Viseart Eye Shadow Palette: Neutral Mattes (with a Bobby Brown Shimmer)

I’ll admit, I have been intrigued by Viseart for a while now.  I generally like the color schemes on their palettes and I have heard good things about them. It is usually the expense that talks me out of it.  Tis palette for example retails for $80. It is a lot to pay when you have never tried the formula and are only hoping you actually like it.

I did not pay full price for the paleet, this particular one came in my BoxyCharm Premium box this month. So I get to try it without an $82 gamble. (In case you are wondering most of my single shadows were picked up in order to try a formula before I bought a palette, or they came in subscription boxes.  Either way I tend to judge palettes on their singles before I buy them).

Now looking at this palette, I can tell these colors are right up my alley.  I actually didn’t mind the fact that they were all mattes until I got to the day where I tested out the black shade.  I used the Black and blended in the gray and then lightened the corners with one of the top row shades, but it wasn’t really enough with the black. Luckily, in my Birchbox Advent Calendar there was a Bobby Brown Long wear Cream Shadow Stick that was shimmer and had nothing else to partner with it.  So I added it and poof, I loved the look.

The Bobby Brown Shimmer

Incidentally, I loved the Bobby Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick.  It as creamy, went on over other shadows like a dream and stayed in place all day with minimal creasing.  I may have to look into the other shades and possibly think about picking up a few more. I have to be honest, this is the first Bobby Brown product I’ve tried, and I was very impressed.

But back to Viseart.

I have to say, I was impressed with them as well. 

Very impressed.

I swear there are four swatches on my arm I swatched the top row L to R for this row

While there is a row of light colors at the top, the rest of the shades are rather dark. The swatches are not the greatest on any of these shadows for some reason. Which is really strange as they apply with high pigmentation. This top row though disappears mostly because of my skin tone. I think part of the bad swatches (other than me) is the fact that they aren’t really powdery so it didn’t want to cling to my finger. Surprisingly the shadows that swach the worst usually end up performing really well in application. This was no exception.

When they apply they are definitely fully pigmented shades.  A little goes a long way. Dip once, tap the brush and then apply and see where you are. Start as light as you can and then try to build. 

second row L to R

The colors blended well together without becoming muddy.  Each are pigmented enough that they could be used on their own but they were easily layered. They were soft to the touch, highly pigmented and blended out really easily, providing I didn’t start off with too heavy a hand. 

Third row L to R

If you start with a heavy hand then it is just a block of color and you either have to decide to lie with it or start over.In the below photo, I tapped lightly once in the pan, taped off the excess and this was what I got. It is clearly the one russet color in the pan. But it was only one light brush on the pan to get this first color application. As you can see it is quite pigmented and there is zero fall out from the shadow.

One soft tap

There was a little fading throughout the day, but the shadows didn’t disappear. After eight hours you could still see exactly what I intended. I was very surprised by how little fall out there was with these shadows.  With the black I thought I was going to have loads of fall out just because of the deepness of the pigment.  I tapped lightly, tapped off the excess and applied it.  It blended well without poofing up to scatter black dust over my nose and the side of my face.  It may be the first black eyeshadow I have tried that hasn’t done that before.

Black shadow, no fall out

I have to be honest, I really have nothing bad to say about this palette.  I think the closest thing to a negative that I have is that when I used the black shadow I really wanted a shimmer because it was so dark and so intense, I thought it needed the shimmer to balance it. 

But that is just a personal taste.  It looked fine with just the mattes, and I do have plenty of single shimmers I could pair with it.  I am a big fan of this Viseart Palette and I have to say I will give the brand a closer look and try to add more to my collection. These were some very good quality eyeshadows and I will enjoy using this palette for a long time to come.