this, but i tend to be picky about hair styling products. I will try just about anything and some I like better than others, but the list of products I will repurchase for styling is pretty short. I have a much longer list of masks. For the past few years actually the only styling foam I have repurchased has been the Oribe Grandiose Plumping Mousse. I actually just ran out of it a few weeks before I went on my trip and never got around to replacing it. As the winter is when i most use it, I am happy to try out something new before reordering.

And that has been my October Glossy Box. Was it worth the cost? Um, yeah. It really was. everything else aside, the Makeup Eraser cost’s $25 so that more than pays for the box. Everything else is just a bonus item. In case you didn’t figure that out from my gushing response to finding the full sized Make up Eraser in the box. To be honest though, I am looking forward to using the other items as well. the Makeup Eraser was just a tough act to follow and I did see it first. For me This October box was a very good Glossy Box.

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Unboxing the Boxycharm Premium Box for October 2022: The Tarte Takeover box

I have to say it has been a while since I thought of Tarte Cosmetics. For a while they were everywhere with the Shape Tape and then they seemed to fall off the radar. As there are several products that I do enjoy from the brand it is nice to see them get some notice again.

For those that don’t know Boxycharm is a beauty subscription. They have a regular base box and a premium box with a Luxe box coming out quarterly. I tried all of the levels and the one that consistently had the products I was most pleased to receive more often was the premium box and so that is the one i chose to keep while letting the other tiers go. With all of the taxes handling fees etcetera I pay $46.07 per month for this box. The box is listed as being $39.99 per month. I always find it nice to see actual costs when all the fees are added as well as the listed price. The listed price for the base box is $27.99. I don’t currently receive it but I imagine the fees are about the same as they are with the premium box.

So what was in my Boxy Premium X Tarte box?

First off there was only one skincare item. It is the Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer. (retail $39). I have tried one skincare item from Tarte’s Awake line. It was a serum and I remember it leaving my skin feeling nice but i don’t remember seeing any results. It was a while ago though so I don’t remember a lot about it. A moisturizer is always useful, especially as we go into the dry season for my skin. And I think it will be interesting to try something out from their skincare line. I just won’t open it until I am ready to use it.

The second item in the box I was very excited to see. It is the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara. (retail $24). I love this mascara. It is actually my favorite Tarte product. It performs really well and makes my lashes look fabulous. While i don’t usually get that excited about mascaras in general, I am pretty pleased with this one.

brightener and liner swatches

The third Item I am not that excited to see but i think I will get some use out of. It is the Double Take Awake micro liquid liner and brightener. (retail $25). I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner these days, but i am looking forward to using the brightener. I had a white eyeliner I used for brightening my water line but it has gone MIA.I suspect I will get more use out of that end of the double sided product than I will the liner. I also think that if i take the pencil out to use the brightener i might actually be tempted to use the eyeliner more simply because it is out. We shall see. perhaps my makeup will change. only time will tell.

Next there is a Maracuja juicy lip balm (retail $21). You know i love lip products. This balm is a gloss. I suppose that is where the juicy bit comes in. I swatched it and while there is a little color, it is sheer. And very much like a lip gloss. I have heard very good things about this so I am looking forward to trying it on the lips.

I am also looking forward to trying out the breezy cream blush. (retail $24). I am really starting to enjoy crema blushes a lot and this looks like a really nice shade. If I recall this is one of the items i chose and this is the shade I will wear. Which sounds obvious but sometimes the swatches on the computer don’t look the same in real life.

blush swatch before blending

And yes the pan looks swatched. I opened it and couldn’t resist seeing how the color swatched. Then I remembered i hadn’t taken the photo. It arrived new and pristine, I just couldn’t resist. It feels nice and creamy and it blended well on the hand there is also something about the oval shaped package that I like. I’m not entirely certain what, but I do like the look of it.

And this brings us to the final item in the box. It is the Sunrise Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette (retail $30). This palette was designed for Boxycharm, although to be honest I think designed might be a bit strong a term. It is a pretty standard looking basic palette of neutrals.

a swatch from the bronze shade Icon (middle row, far right)

That is not actually a complaint as I do love a good neutrals palette and will probably give into the temptation to try it out today. I couldn’t resist swatching one of the bronze shimmers and it swatched beautifully actually.

