Weekly Weight: 221.2 lbs

The Scale August 12th, 2022

Ah the scale, welcome back my old Frenemy. Last week I took a break because of illness. This week I have to admit I was more curious than fearful of what the scale would tell me. There were days where I didn’t eat much at all (or slept through meals entirely) and then as I felt better there were intense food cravings. Mostly due to skipped meals.

I had a very deep craving for protein actually. Eggs specifically. Eggs were my best-est of friends this week. As for fitness, that wasn’t really much of an option. On Wednesday I managed a short 20 minute walk just to get my body moving again.

It felt amazingly good to get moving again, but towards the end of the 20 minutes I began thinking I should have cut it off at 15. Thursday downpours kept me from repeating the experiment and the rains that started Thursday morning have yet to actually stop so I suspect today might be a wash out as well as far as walking is concerned. I did try a little yoga and I started to use the ab wheel. The problem is that bending over still gets me out of breath and light headed.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, I am in that weird stage where I am feeling better and ready to get back to normal but my body isn’t quite up to it yet. I know pushing it won’t help so I am trying to remind myself of that, but it is difficult. I’m hoping that with a quiet resting weekend this weekend I will be able to start edging back into regular workouts on Monday. Maybe shortened a little still, but more regular. If only because I am starting to get that twitchy I haven’t moved feeling.

The Stats

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last weigh in: 221.8 lbs

This week’s Weight: 221.4 lbs

Lost this week: 0.6 lbs

Lost thus far: 24.8 lbs

And so we move forward. Slowly, but forward. This weekend I am going to remind myself I still need rest and I am going to pull up a streaming site and find something to just completely binge out on. I know that Paramount + just put a whole bunch of Star Treks up so this might be the the weekend to binge out on that. I can go where no man has gone before, without actually leaving the couch. I just have to remember that rest now makes Monday that much closer to normal and ignore the fidgety stage of recovery.

First Use of the New Balance Ab Wheel

I fully admit that I have an odd fascination with random workout tools. I think it comes from a childhood where things like the Thigh Master and the rowing exerciser. Both still disturbingly on sale on etsy and e-bay, I checked. I actually broke my toe with the rowing exerciser. I wanted to see how far the spring would stretch then I lost my grip on the slick handles. I smacked myself in the face and the handle whapped my toe (I was barefoot). It was not a good day.

The fascination remains, although now I actually read instructions.

I have however heard good things about these ab wheels and heard no stories of tow breakage. I was looking into picking one up to try, mostly because I need to do some work on my mid section instead of simply walking for my workouts and I can usually count on myself to give any new thing at least thirty days to see if it does anything. Then I ended up getting the Fab Fit Fun Box (I used my referral link for this so I think I get some kind of store credit if you use it. If that bothers you no worries, just goggle it instead of using the link) and this New Balance Ab Wheel was one of the items. I selected it.

the three exercises

It was easy to assemble and I have to be honest, it looked a bit like a toy. Still I was glad that the handles are textured for a more secure grip and since it was here, I figured I would give it a try. Like skincare exercise tools aren’t magic, so even though I did give it a first try i know I have to commit to using it for a month before I see any results. So this is just a first impression of the work out and a recording of measurements before the month begins.

The first think i noticed was that the wheel didn’t really like rolling on carpet. It didn’t roll smoothly and was hard to control. So I lay down the yoga mat. This worked fabulously well. It provided a smoother surface with no carpet fibers and the slightly textured surface of the yoga matt helped with my control. So I can tell you right away that I will be pairing this with my yoga mat.

The booklet that came with the Ab Wheel has three exercises listed on it so I did one set of each. As I progress maybe I will add in more but one set worked well for a first try. I did notice that Even though I was working my abs while using the tool I was also very firmly gripping those handles. I don’t know why but the first few exercises I sort of felt like it was going to suddenly roll out from under me and then I’d smack my nose into the floor.

textured grip of handle a plus

I didn’t it behaved exactly as it should. My other fear was that as the athletic woman in the photo is much smaller than me, that the tool would not be good with my weight. while the wheel is plastic and the handles rubber, the shaft that runs through the wheels and is covered by the handles is metal. It was easily able to support the weight I put on it for the exercise.

