Weekly Weight: 234.4 Lbs

It is always a disheartening sight to see any gain, but this week, I kind of knew it was coming. Monday I had my walk in with no problem. Tuesday the rains descended. It is still raining which means that the park is flooded as well as the rain is falling. while I did get some indoor workouts in and I actually feel really good about them, the workouts I do in doors simply don’t burn the same level of calories.

In addition i am getting ready for Thanksgiving travel. This week that meant extending my time at the desk as I try to clear a few days where I am not going to be around next week. And to be honest, I go through this every year. Around Thanksgiving everyone realizes that the holidays aren’t just upcoming, they are neigh. The it seems like everyone looks at the list they want to get through before the end of the year, and then subtracts the number of days everyone will have off for holidays and starts to freak out.

I actually get more work sent my way the week before Thanksgiving than any other week in the year.

After thanksgiving the holiday parties start to take the edge off. Plus everyone feels like they have already assigned everything that is coming up. At least where I am concerned.

Which means basically more desk and telephone time this week than anything else. And no escape into a walk either due to rain.

And while understandable, i am trying not to let it get me down. I know why the gain is there and I know what to do to correct it. I just was hoping it wouldn’t happen before a major feasting holiday. I like to go into the holidays as light as possible and that just wasn’t happening this year with everything that happened in the past few months.

I’m going to try not to let it get me down.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last weeks Weight: 232.8 lbs

This week’s Weight: 234.4 lbs

Change this week: +1.6 lbs

Lost thus far: 11.6 lbs

Not an inspiring sight when you see a plus sigh, but i will live and I will bounce back. Life and my weight loss journey will go on.

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Weekly Weight: 232.8 lbs

There is something almost amusing about this cycle. I lost 4 lbs and then stayed the same weight for two weeks in a row, then I lost two pounds and again I find myself at the same weight I was last week. Perhaps next week will be another two pounds gone, but this week, I have the same weight as last week.

It was an interesting week for workouts though. We started the week with rain and flooding of the walking tail so I ended up with indoor strength training exercises and watching my calories like a hawk. Midweek instead of a normal workout i spend pretty much half a day clearing fallen tree branches post Tuesday night windstorm. I have no idea how many calories were actually burned during that but i can tell you even now I can feel the effort in my arms.

Luckily by Thursday the park was no longer flooded and I could walk again. I think if left to just the strength exercises there would have been no workouts at all because Thursday my arms felt like limp noodles. Today they are just a little bit achy so I am sticking with the walking trail.

it is a good reminder of why i need to get the strength training exercises on a regular basis. I need to work on my arm strength. Because I burn more calories walking, and because I prefer to walk, that is what i concentrate on. I have also been about two years without a gym. Part of that is because of the pandemic, but even though I have been considering going back to the gym, it is on the other side of town and to be honest, gas prices are what is keeping me from actually signing up again. The nearest gym is on the other side of town and at the moment I am trying to reduce the amount I drive, not increase it.

I think if I can get into a set routine then I will be fine. The trick is that I need to make it a habit, regardless of the weather.

I know this may sound like an odd thought pattern, but part of this is due to the reasons I am trying to lose weight in the first place. I am not trying to look good in a bikini. I don’t need to fit into a specific dress or look good for a wedding or a reunion. I want to lose weight to take pressure off of my knees so that when i am in my 80s and 90s I have a better chance of them still working reasonably well. I want to be a healthy weight so my organs don’t have as big a strain. Health is the main goal.

Don’t get me wrong a smaller waist line and an expansion of the clothes I can fit into is also a big draw, because there are so many clothing items I like that they just don’t make in my size that I would love to be able to wear.

the big draw however is health. I want to be healthy and have my knees work and have the rest of me work as well. And so I need to remember my arms and abs and other bits of me that need to get back into working order. I don’t like working them as much as I like walking, so I tend to push it to the side. Unfortunately I don’t think that is good for me, so I need to find a way to encourage non-walking workouts on non-rainy days without a gym.

Yeah, its the encouragement that i am going to have to work on. Because I have the work outs. I just need to get into the habit of using them.

Something to think about today and maybe start implementing in the morning. Implementing today is just not happening. But tomorrow, my arms might not hurt as much and I might be able to talk myself into it. For now though…

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 232.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 232.8 lbs

Change this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 13.2 lbs

And so the journey continues…

Weekly Weight: 232.8 Lbs

I know in the grand scheme of things the scale doesn’t matter. That it is just a tool to help me stay on track and remind me to keep doing what needs to be done. Bu I have to say, I love the mornings where the numbers go down.

It just makes me happy inside.