Tarte palettes tend to be a bit hit or miss in formula. I have a couple of Tarte palettes that are just beautiful and fantastic to use. I have had others where the shadows weren’t so fabulous. I don’t know if they play around with their formulas a lot or what but i end up either loving or struggling with their formulas where eyeshadows are concerned. there doesn’t seem to be much in between. If this is one of their good formulas I will be excited for the neutral palette, especially with that bronze shade. We’ll have to see how that performs in use.

but that my darlings is the October Boxycharm Premium X Tarte box. Monetarily the value of the box is $163. This is more than the $46.07 I paid for it and in that respect I am happy. More than the cash value though are the products. While knowing the value is nice, a subscription is only with the cost if you are going to use the items inside. For me, this was a pretty good box. I received a favorite mascara and get to try out a new cream blush. I am curious about the moisturizer and interested in the lippie. I have my fingers crossed with the palette and while i know I will use the brightener I might be tempted into the eyeliner. For me, I will get use out of every item in this box. that makes it a very worthwhile box indeed.

Unboxing the September 2022 Look Fantastic Box

Look Fantastic is a $19 per month beauty box based in the UK. With an annual subscription you can shave a few dollars off the price and still pay on a monthly basis instead of paying for the entire year at once. This is what I do. I have had this subscription for several years now and while some months in a subscription box are always better than others, I have never been disappointed by this box. They also have an annual advent calendar which always sells out fast. For subscribers the calendar is on sale now and for non subscribers it will go on sale October 1st. It sells out every year. Usually I miss it but this year I actually jumped on it when it was up for pre release so I will be getting that this year.

I like to only get one advent calendar for myself each year. Occasionally I will cave and get a second smaller one. But the issue is there are so many really great ones out there that i often debate which one I want to pick up and then find the Look Fantastic one has sold out. This year i decided to just go ahead with it because the spoilers looked good so I made the decision early.

But that won’t come until November. However soon they will be available for all so if you are thinking about it, those are the dates.

But back to this month’s box. Recently Look Fantastic has been playing around with the layout of the brochure they put in the box. They have always had articles about various topics. They actually have one about Collagen this month that I am looking forward to reading. They articles break down popular ingredients and other skincare and beauty themed issues. The articles on skincare topics are fantastic if you are just getting into skincare and trying to get a handle on a very large and complex range of products and ingredients. And as September is Skincare Awareness month it is all about skincare. Which I like.

However they don’t really break out the products in the pamphlet any more which I’m not too crazy about. they have one page showing what was in the box with the one variation item and that’s it. No info about them. Which I sort of miss. They do have the spoiler for the October box though and it is very exciting, well at least to me. In the October box you will receive either a Ritual of Sakura candle (25 g) or The Ritual of Sakura room spray (50 mL) The Sakura line is Rituals cherry blossom scent and I loved the body wash from that line and am looking forward to either the candle or the room spray. Actually after trying out the body wash I thought about buying the room spray simply because how fantastic the bathroom smelled after my shower. I would be happy with either one actually.

This Month’s Look Fantastic I was looking forward to mostly because of the spoiler from last month too actually. It was the Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. It is a toner from a clean skincare brand. It is 100 mL so it is a travel size (the full size is 250 mL). It is a good sized broduct and basically you use it like a toner. I have used it before and really enjoyed it. I am thrilled to have another bottle here.

The next two items are a set of shampoo and conditioner. The set does count as two of the items in the box but i am okay with that as I would rather have the paired set of shampoo and conditioner. Especially since it is a brand I have not heard of before. It is Bleach London and it is the Reincarnation Shampoo and conditioner set. They are 75 mL each so that is plenty for several washes and will give me a good idea of how the product performs. It is an nourishing and restoring set and as we edge into cooler months my hair will need more nourishing products. (the central heat tends to dry my hair out a bit over the winter) so for me this is a good product to try as we head into the fall.

Next we have an eye mask set from Elemis. These are the Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye masks to be specific. I love Elemis and have tried loads of products from them. I don’t think I have actually tried out any of their eye masks. Which is strange when I think about it as I really love Eye masks. So I look forward to giving this a go.

The next item is also a very timely product. It is the Nail HQ cuticle oil. This was actually the one variation in the box. If you didn’t get this one then you would have gotten the Solar Oil nail and Cuticle oil from Essentials. I’ve never tried either brand but they are both full size and they both are the same size. I’m sure there are some differences, but I don’t know what they are. I am happy to have a cuticle oil in right now. The gardening season is coming to an end and no matter how much i wear my gloves my hands always get dried out and messed up a bit by the time the garden is ready for winter. During the summer I tend to forget the oil and just use heavy duty hand lotion. I went to get my cuticle oil left over from last year this weekend and found I didn’t secure the lid tightly enough and it leaked out slowly over the summer and I needed a new one. So for me this is extra fab.