I’ll admit, my focus was on the balance and not injuring myself. Which I managed to do and will hopefully not focus on so much moving forward. The first two exercises were on my knees and went fairly well. The standing workout pose “Pike Roll” took a little bit more time to get used to. And the next morning I felt that one in my calves as well as my abs.

carpet vs. Yoga mat. Go for the yoga mat as its textured surface provides a little grip and you can control it more easily

I did feel the efforts from the day before. The Ab wheel may look like a toy of some sort but my body certainly feels the effects of using it. As I feel the muscle stiffness in the abs where the tool is supposed to work, then I feel I have at least used it appropriately.

And so the month begins. Before I end this post, there are the small matters of the measurements. I figured Waist and Hips would be appropriate so those are the two measurements given for the start of the thirty days with the New Balance Ab Wheel.

Waist: 48 inches

Hips: 50.5 Inches

I suppose we will se if in thirty days wither of those measurements change. Let the trial of the New Balance Ab wheel begin.

The Daily: April 26th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Before I get too far I want to remind everyone that the Giveaway is still going on. It runs until May 6th. This link will take you to the Giveaway post so you can find out how to enter the Earth Day Giveaway.

Today I did the first of the Monday workouts at the gym. The trainer said that the abs are muscles you can work out any time as apparently they don’t need to rest like other parts of your body do. I would like to respectfully differ. My Abs got a fantastic work out today and they have already petitioned me for a rest. Luckily Wednesday is mostly legs and Friday is all about the arms so they have some recovery time. On Friday’s workout my arms were a little sore by the end of the day but Saturday morning they were feeling the burn. I suppose that means things are going well.

This is my first full week under the new routine so I am expecting my internal complaints department will be fielding calls from all parts of the body. I can live with that as it will get better. Nothing on the list is beyond what I can do, it is just not something I routinely do. I liked the arm work out on Friday and I liked the ab workout today so hopefully I will like Wednesday and then I will really be in business. Because if I like a work out well enough to make it a routine, then I am good to go.

And quite frankly I am ready for a little routine in my world. There has been too much unsettled lately. Routine may not be exciting, but it lets you get things done around it.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Marc Jacobs Under Cover Blur-fection Primer

Foundation: Nars All day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Hi Fi Filter

Blush: Nars Blush in Angelika

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

Powder: Nars Pressed powder in Eden

Shadow: Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick in Sandy bay

Mascara Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara

Lips: Cargo Swimmables in Portofino

Today was mostly new Makeup. The Products I have used before were the highlighter, bronzer and foundation. All are among my favorites. All are products I will repeatedly purchase. The NARS pressed powder in Eden is one I have used before and like but I tend to forget I have. The slim black package tends to blend into the shadows. I need to remember to reach for it more though as I really do like it.

The nars Blush in Angelika came in this month’s Boxy Charm and I’ll admit i was a little worried about the shimmer. However once applied to the cheeks it was fine with no shimmer at all. I think it was a bit of an over spray. I like the formula of the blush. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as I like most of Nars products. I don’t actually remember trying a product from them that I didn’t like. Their Velvery stick foundation used to be one of my go-to products before it was discontinued. It is a brand i know I can purchase and have consistent quality.

Marc Jacobs is another brand that i usually do well with. I was a little nervous about the primer because I am not a huge coconut fan. The scent is light though. It isn’t a coconut bomb in your face and it did a really nice jub blurring out my pores. It felt great on the skin and I needed very little to get the product to work. All of those things mean I will be reaching for this prime often.