I’ll remind myself more that it doesn’t matter when the numbers aren’t changing or are going up despite my best efforts but now, on a morning where they are once again going down, I am just going to revel in it.

This week has been a really hard week for me. It is a hard week for me every year to be honest. The thing is, I am not a person who gets up well when it is still dark. If I need to extend my day well past daylight and into the dark I am fine. I am even okay with stayuing up all night and into the following day. Provided i can catch up on sleep later.

It is just the waking up when it is still dark outside that I am not good with. I am the person who watches shows about Tudor England and sees the clocks the Monks adjusted because there were prayers that needed to be said in the daylight and prayers said in the darkness and thinks it was genius. Seriously it is probably the only thing I retained from the program because it knocked everything else out. They adjusted the timing mechanism of the clock to account for the amount of daylight, so time was adjusted to suit the natural world and not the other way round.

i know, I am on the verge of ranting. It is the week before daylight savings that kicked me hard this week. It does this every year. It gets increasingly darker when i wake up and then just when I think I can’t take it any more, poof, time changes and I once again start to get up with the sun.

and in cae you are wondering, I am grumpy in the spring when they take that hour away from me, but it doesn’t hurt as much because the days are lengthening and while the initial week is dark, the sun is in the process of lightening it so i don’t have as many issues in the spring.

I know, it might be more than you wanted to know and completely off topic. All i am saying it was a bad week and the scale still showed good numbers, so I am pleased.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s weight: 235.7 lbs

This week’s Weight: 232.8 lbs

Lost this week: 2.9 lbs

Lost thus far: 13.2 lbs

And so we close out another week. It was a good one for me and I am hoping the coming one will be even better. Happy Friday everyone!

Weekly Weight: 235.7 Lbs

If you are looking at the scale and thinking, wait a minute, that is the same number as last week, I congratulate you on your excellent memory. It is the same number as last week. I suppose after the more than four pounds dropped last week it should be expected that there would be little change this week. That is generally what happens with me.

More than four pounds in one week is a really big number for me, so I wasn’t expecting a big change this week.

This week i kept on keeping on. I missed a few exercises. due to rain early in the week and yesterday my brain was focused on getting a story out of my head so I shorted pretty much everything, including exercise. But I did manage to keep a tight reign on my food.

I am back in the habit of using the free version of My Fitness Pal. I have started remembering to put in my food and exercise on a daily basis and that has really kept me on track. I wanted to get back into the habit of using the free version of the app before I tried out the paid version. Since I am now in the habit I will be starting my paid month long trial (that is me paying for the app instead of the free version, no one is actually paying me to try the app) in November. I think nit will be quite helpful going into the holidays actually and I am kind of excited to get that started.

Today it wasn’t that exciting to see the same number appear on the scale but it is understandable and not something I am overly worried about. I am hoping that if I keep doing what i know I should be doing, that number will change and I will be slowly easing my way into a healthy weight number.

And that is where I really want to be.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 235.7 lbs

This Week’s weight: 235.7 lbs

This week’s Change: No Change.

Lost over all: 10.3 lbs

and so we keep on. I know that I am doing the right things, I just need to have faith that the right things will eventually get me where I need to be. And if they don’t then i will go to my doctor and have a conversation about adjusting what is wrong so that I am doing right again. But for now, I understand why the scale didn’t move, even if it was disappointing. So minor disappointment but no anxiety over this week. It’s not fabulous, but it could be worse. have a great Friday everyone.

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Weekly Weight: 235.7 lbs

You have no idea how glad I am to see the scale go down like that this week. I don’t expect all of the extra weight to disappear like that and to be honest, I don’t expect to have as high a number of loss next week as I did this week.

With travel or holiday weight gain I seem to gain that weight back fairly quickly due to lack of my usual meal plan and exercise, but the weight I gain that quickly tends to come off fairly quickly as well. It is one of the reasons why I watch myself around the holidays, limiting the extravagances to what i really enjoy and staying on my healthy plan for the rest of the time. If I gain weight from the extravagances then it too comes off quickly.

while this weight wasn’t from holiday extravagances (and ten pounds was just the new scale correcting the measurements of the old one) I am very happy to see the weight start to come back off. It was actually more than I expected and I had to get off the scale, let it drop back to zero and get on again just to double check.

The numbers were the same and so the happy dance began. Personally I am taking this as my reward for not giving up when I gained that chunk of weight back. I am determined to get to a healthy weight. Set backs are going to happen because life is a very unpredictable journey. But those set backs are dealt with and the journey continues.

