Weekly Weight: 212.6 lbs

No my darlings, you aren’t seeing things. That weight is exactly the same as last week. It is frustrating. I did really well with diet and exercise this week and then Wednesday we switched up the meal plans. My babydoll has dental surgery on this coming Tuesday and his way of dealing with the nerves is to focus on eating everything that he thinks he won’t be able to chew for about a week after the surgery.

I don’t know if he feels he will starve the week after his surgery but as a result foods that we don’t normally eat except for every once in a while have been creeping in this week and because he was starting to get crazy eyed I told him we could do whatever he wanted for meals until his surgery. The crazy eyes stopped, but the food has gotten a bit indulgent.

I have been trying to keep my portions slim. Which is surprisingly easy as many of the foods he craves aren’t ones I really want to eat a lot of. But even small portions are caloric. And while my exercises have been good, I don’t think I’m burning as many calories as I do when I walk through the park. It is still flooded.

I suppose I could look at it as I did enough and exercised enough portion control not to gain anything. But it doesn’t feel like much of a win. I know, it is temporary, and a bit out of my control. I am controlling what I can and just have to accept that I don’t in fact run the universe. I wonder if that means I have to give the intergalactic crown back?

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 212.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 212.6 lbs

Lost this week 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 33.4 lbs

So today is a steady as she goes day. No wins, and no losses. Not what I hoped for, but completely understandable and not the end of the world.


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Weekly Weight: 212.8 lbs

Good morning my darlings. I know I shouldn’t get so excited by a number on the scale but I’ll admit, I did a little happy dance today. I know it isn’t a full pound down, but every time I see 213 I remember being stuck there for a really long time so anytime i see a number lower, I am happy. And As my weight was in the 212 range just before the holidays started I have now officially lost all of the weight I put on during the holidays this year.

That in itself deserves a happy dance.

I should also point out that in general I feel pretty good. Which is a better indicator than the scale. I got my exercises in but didn’t over do it. I monitored what I ate but didn’t skimp on my means so that I felt like I was starving.

I will admit that because I took on a couple of large scale projects recently my work load has increased so I have been a little tired. But i think I have now adjusted the schedule a bit and am getting back on track. It was just one of those weeks where the schedule isn’t really set so everything is adjusting to a new position. I ended up working a little late pretty much every night this week, but i think now I have figured out a system that works a lot better than I thought it was going to. I honestly didn’t think that one of these projects was going to be as time consuming as it is turning out to be. Hopefully that to will settle down. And at least that is a short term project, so even if the crazy lasts, then I only have a few weeks of the crazy.

So over all, a little tired going into Friday, but feeling good about keeping on track with both my diet and exercise. I’d have to term this a pretty good week.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 213.6 lbs

This week’s Weight: 212.8 lbs

Lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Lost over all: 33.2 lbs

And so we go into Friday feeling just a little bit lighter and very pleased with the way this week has worked out. I hope that you have a lovely Friday and roll into a fantastic weekend.

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Weekly Weight: 213.6 lbs

Good morning my darlings. I have to say even though the loss this week wasn’t as great as I hoped for, I am just glad that the weight went down. I had a nightmare about it being stuck in the same spot even though I made changes. Luckily the sale is back on it’s down ward trajectory.

This week I concentrated on getting my exercise in but not overdoing it. It is a strange line. I like the thought of expelling more calories causes more weight loss but there is a limit. If i don’t eat enough my body just goes into lock down and refuses to let the scale budge an inch. It is quite frustrating.

It is also a lesson in balance. And one I thought i learned a long time ago, but apparently you can never stop learning the same lesson. I’m sure there is some sort of parable written about that, but instead I am just going to say that I have once again learned the lesson. I exercised moderation this week and once again the scale is moving. It wasn’t enough movement to earn a happy dance, but it did make me happy.

Do you know what also made me happy? Having those video workouts lined up and waiting. As expected Wednesday night the skies opened up and it really hasn’t stopped raining since. The low lying areas have flash flood warnings going out once an hour so I suspect that even if I wanted to walk, the park is going to be flooded for at least a few days after the rains stop.

But I had those videos lined up and waiting.

That did get a morning happy dance. Two thumbs up for thinking ahead and planning. Woo hoo for me and my bad weather work out.