The Nourishing Mascara probably won’t be making my favorites list any time soon though. It feels good on the lashes and my lashes are darker with the mascara on. It took several layers to get the lashes to a stage where I was happy with them. It was a lot of work for a casual and non dramatic look. After working with them, they looked okay for the day. Given the amount of time i spent dealing with them, they should look spectacular. I think i will use this tube but not repurchase.

this leaves me with the two Swimmables products. I was actually quite impressed with the shadow stick. I applied it on the outer edge of my eye and blended inwards with my finger. If i moved quickly it worked well. But don’t delay, once the shadow stick sets in place it really wants to stay there. I think this light is designed to be waterproof so setting into place seems natural. Today i am wearing it alone to see how it performs. Tomorrow I will start to see how well it plays with others. I’ll use it off and on with different products and next week I’ll gather my results and we’ll talk. For now, I like the color and I like the blendability. So I am please it is in my collection.

The Swimmables lippie is interesting as well. It is a liquid lip and it does dry down so that when you touch a finger to your lips your lips feel dry. After drying I had no issue with lip prints on the coffee mug or water glass. not a single smudge was left behind. However when I roll my lips together they still feel slightly sticky. Not uncomfortable, and even less sticky than a lip gloss, but still slightly sticky. I’m guessing that the stickiness means it never truly dries down so my lips won’t feel parched. I’ll have to check on that at the end of the day. I like the color and hope it too lasts throughout the day. We will have to wait and see for that.

Considering how many new products appeared today, I am surprised that there was only one that was a bit disappointing. Still even the slightly disappointing mascara feels very nourishing on my lashes and that more than lengthening or volumizing is it’s claim to fame. So I can’t be all that disappointed can I? And with that it is back to work for me. Have a great rest of the day everyone.

The Daily: March 29th, 2021

Today has been a bit of a head down and get things done kind of day. The park and walking trail near my house is still flooded, and probably will be for the next few days as it doesn’t look like the rain is going to be wrapping up anytime soon. Sotoday when I went to the gym I did spend some time on the tread mill.

while on the treadmill, I listen to my music, but my eyes can’t help but take in the large line of televisions in front of me. Somehow I always end up using the treadmill in front of one of the infomercial televisions. It has been a while since I’ve used the treadmill at the gym (since I took that year long break from the gym) and the commercials really don’t change. And I always end up thinking that I might actually need a countertop rotisserie.

I don’t. But I always leave the gym thinking…maybe…

So I suppose that means the commercials work. Or at least partially work since I always think about them, but never buy because i know I don’t need. Even if I do love rotisserie chicken.

It is yummy.

But that is not the point, the point is that I managed to get my workout in despite the flooding of the park. I feel really good about that as I was a complete lump all weekend. I have to say I very much enjoyed being a lump. It was quite nice. I think the only productive thing I did was try and wiggle around my scheduling so I can add the gym time in without destroying the whole work day and then having to spend extra time working late. I think I have a system that will work.

At least it worked today. Hopefully it will work for the rest of the week and beyond. I’ve got my fingers crossed on that one. well i suppose I did two things. I also trimmed my bangs. As always i went a bit short on them and now am really wanting them to grow out again. Don’t worry a stylist is on my list of people to see soon. The trim also reminds me I need to set aside some time to deal with those eyebrows.

The look

Primer: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer

Foundation Wander Beauty Nude Illusions Liquid foundation

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Hi-Fi Instamarc Filter

Powder: Elf HD loose setting powder and No 7 Perfect Light Pressed powder

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur in Mauve Sunrise

Highlighter: Nomad Cosmetics Illuminated Highlighting powder in Stockholm

Eyeshadow: Cargo Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette and Ciate London eye luster in Cupid

Mascara: Ciate Wonderwand Mascara

Lips Wet ‘n Wild in Cinnamon spice

This was an interesting mix of products.  Some like the Marc Jacobs I have loved for a long time and some like the Wet’n Wild Megalast lipstick and the Clarins Instant Smooth Primer are new favorites that I find myself reaching for more and more often. I have to say I really like the mega last lipstick. It is slightly drying so I usually add a lip balm over it, but the color really lasts.