And yes I know it is just a number on a scale but it makes me fell very good when it goes down. I will be less obsessed with those numbers when my weight once again starts with a one instead of a two. until then, it is a tracking tool that I will use to the best of my ability without letting it rule and or dominate my thoughts. which is sometimes harder than others. But today I am happy and I will deal with any socio-cultural issues regarding weight at a later date. Today there is just victory in getting back to a healthier lifestyle.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 240.5 lbs

This Week’s weight: 235.7 lbs

Lost this week: 4.3 lbs

Lost thus far: 10.3 lbs

And so the journey continues.

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Weekly Weight: Sometimes things are out of your control

The Scale October 14th, 2022

this is one of the more disheartening posts I have ever written. But truth is truth and any long journey is going to have it’s ups and downs. For the past two weeks I have been home acting as a caregiver for my mother after she had her hand amputated due to Cancer. (this is the third time the cancer returned and there was no other real option. They got clear margins and she will have treatment but hopefully this will be the end of the cancer and repeated surgeries. I know she is utterly exhausted by the ordeal and ready to get back to living her life outside of a doctor’s office.)

what this meant for me is that my schedule was dictated by her recovery needs so there were no walks and no workouts. I managed some stretches while she was sleeping but space and the need for quiet so she could rest dictated a lot of my movements. Food was not planned by me either. There was food brought by her friends and her church. It was fantastic as much of the time I was too exhausted to cook major meals. I made breakfast and lunch based on what my mom wanted to eat and after she started feeling better I worked with her so she could make sure that everything was set up so that she could make her meals one handed.

i left to come home feeling good about the rate of her recovery and the set up she had. I also left knowing I probably gained about ten pounds. She didn’t have a scale in the house but I know how my clothes fit and I was pretty sure around ten pounds was accurate.

Then I got home.

While I was gone my babydoll had a couple of doctor’s visits. He likes to compare his weight on the home scale to the doctor’s office and see how accurate it is. Our scale is or rather was, older and we were pretty sure a replacement would bee needed soon. It turns out it was about ten pounds off the mark. So while I gained ten ish pounds the scale reflected a twenty ish pound gain.

I can’t lie, that was really hard to take.

But as disheartening as it is, life goes on. And I am not going to abandon my goal of reaching a healthy weight just because I had a setback. No matter how many times you get knocked down by life, you only really fail if you stop getting back up. And so I’m getting up and beginning again.

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 240.5 lbs

Lost thus far: 5.5 lbs

I know I usually put the previous week’s weight but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m just going to move forward from this point and keep going. Because sometimes life is just life and you just have to get on with it.

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The Daily: October 11th, 2022

Today has been blessedly routine. I know that sounds odd to say but it feels like forever since I have had a relatively normal day. While I was gone for two weeks, before that I was racing to get everything cleared off before the two weeks gone and so my schedule was insane rather than routine. Today was routine.

Routine feels pretty good.

I’ll admit it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to report about. but it feels really good. Today I went on a normal morning walk and it was deliciously cool. Fall seems to finally have arrived. I am still pulling the last of the tomatoes out of the garden but it is still most definitely fall. And because it has finally cooled down I am planning on getting a second walk in this afternoon.

Which will also help me out because I have to get back on the scale this Friday and see the damage. While I was active in the two weeks I was gone, it was a taking care of someone recovering from surgery and rearranging the house kind of activity. There was no deliberate exercise or work outs. In addition food tended to be based around what my mom wanted me to cook for her and what the church ladies brought.

It was all delicious, but it couldn’t really be considered healthy. I came home and the first thing I wanted was a salad. I love green been casserole and brisket as much as the next person but there is a limit. Sleep was hit or miss as well since I didn’t sleep through the night since I was in charge of making sure drugs were taken when they needed to be (which was often in the middle of the night)

And then there is the fact that while I was gone my baby doll got a new scale. He had a couple of doctor’s visits while I was gone (routine, nothing crazy) and he has this habit of weighing himself on the scale at home both before and after the doctor’s weigh him to see how well our scale is monitoring weight. Our scale was pretty old and apparently it was not keeping track very well. He says it was about ten pounds off so he got a new one.

While I am pleased to have an accurate scale in the house it means that even if I didn’t gain any weight while I was gone I will be at least ten pounds heavier than when I left. I am bracing for that and getting in a little more exercise where possible. I am also back to keeping track of things with the My Fitness Pal app. I still haven’t started delving into the paid version of that yet and am going to spend the week getting back into the rhythm of using the free version to record everything that needs recording, but then I will test out the paid version.

I’m actually looking forward to that.

I am not looking back to the first time back on the scale.

Kind of dreading it actually.