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 214.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 213.6 lbs

Lost this week: 0.4 lbs

Lost over all: 32.4 lbs

And so the chipping away of the weight continues. The progress is slow but for the most part steady. And it encourages me to keep going. I know it is a back and forth process and if any of you are going on your own weight loss journey, I hope you remember to be kind to yourself and to celebrate even the smallest of achievements. Because taking care of yourself is always a worthwhile effort.

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Weekly Weigh In: 214.0 lbs

Some of you may be looking at that number and think, that seems awfully familiar. Well, that is because it is the same as last week. This week was a lesson in moderation. At the beginning of the week I went into my walks guns blazing. After a week of no sunlight and bad weather conditions we had beautiful walking weather, sunshine and fifty degree temps.

It was glorious.

And so I walked, a lot. On Monday and Tuesday. Which is why Wednesday and Thursday I felt sore and stiff and was disinclined to move much of anywhere. I justified skipping walks on Wednesday because I had a bunch of errands I had been putting off. So I just let that take my walking time. Thursday I didn’t really have much of an excuse, I just didn’t walk. I could claim work, because it was a busy day, but really, I worked myself out on Monday and Tuesday.

Anything else is just an excuse.

And I think that is something to watch out for, because it shows. I know that regular consistent exercise chips away slowly at my excess weight and that overdoing it a few days a week and collapsing the rest doesn’t help. I think it was because exercise was so absent for an entire week that I just went bonkers. It is a good reason to have that workout set up for indoors on bad weather days. That way I can still get my workouts in on days where I am not leaving the house and not feel the need to over do it when I can actually get out of the house. And this may sound familiar to you, because I’ve said it before. It’s because I know it. Sometimes I need the reminder.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 214.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 214.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost over all: 32. 0 lbs

I have to say seeing the starting weight with my current weight does give me a little hope. I means that even though today there was little progress, I am inching along. It has been a one step forward one step back sort of thing, but still progress has been made and will continue to be made. Even if this week I forgot myself. It is encouraging to see that I am not where I started off.

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Weekly Weight: 214.0 lbs

I’ll admit, the 0.2 lbs loss isn’t that exciting. However, it is a loss and this week, that is kind of a surprise to see. We started off the week with snow and ice where walking was not only not fun, but slippery and slightly dangerous. There was one day where the weather cooperated and worked out well. On that day I got a double walk in.

Then the snow and rain returned and the walking trail was no longer fit for use.

It is the curse of having the majority of my exercise as an outdoor activity. Somedays, the outdoors don’t cooperate. So this weekend I am going to be sitting down and coming up with an indoor exercise plan. At the moment I don’t actually have one. I basically plan to walk on the walking trail and then have to scramble to find an indoor workout when the weather shuts my plan down.

And to be honest, when the weather is bad I often forget to set up an indoor workout and just go back to my desk. Lord, knows there is always something that could use a little extra time and attention. I generally remember that i skipped the indoor workout when I am brushing my teeth before bed.

Which isn’t helpful.

So I think I am going to set up an indoor workout schedule that I can do as a routine. I think if I make it a habit two to three times a week, and then add the walk when the weather approves, I will be on a better track. I would love to go back to the gym, but at this point in time, I just don’t trust the gym. There are too many people not wiping down their machines after use and too high of an infection rate in my area. But I need to stop letting that be an excuse to skip workouts. During lockdown I built up my home equipment. It is time to put it back into use.

I really think that for me, the routine scheduling is the key. If it is routine, it goes on the calendar and needs to be checked off. Waiting and seeing, just means it often gets forgotten. I know this about myself. I just need to sit down and do it.

The stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 214.2 lbs

This week’s weight 214.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Lost over all: 32 lbs

So my darlings, this weekend we plan and then we schedule. Workouts go on the calendar so that they will get done.

Weekly Weight: 214.2 lbs

I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning. To be honest, I was just hoping to hold my own. With the weather flipping from warm to cold, snow, ice and a seasonal cold appearing and keeping me from walking, my thoughts when stepping onto the scale this week was just to hope not to have gained.

A loss was thrilling and very unexpected. I’ll admit, I got off the scale, let it zero out, and then stepped back on it to double check. The measurements stayed the same. I know, the world does not revolve around the number on the scale, but it is nice to see positive progress. It makes the effort seem worth while.

I also think the long walks of Wednesday and Thursday helped as well. when the weather and my sinuses cleared, I went on longer than average walks. To be fair, those were less about getting my exercise in and more about stretching my legs and getting some fresh air into my lungs. I’ve noticed that as I have switched more towards the walking trail and less towards the gym, when I have a long stretch of time inside without walking I feel cooped up.