The Wander Beauty Nude Illusions Foundation I don’t reach for a whole lot.  For one thing it is one shade too light for me.  However, that is workable and it is a good enough foundation that I am more than willing to work with it.  What generally stops me from reaching for it is the doe foot applicator.  It is so tightly in the tube in an effort to keep the product fresh that when it is pulled out, droplets of foundation spray out with the doe foot.  I am forever getting drops of foundation everywhere.  Sometimes it is on the dressing table and sometimes it is on whatever shirt I am wearing so I have to change clothes before I can leave again. It is the one thing that keeps me from reaching for the foundation a lot more.  Still once the foundation is on, it looks great and it wears well.  So I will use it, I just have to make an effort, and remember a drop cloth.

The Cargo Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette is one I also almost never reach for.  The shadows are good, but it is kind of boring.  The black works really well without streaking or going patchy and the gray in the center is fantastically pigmented.  These are the two shadows that made me keep it during my last declutter.  Today I reached for it mostly because I wanted to test out the Ciate Eye luster which is a liquid eyeshadow. 

I don’t have a lot of experience with liquid eyeshadows so perhaps I was doing something wrong with this one.  It applied well with the want but there was no blending of any sort.  If I tried touching it with a fingertip to blend, it stuck to my finger and pulled off of the eyelid. If I blinked when it was still wet then I ended up with streaks.  I really like the color though and I like how it looked when I did get it to sort of work.  I think I am going to have to play around with it a bit to figure out how I feel about it, but it is definitely not a product you can just pick up and use with no issues.  At least I can’t.  I am going to need to find a tutorial. I’ll have to play around with it and get back to you.

In contrast the Ciate Wonderwand Mascara performed easily and flawlessly.  I really like this mascara and am sad that my sample sized tube is almost empty.  Since there is so little left, I may just go ahead and use it all week to see if I can just use it up.  The mascara is one I will buy again, but I have several others I want to try as well.  I need to use up the ones I’ve got open and then rotate in some of the new items before I place an order, but rest assured at some point a full size of this mascara will be mine.

I was also very impressed by the Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter.  I knew I love their eyeshadow formula but I always forget about the highlighters.  I will definitely have to reach for the two that I have more often. It was an interesting collection of products today and I have to say I really like being able to choose my products on a daily basis. There will be a few I will use repeatedly as I try out the new products but I really like seeing how I feel about the day before I decide what to put on my face.

I do actually have a new foundation coming though. I was in Target and picked up the No 7 Lift and Luminate Serum Foundation to try out. I’ll be starting with that tomorrow and wearing it all week and into next week to get a feel for it and then next week I’ll be writing up the review. So you guys get to see my wear test as I work through it. I know I wasn’t going to purchase any more foundations for a while but then I looked at my foundation drawer and realized that most of the foundations I have are really tinted moisturizers. While great for everyday wear at my desk I really wanted to look at more actual foundations. And so I picked up the No. 7. Their powder is one of my favorite formulas so now I think it is time to give their foundation a try. So stay tuned.


The Daily: February 8th, 2021

Happy Monday my darlings. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We spent the weekend painting the bedroom at our house. Oddly painting wasn’t the largest part of actually painting the room. We had to clear out the furniture, tape the woodwork and make sure the drop cloths protected all of the wooden floor. And of course mixed in was the dusting, because tape won’t stick to dusty wood trim.

So dust was banished and both my baby and I ended up getting a little stuffy and running the air purifier for most of the weekend. And realized that soon we will need to replace our air purifier.

But that is another story.