And finally we have the Disciple Dreamy Skin Retinyl Night Oil. It is a small bottle but with oils it really only takes a few drops. According to the label it reduces pigmentation, lines and pore size. If it does even half of that i will be thrilled with it. It is also listed as vegan and cruelty free which I like as well. I’m guessing retinyl is some how related to retinol. I’m not sure and will look into it prior to trying it on my skin. I’ll have to look into that and get back to you. Retinyl wasn’t one of the ingredients broken down in the pamphlet.

And so that was my look fantastic box. It was a mix of products from brands I know and love as well as a few new surprises to try out. It was skincare heavy, but Look Fantastic does tend to be skincare heavy in general and as it is a skincare awareness month box, I wouldn’t expect it to be anything but skincare heavy. Personally I love trying out new skincare and finding what works for my skin, not just in terms of products but in terms of ingredients. So I am very pleased with this month’s box and am actually looking forward to trying everything in it.

Its the Replacement for the August 2022 Glossy Box

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my August Glossy box slipped through the cracks and a replacement was sent out. Since August was sold out, Glossy Box sent a replica of the February box. It arrived just as I finished posting about the September box actually. Which is fun timing.

To be honest, I’m not upset as it contained items that I liked the first time around and don’t mind using again.

Some of the items I find a bit amusing based on the September box. If you remember this morning I received the Natura Murumuru Hair mask and was thrilled about it because I really liked the shampoo and conditioner from the same line of Natura products? Well I received another set of the Murumuru Natura shampoo and conditioner in this box. I am actually quite tickled. They were good products, but it will be nice to use them in conjunction with the hair mask and to do a comparison. In many cases the hair mask is often an amped up version o0f the conditioner from the line and it would be interesting to see if that proves the case here. And even if there is no comparison, it is a really nice shampoo and conditioner and I loved the scent it left in my hair.

In September we also received the Spray tan from Vita Liberata. The replacement box has the cream version, Vita Liberata Self Tanning Gradual Lotion, that came back in February. I did try it once and then I set it aside and forgot about it. Maybe I will have better luck trying it again and comparing it to the spray version. As I tend to only show my legs while wearing skirts, but have my arms exposed all summer long, the different skin tones is an ongoing issue and it would be nice to find a product i could consistently reach for. Who knows, this might be it. And it is a full size as well. So there is plenty to try.

The third item in this box is the NCLA Nail Color in black. (Look Fantastic actually has several shades from NCLA nails on sale right now if you are interested. It is really good polish) I still have the bottle I received in February and it has proven more useful than I expected. While I like wearing black nail polish in general, I also like it for painting on designs. I have a small paint brush and the black is useful for drawing things on lighter nail colors or simply doing polka dots. I also like wearing it on it’s own or under a shimmery clear gloss. I did notice though that when I put it under a sheer gold gloss it looked a little greenish. Paired with everything else it looks black. It is just the gold tones that seem to bring out the green highlights.

The next item is one that I will always be happy to see. It is the Verso Nourishing Cream #3. At this point I have tried a variety of Verso products and each one has worked fantastically well for me. It is a clean and (I believe) vegan brand. Their eye cream (#5) is one that I will always reorder and is in fact my standard when I am not testing out other eye creams. I have never had a bad product from them and am always happy to see them in any subscription.

The next item is one that I have used repeatedly. It is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye masks. I have used them before. and in general I like eye masks. Here is the thing though with Rodial. I really like all of their serums and creams and cleansers. Pretty much anything that can be bottled or jarred from the brand I am a fan of. I generally don’t care for their masks because of the paper. The paper tends to be a little on the stiff side and doesn’t adhere well. The last time I used these, I really liked the serum that came with the eye masks, but wasn’t fond of the paper. I had to keep pressing them against my face as I wore them. However the serum with them was good enough that I was willing to hold them on my face while i wore them. It is just something to remember. It is a good product with a poor delivery system.

The final item in this replacement box is a Kab Cosmetics lipstick. It is in the shade Sweetheart, as was the one I received in February. And as thematic as the name makes it, the lipstick is way too pink for me to wear. Since I had not tried out the formula last time I did wear the lipstick for a while. It is creamy and well worth looking into. I am just never going to wear this shade of pink. I do know someone who it is perfect for so I will be passing this on untouched. I do know I like the formula, I just don’t want the product wasted. And oddly enough it is going to the same person who I am sending the extra illuminating Dust, also from Kab Cosmetics, that came in my September box. As I know it will be loved, I don’t mind.