I also get a bit fidgety because i am used to simply moving more now, but even when I use the weights and work out indoors, I find I really miss that out door time in the fresh air. I think it was less of a problem in other months as even when the weather was bad i still had to deal with various garden chores so there was not a lot of days with no time spent out doors.

I t just wasn’t anything I actually expected to happen.

Although, it is just one more item on the list that I didn’t expect to have happen when I started to exercise. I really need to put together a post listing the top ten things I didn’t realize incorporating regular exercise would do. Perhaps i will work on that over the weekend. For now, I will just say I was pleasantly surprised by this week’s loss.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 215.4 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 214.2 lbs

Lost this week: 1.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 31.8 lbs

And so we press onward into Friday and beyond. They are predicting rain later tonight so today, there will definitely be at least one long walk.

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Weekly Weight: 215.4 lbs

The Scale: January 7th, 2022

Good morning my darlings. What a mess it is out there. Most of the world looks like it has been encased in glass. And honestly the afternoon doesn’t look like it is going to get much better. Yesterday’s power was spotty almost as if the powerlines were sending out Morse code messages. Twenty minutes out equals a dot and forty minutes out is a dash.

I am not fluent enough in Morse Code to know exactly what was being said but I like to think a rough interpretation would be: Help, this Ice is too heavy for me to carry.

We ended up losing power for a few hours sometime in the night, but it was back on in the morning and all the clocks were flashing at us. I think it may be the first time all of our clocks were showing the exact same time.

But you didn’t tune in for the weather report, you came for the weight report. The first of the new year. If you have been following along then you know that I took December off from the scale. It was a gift to myself and a kindness to others. While I didn’t plan to go completely bonkers, I wasn’t going to let concerns over my calorie count dominate the holidays. I was going to enjoy being with friends and family and let the weight take a back seat. Especially as celebrations were less through video cameras this year than last.

Over all I did fairly well. My last weight post with the scale in November was 212.0 so there was a bit of a gain over the holidays, but it wasn’t too devastatingly bad. And to be fair, the treats I did indulge in, were the sorts of treats that only come around once a year. They aren’t everyday things. I think that was my biggest fear. That I would use the rich holiday foods to start indulging in everyday items. You know the sort of thing…

After a wedge of that baked brie with apricot jam, surely a candy bar won’t actually matter.

But I am happy to say that didn’t happen. I stuck to small portions of the special holiday treats and did not let them lead me to indulgences that are available year round. I’m not saying that a wheel of brie coated in apricot jam and then wrapped in prosciutto and puff pastry is in any way diet food (which is why there was a gain over the holidays) but it isn’t something I typically make on a Wednesday evening either.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having it more often because it is delicious. I just know I shouldn’t. So we are starting fresh with the stats. while I will still list my original starting weight as a reminder (and encouragement), today’s weight is where we start off 2022.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

This week’s weight (and the start of 2022): 215.4 lbs

While I am happy with the healthier aspects I’ve built into my life and understand that stress and elements well beyond my control took a toll on my weight loss plans, I feel that I now have a better handle on things. And I have a good feeling about this year’s weight loss. I look forward to chipping away at that number and hope to see a significantly smaller one at the end of this year. More important than the number though, I’ve figured out what I need to be healthy and happy, and that, more than the number on the scale, is my ultimate goal.

Weekly Weight: No Scale December rolls on…

This week was again a no scale week.  I am kind of relieved by it this week.  The weekend was filled with extra goodies and while I did manage to hold myself in check, it was the cold that got to me.  In many cases social distancing meant bundling up and spending more time outside because there was space and fresh air and no one was cooped up in someone else’s house. 

Which makes sense. 

It also made the warm foods so much more appealing.  In fact no one really had any sort of raw veg out for snacking as everyone more or less assumed it was going to be too cold for anyone to want it.  Which it was.  I limited myself mostly to one or two treats and stuck with a warm beverage for the evening. 

I also tried to place myself near the space heaters as I do not enjoy being cold. 

But that didn’t actually add any calories. 

Don’t worry, I shared the heat.

This week I may have gone a little overboard on the walking as it was a way to make up for the excess calories I took in.  Plus, I tried to make up for a lot of not working out last week due to the heavy rains that came through.  In the end, I think it balanced.  I am looking forward to the quiet weekend this weekend. 