Three walls are light blue and one is dark blue

Once clean, we painted. I’m pretty certain that if you wanted a workout that concentrated on you shoulders and your upper thighs painting would be it. Yo stretch with the roller, you squat to get the lower part of the wall. You climb the ladder and then stretch to get the upper part of the wall. It was quite the workout.

And of course at the end of it we realized there were a couple of spots where the paint slipped through or around the tape barricade and so we have to do some touch up work. Of course we also found out we didn’t have any paint in the color of our trim so that will have to wait. But our bed frame should be in later this week and the rug to go under the bed has been ordered as well. I went to order the curtains we agreed on and they are now out of stock. So a new selection process will take place soon. And nightstands are an ongoing debate. But slowly the room is taking shape. I am really happy with the way the paint turned out, even it does need some touch ups.

But despite the weekend painting workout, I got up this morning and did my regular work out (The Week 1 Workout that I posted earlier today because I forgot to put it up on Sunday) and because the weather was nice I went on a walk so I managed to get both parts of my workout in today. I’m also sitting pretty good with my calories right now, although I don’t know how long that will last as both my mom and my babydoll’s mom seem intent on sending us boxes of treats. I’m not entirely certain why as they have never sent treats on Valentine’s day before. They have both said it is because we can’t make it home, but we have never gone home for valentine’s day. Thanksgiving and Christmas yea, just not valentine’s day. I think it may be because of all the other accumulated missed holidays adding up. either way we are chock-a-block full of treats. Luckily sweets aren’t usually my big downfall so hopefully I will resist. Still right now, I am on track with calories and workout and I am hoping to stay there.

Challans de Paris

The Daily: December 8th, 2020

Well this morning I may have shot the alarm clock a dirty look, but i managed to get myself out of bed. It actually wasn’t that bad. My new container of Hum Sleep gummies came in so I took them last night (I’ve been out for about a week). As a consequence I managed to actually sleep fairly well last night.

In case you are wondering the gummies don’t actually knock you out like a sleeping pill they just help to sort of calm you down before sleep so that you actually can quiet your mind more easily and drift off. Because that is one of my problems. My brain doesn’t want to shut down enough to let me get to sleep. There is always something to keep it occupied. So for me, the gummies help. Plus any time I’ve tried regular sleeping pills I end up sleep walking.

But the point is that I got a decent night’s sleep so despite the dirty looks I got up on time AND because I not only laid out my clothes for my work out,but also lined up my you tube work out programs for the morning the night before, I was actually prepared.

That’s right my darlings, I conquered the morning!

At least this morning anyway.

This morning featured Chloe Ting and the Full Body No jumping Workout to burn Fat which was a little over sixteen minutes followed by the 10 Min Morning Routine to Burn Belly Fat | No Jumping also by Chloe Ting which ran a little over ten minutes. What can i say? It was a Chloe Ting morning.

I like her workouts actually, even though i complain about them. They are short enough that once I start them I feel foolish for stopping so I complete them. Plus I can also decide how many I actually want to do and what area I want to target. and I don’t need a lot of equipment. Key for at hime workouts.

I was sweating and limber by the time I was done and I’ll admit it, thinking mean things about perky people in general. I couldn’t say them as the workout took my concentration and breath. which means it was a good workout. Which made me feel both virtuous and oddly more grumpy. I put an extra tablespoon of creamer in my coffee because of it. And yes the 30 extra calories did make me feel better.

Lets face it, I am never going to be eager to exercise. I love walking, but the gym (and workouts) will always be a chore, not a delight.

Still I needed to do it and i did. I also got a long walk in because the weather cleared up around mid day.

And despite the extra tablespoon of creamer, I did stay within my calories. Tonight is cauliflower curry so as long as I measure my rice I will be fine.