But just because something isn’t going to be fun doesn’t mean you get to skip it. Unfortunately that isn’t the way life works. So I’ll complain about it now and then just step on the scale Friday morning. I thought about sneaking a peek early but I decided I wanted to have a few normal days first, as well as a chance to maybe whittle down a bit more. Speaking of normal…

Today’s Look:

Primer: Maybelline 4-in-1 Glow Perfector

Foundation: One Size Turn up the Base Powder Foundation

Bronzer: Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer

Blush: Illamasqua colour veil Gel Blusher

Powder: Tatcha The Silk Powder

Eyeshadow: AOA Shadow Quad Mercury from the Orbit Series

Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Mascara

Lips: Patrick Ta Lip Gloss in She’s Expensive

Today I went for a bit of a low key sort of look. I wanted something kind of easy breezy, especially since i knew nothing was really going to touch those bags under my eyes other than a lot more sleep. The 4-in-1 Glow from Maybelline i decided to pick up because it felt like the ad was stalking me. I was seeing it everywhere so i figured why not try it. (I also picked up two separate skin care trial sets for the same reason, but we’ll get into that another time.) Today I used it as a primer. It is a glowy sort of primer, but it worked really well under the One Size powder foundation. Actually the two worked fantastically well together for a low key kind of look. I don’t think I would wear the Maybelline alone without a foundation over it but as a primer it is really good. I am actually really glad that I picked it up. I also picked up a Maybelline gloss because I was at the store. I didn’t use it today because I wanted to use the Patrick ta.

I am really liking this One Size powder foundation. It works well for my in a light coverage kind of way. It is supposed to be able to be built up but every time i try it starts to look powdery. It is beautiful as is but I just don’t like building it up.

I chose the bamboo bronzer because it goes on light and can be built up if you want. I didn’t want to build it up today so I used it light instead of going for something more pigmented. I think it worked well. And I always love the Illamasqua gel blusher. I use a fingertip to dot it on my face and then the damp makeup sponge to blend it in. right now i am testing the makeup sponge and brushes I picked up from my Shop Miss A haul and I am really surprised by the quality. I’m sure i will have more thoughts on the set as I continue to use it, but for now it is fabulous.

I set everything with the Tatcha Silk Setting Powder. I don’t usually like to use a lot of setting powder with a powder foundation but i went in light with this and the Tatcha played well with the One Size Powder.

Today was the first use of the AOA Quads. I picked up all four from the Orbit Series. This one was the Mercury Palette. As each quad was only $1 I was certainly okay with the price and I did feel kind of decadent purchasing the entire line. While the shadows aren’t the most pigmented, they are buildable and they blend really well.

Mercury is pink toned and the colors worked well together. I was very happy with the look and will be rotating through all four quads to play with the shadows, but I really like how the quad is set up for quick and easy use. I deliberately didn’t use setting spray or eye lid primer today because I want to see how they perform on their own. The matte shade was a little powdery but if I tapped off the brush before applying it worked really well with no fall out on the under eye or nose. I’ll still be playing around with this but for a quick look on a work day morning this was very easy to apply.

My mascara today was the They’re Real Magnet from Benefit. I love this mascara. I think I still like Bad Gal Bang just a little bit more, but this is really good at lengthening the lashes (Bad Gal gives more volume). Still one of my top five mascaras and I was happy to use it.

This was the first use of the Patrick Ta Major Volume Lip Shine. It is very shiny and I like how it applies. After a while the shine dims but my lips started to feel a little waxy. I am not entirely sure how I feel about this lip gloss. I may keep using it for a while as I try to decide. I do like the shine though. And if the waxy feeling does come with improved lip conditioning I won’t mind it as much. For that, I’ll have to try it some more before final judgement.

But that my darlings was my first day back and my first routine daily makeup look in a while. It leaned more quick and easy than anything else, but I am rather pleased with it and the products I used to create it. I know, I mostly used products I liked but as I was trying out new eyeshadow and lip gloss I figured it would work out in the end and let me concentrate on how i feel about the new products.

But now, it is back to work for me. I hope your Tuesday is everything you need it to be.

Weekly Weight: 218.6 lbs

I know lat week was the official pre travel weigh in but i wanted to get one last weigh in before I travel so that i know what I started with. there won’t be any official stats as this is just a for my own information before i go post.

I will say that it is a high note to start the travel on. Last Friday, the last official weigh in I was 219.2 lbs. This week I am leaving at 218.6 lbs. Given the stress, the interruptions to any form of fitness or regularly scheduled, well anything for the last few weeks, this feels like a miracle quite honestly. Whether it is divine blessing or a bonus prize for all the stress I don’t care. i am going to take it and be happy with it for the moment. Once I finish my morning posts, I will begin my packing extravaganza.