Everyone got in their pre Christmas parties last weekend because soon everyone will be traveling to various homes elsewhere. It is the week after Christmas as everyone builds up to New Years that always get me.  But I feel fairly confident having survived most of the pre-Christmas gatherings.  I’m not sure how it will all shake out come New Years, but for now, I am content with my calories in, calories out equation.  I enjoyed treats, but didn’t go completely crazy. Which is exactly how I wanted to enjoy the holiday this year.

Weekly Weight: The December break from the Scale continues

Good morning my darlings. I have to say this week, I felt a little less thrilled by the break from the scale. It was a little scary. The scale is sort of my safety net as well as my so-often nemesis. Knowing I have to get on the scale helps me remember that I need to watch what I eat. So it was a little scary this week to be without it.

This week was filled with bursts of rain. And while I tried to make up for the lack of walking with indoor workouts, I always feel like I burn less with those. They are more about muscle tone. I know I do burn some, but I always worry about the balance. And of course the social gatherings started up. There were two this week and one that is tonight.

The ones earlier in the week were simply drinks with a few snacks. I had a glass of wine and some crackers with Hummus at one and a Gin and Tonic and a couple of marinated olives at the other. All told it was pretty easy to stick to one drink and to limit my intake. They weren’t terribly lengthy gatherings and everyone was well aware there was work in the morning so no one really over indulged.

Tonight is going to be the interesting one as it is a Friday night so no one has to really be anywhere in the morning and everyone will be staying later. Plus there will be way more food. I’m sticking to my plan of enjoying small amounts of things that I don’t see any other time of the year and avoiding the things like chips and such that are available year round.

But mostly I am going to just enjoy spending time with friends.

I know, I talked a lot about letting go and enjoying myself, but it is proving a little harder than I thought. Even when I am not stepping on the scale, the thought of it lingers in the back of the mind. This is my first real test with the limited indulgence plan for the holidays. Fingers crossed that it works. wish me luck.

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Weekly Weight: The December Break, December 3rd, 2021

I believe I mentioned this just before taking off for Thanksgiving, but I am going scale free this holiday season. That’s right. it is my gift to myself. There will still be walking and monitoring the food I take in to make certain I don’t overdo it. When I have my regular meals at home I will log the foods in and keep track of calories as normal.

However there will be no scale.

Part of that is because there are so many gatherings and special events this month that my actual meal plan is more or less only about half of the food that I will consume this month. egular meals will be skipped and canapes served, both by me and by other people.

Yes, I will try not to go over board with the holiday treats, but I am not going to go to a friends house and ask them how many calories are in their homemade eggnog. Partially because if you are drinking homemade eggnog then you should really either just enjoy it and not worry about it or skip it all together.

Just know it is highly caloric, have one glass and don’t go back for five additional ones.

Admittedly with the eggnog my friends make, three eggnogs would have you spinning. They are a bit potent. Delicious, but my decision to stick to only one isn’t solely calorie based. While this is the season of joy and celebration it is also the season where a little bit of personal restraint isn’t a bad thing.

This season I will be practicing some restraint, but enjoying myself as I spend time with those I love. Having to get on the scale would just add a layer of stress that I think I can do without this year, so I am.

It is part of my, ‘treat myself with some of the kindness I generally reserve for other people’ program for the new year. I know, I still need to work on my titles. But the theme is there as is the intent. I think that sometimes I can be too hard on myself. I’m sure several of you out there suffer from the same thing. It seems to be quite common. So This year I am going to remember that I sometimes deserve a little kindness too and give myself a break.

As for fitness. This week I had only one missed day of walking. It was the first of the month when everyone seemed to realize the end of the year was almost neigh and there were projects to complete. The following day, I made up for the lack with an extra walk slipped into the day. So even without the scale I feel relatively balanced and good about what I accomplished. And as the end goal of my weight loss is more to feel good in my skin than to hit an actual number, I am pretty happy with that assessment.

i will say though, it was really hard not to get on the scale this morning. Habit, and sheer perversity made me want to step on it even though I knew it wasn’t part of the plan. I think that for the rest of the month i may take the scale out of the bathroom and slide it under the bed. It may be less of a temptation that way.

for now, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself and I’m ready to tackle whatever Friday holds and ease myself into the weekend. I hope you have a fantastic one yourself.

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