Claiming Baggage with Wander Beauty Eye Masks

As you may recall, I have been lax in trying out new eye masks and I am trying to remedy that but putting away the eye masks I usually reach for without thinking and trying out some of the singles that I have accumulated from various Subscription boxes. I am about half way through my collection of loose single packet eye masks actually.

And actually I am thinking about picking up the eye patch collection from the Masque Bar once I’ve worked through my stockpile. The collection looks really good, plus I am kind of enjoying having a weekly eye mask. My eyes have also been really puffy lately. While other people track pollen counts and mold growth the big thing that actually hits me the hardest is rapid weather change. (Pollen and mold still take their toll, but weather hits the hardest). Any time the barometer takes a massive shift, my skull feels like it is in vise and my cheekbones threaten to pop out of my face.

And of course my eyes get puffy.

And this year, the weather has been like a yo-yo. Today is going to be twenty five degrees with winds that make your lungs seize up but tomorrow will be sixty three and sunny.

And I have to be honest, most eye masks to quite a bit to help that. So does the Jade roller I now keep constantly in my fridge. Actually that is really great for rolling cold on the tight points on the back of your neck when you get a tension headache as well.

But back to the eye mask.

Todays eye mask is not a new to the market product. In fact i think it may have been one of the first under eye masks to start the masking trend. It is the Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks From Wander Beauty. I tried this mask quite some time ago. I think that because of all the hype I might have treated it a bit slightingly. I also think I tried them out when my eyes were not that puffy. Today was a different experience. Without all of the hype…


These gold foil eye masks visibly brighten, hydrate and reduce puffiness while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Two colors to choose from, same great formula.

Wander Beauty

Normally I prefer the gel consistency in eye masks. I think it is because they often feel colder. And cold is a friend to my puffy eyes. This mask is a thinner paper type consistency. There is gold on one side and the other is jus t plain. One thing I like is that the masks are merely sandwiched between two thing circles of plastic. the serum is what keeps them from sliding apart. To open you just slide the top disk off.

And yes I did change shirts. My bangs are long enough that they were driving me crazy so I took the picture, decided to do a little trim (which involved damping my bangs and why they look a bit greasy (they are still damp). It also got hair all over the shirt so I changed shirts. And yes I am going to go back in and attempt to even them out. My appointment at the salon was put off as the salon I was going to go to had to shut down for a few weeks due to contamination. And while I want to have some excess hair for the stylist to work with, the bangs were driving me bonkers. …Long story short, different shirts and hair issues in pictures.


while these aye masks are wet, they aren’t dripping. They are saturated enough that they apply easily to the skin and stay there, making them fabulously easy to wear at the desk for a little pick me up. And while I don’t think the gold itself has any magical skin care properties. it is not only pretty, but sort of holds the serum against the skin. While both sides of the eye masks were damp from the serum when I applied them, the top dried out as I sat, but the moisture of the serum was held against the skin as it absorbed.

And there is also a cooling sensation that I can feel.


After about fifteen minutes wearing the masks, I do feel more awake and much of the serum had been absorbed. The masks themselves feel a great deal dryer, while I feel a great deal more hydrated. And yes, I can see that some of my puffiness has retreated. It is easy to see why these eye patches scooped up so many awards. The last one listed on the site just came from Allure in 2021. I think these eye mask have definitely made it onto my reorder list. they may have been ridiculously over hyped when they first came out, but I have to say, sometimes the hype is worth it. And these masks are definitely worth it.

Wander Beauty