It is a strange packing. I am not only packing for travel but packing to take care of my mom as she heals. I asked if there was anything she wanted and I have several old movies that she would like me to bring down, there are also a few stores she asked me to pick up some things from as I head down. So there will be the normal personal packing as well as the since you are coming down and the entertain someone post surgery packing list to get through.

To be honest it is actually a relief to be able to gather and pack. We will load the car first thing in the morning but after a few weeks of simply making lists and preparing to pack, actual packing feels like a relief as crazy as it will no doubt be. And so after the skin care line up, the packing will commence.

A schedule of necessity will take over for the next few weeks and then when i return I can actually once again attempt to get back into my own schedule. My hope is that by then the weather will have turned, the cooler weather clothing can emerge and the walks can become longer and a lot more fun.

But for now, we settle things, then we pack.

Weekly Weight: 219.2 lbs

It isn’t a big loss I will grant you that, but it is a loss. And that makes me happy. It makes me happy for a couple of reasons actually. The first is simply that it is another sliver, no matter how small, of weight off my body. While a small sliver all of those slivers add up. So even the small ones are worthy of note. The second reason is that it is still weight loss during stress. And that is no small feat. the third reason is that it is a loss prior to me leaving home for a bit. Next Friday Morning I will be heading out of town. while I will probably weigh in on Thursday morning just so I know what I weighed before I left, there is a part of me that will think, Oh it was a Thursday morning which means it wasn’t a full week so ot doesn’t really count.

I know that’s silly. You know that is silly, it is after all only one day. But in the back f my brain I know that is what I will think. So I am extra glad that this official Friday morning weigh in was less than last Friday’s official weekly Weigh in. If that makes sense. It makes me feel good that I consistently lost a little bit of weight each week even though this entire month has been insane. It is a great mental boost and honestly that mental boost means more to me than the 0.2 lbs of actual loss.

I know that sounds strange but even though there is a a lot of physical effort that goes into weight loss a lot of it is a mental game. You have to incorporate new activities and adjust your way of thinking so the effort becomes both habit and something you view as ‘worth it’ even on days when the scale isn’t moving. This may be a small weight loss but it is a huge mental win for me. It is also nice knowing that i will be leaving home consistently losing weight for a few weeks in a row. And for my head space, that is priceless.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 219.4 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 219.2 lbs

Lost this Week: 0.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 26.8 lbs

And so we continue forward. I’ll check in next Thursday with my weight just so that I know what it is before I leave. But right now, I am feeling pretty good about where things stand. My goal was to hold my own while I tried to keep the world from going off the rails and I ended up losing a little bit of weight as well. Not too shabby.

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Weekly Weight: 219.4 lbs

And so back to the scale we go. I have to say i was pleasantly surprised by the scale this morning. At the moment as you know things are a little odd. I am working a little extra so that I can take some time off to help out my mom so fitness is a bit up in the air. The only thing that has been keeping me on track has been keeping a food journal so even when I decide that I want to indulge in some comfort foods i can at least control how much I am indulging and sort of monitor that.

I have to say one of the other things that has kept me on track has been Lifesaver’s peppermint candies. I have a jar on my desk and they have been amazing at keeping stress snacking at bay. These are the hard mints. For me, I love peppermint so the flavor is good. Also the peppermint makes me think of having fresh breath and that makes me less inclined to snack, sort of like you don’t want to drink a glass of orange juice right after brushing your teeth. It’s that kind of mental beat in my head which helps control the snacking. Plus these are the hard mints so I tend to suck on them rather than chomping right through them so my the time I actually finish a mint often the urge to snack has passed or at least dimmed greatly. The mints themselves are 15 calories which isn’t bad at all.

I’m sure any low calorie mint will do, I just happen to like the Lifesaver Peppermints. There is no sponsorship. Although I go through enough of them that it looks like there is. I keep a glass jar full of them on the end of my desk. Which kind of helps to. If the urge to snack is really strong I can just reach in and take out a hand full and set the hand full on my desk to slowly work through. Have of the time most of the hand full will go back into the jar but there is something that just feels down right decadent to just pick up a hand full of candy out of a jar. And sometimes that helps to. So shall we look at the stats?

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 220.2 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 219.4 lbs

Lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Lost thus far: 26.6 lbs

So I didn’t go into this week thinking I was going to lose much weight, but in the end I did loos almost a pound. Which does make me happy. After all if I can continue to slowly chip away at my weight with everything else going on, I have high hopes that I can continue through anything.

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