And that was my replacement box. Am I disappointed I didn’t get the true August box? Yes, it looked like it was going to be a good one. But accidents happen and it looks like whatever kink was in the system is now cleared up. Hopefully this won’t happen again and the subscription can go on as normal. It is generally a good and reliably fun subscription and I really enjoy receiving it each month. And honestly, with the exception of the lipstick, I will have no problem using all of the items in this box.

Ah Glossy Box…Unboxing the September 2022 Glossy Box

I have had a Glossy Box subscription for several years now and I have never regretted it. I switched to an annual subscription a while ago as I knew I wanted to keep it around. The box is $21 if you go month to month but only $18 (billed monthly) if you go annual. I have always found the box to be well worth the $18.

Until recently I have never really had any problems with them. The last three months though it seems as though I have gotten dropped off of their shipping list. I had a long conversation with them in August and while their August box has completely sold out, they are sending me a replacement. It is scheduled to arrive in today’s mail. So for now we review September and maybe later today, we will look at the August replacement.

So since September is here, let’s get into the Gold Hour Glossy Box for September 2022.

The First item I pulled out of the box is a full sized shower Gel from Kueshi Naturals. I have never heard of the brand before but when I opened the box it smelled absolutely delicious. It is a vanilla shower gel but it doesn’t seem to be overly sweet. It leans into the spicy and creamy notes that vanilla has. At least from my sniff of the bottle and I look forward to using it in the shower. Especially as my baby doll took the bar of soap I had in there and I have almost finished the sample sized shower gel I was testing out. It is always nice to have a shower gel waiting in the wings. After all, it is a product I will always need. I can’t wait to see how it performs.

Next we have a deluxe Mini of the Vita Liberata Tanning Mist. Normally I would not be thrilled about getting a tanning mist in September as I am beginning to look at fall clothing, but the weather has not broken yet, the fall clothing remains put away and when I tried on the dress from Drape fit I saw just how white my legs were in contrast to my arms, so I have to say, I am not mad at a tanning spray and will very quickly be using it on my legs. I don’t need them bronzed for the gods, i just need them to look like they belong on the same body with my arms. I dislike looking like I was assembled from spare parts.

Next up we have a hair mask, and you know how much I love hair masks. This one is the Natura Murumuru Restoring Hair mask. If you are thinking that sounds familiar then , good memory. earlier this year Glossy Box Sent a shampoo and conditioner set from the Murumuru Line of Natura products. I loved the shampoo and conditioner but was not a fan of the containers. They were stiff plastic shaped like actual bottles and getting all of the product out was a bit of a challenge. And it was so good that I wanted to use all of the product. This mini hair mask is in an easier to use tube and when opened had the same lovely scent as the shampoo and conditioner from the line. I am very mush looking forward to trying it out.

There is one sort of makeup item in this months box and it is the KAB Cosmetics Illuminating dust in the shade Golden Hour. It is a full size. I actually have this product as it came in the Glossy Box Limited Edition Easter Egg this year. I don’t wear illuminating dust often, mostly around the holidays if I am honest. however this Golden hour shade makes a really nice highlighter. The shade is just a subtle glow for my skin tone. I tend to apply it with my finger since it has the setting powder style holes, but it does work well with a loose bristled brush if you are looking for a bit of a glow. I don’t reach for it as often as I should, but I really like it when i do reach for it. the one I have will last me a long time, so I will be passing this on.

And finally we have the item I am most excited for. It is a full sized Alpha H Firming Eye Cream. I have the Liquid Gold exfoliating toner and absolutely adore it. I received the cleanser from Alpha H in a recent Boxy Charm but have not yet had a chance to try it. And now I have the eye cream from the same Liquid Gold Line. I don’t know why it always tickles me when I get to try different items from the same brand around the same time, but it does. It also helps that I really love the exfoliation toner and am hoping this eye cream lives up to that standard.

And that is my Glossy Box for September. There were three full sized items and two deluxe samples. The eye cream alone is valued at $82 so I definitely got my money’s worth. And while the Kab Cosmetics item I already have, it is a good item I like and am happy to pass along. And three of the items were full sized with the two deluxe sample sized both large enough for me to get an accurate feel for the products with more than one use.

All of the items are ones I will use which makes this a box that is valuable to me, beyond just the monetary considerations. I am also thrilled that I am now back in the good graces of whoever arranges the shipping for Glossy Box. Hopefully there will be no more issues going forward.