I’ve also decided to start implementing my personal rewards program. I used to give myself a reward for every ten pounds lost, but then I stopped. I think my weight loss stalled so I didn’t get the rewards and then i forgot about my personal incentive plan. So I am reinstituting it so that it will help motivate me. My next reward will be at ten more pounds down. Since my last weigh in was 216.2 my ten pound mark will be 206. When I reach 206 I can order a perfume from Sobelia. It is a company that specializes in perfumes at a discount. The purchase of full perfumes of samples I’ve enjoyed keeps getting postponed so I figure this will let me go through the list and actually order one I really want and know I will wear as well as motivate me. So on with the scented motivation. I know it is bribery, but it works.

I’ve linked both the Sobelia site and the Hum Nutrition below. One got me out of bed this morning and one is motivating me to keep working out. So it seemed like a good tag team. At the moment both have discount deals going that you might want to check out.

The Daily: December 7th, 2020

I will say that one thing walking in the cold does is that it slaps the sleepiness right out of you. This morning was cold and drizzly and while I did sleep through my alarm, I did get up in time to do a brief 20 minute Yoga routine.

I didn’t have a video loaded so I set a timer and made it up as I went. I’m sure no professional would be impressed, but I kept moving for the entire twenty minutes and at the end I was sweaty with my limbs all warmed up. Admittedly anytime I had to stop and think of a new move to add to the routine I did arm circles. My arms are not happy with me, but I did technically keep moving the entire time.

This afternoon I just needed a break from the computer and while it was over cast there was no actual rain / sleet coming down so I thought I’d risk it. The walk was cold, but relatively dry. I doubt it is going to stay that way for long. The entire time i was walking it felt like the sky was sinking lower and lower.

Snow is predicted tonight and I am pretty sure we are going to get it.

But I did learn my lesson, so tonight I am going to set up my workout playlist so that tomorrow morning I don’t have to think, I just have to hit play. I’ll also set out my work out clothes to put on right away. I did remember to do that last night and I think that was my one saving grace this morning. I put on the clothes I laid out without thinking about it and then realized I was dressed for a workout so I might as well do one. So I did. I think if I started in any other clothes i would have just skipped the yoga.

So it was a fashion victory as well as a fitness one. do you think I can get points for that and if so, can i stock pile them to help pay off the fashion police when my workout clothes look less than stellar? I noticed that while I replace my shirts routinely several of my leggings and yoga pants are looking a little worse for the wear. I don’t replace them as often as I do the shirts. Perhaps I should pop onto crate joy and see if I can find a subscription for workout clothes when I look at renewing my Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip balm subscription. You know, before the fashion police issue me a citation.

Oh well, at least I remembered to wear my hat on my walk today so my ears don’t feel like they are about to fall off the side of my head. That’s something right?

The Daily: November 12th, 2020

Rainy and cold with a side of broken blister. That’s about my day. However I will say that I am really thankful that I picked up some home gym equipment. i know that sounds strange to say, but I had a lengthy call with my mother last night where she was listing all the things she is thankful for even though everyone couldn’t gather this year.

I think because Veteran’s day is generally when we all start planning the holiday gatherings (who is hosting vs. traveling, who is bringing what food item, who is no longer eating a certain food, either because they are trying a new diet or because a doctor has forbidden it , and so on) that it kind of hit home that there weren’t going to be the typical family gatherings this year.On the plus side I didn’t have to memorize a list of taboo topics.

Those are always interesting pit falls. There are the typical – Just don’t mention the divorce – kinds of warnings but every year there is always something that is just bonkers that gets mentioned. It’s one of those things you don’t really understand as bonkers until someone else points it out, because it is something that always happens. The first time my babydoll and I went to spend a holiday with my family he pointed this out to me.

Last year the bonkers one was – Don’t mention rabbits , I’ll explain later.

I never did get the explanation. I’m sure there is a story behind it, i just never learned what it was. Which is sort of what happens half the time. I’ll ask my Mom about that and she’ll laugh and say. ‘Oh it was just something that happened, best not to bring it up. You didn’t mention it did you?’

And then I swear I didn’t and ask again for an explanation. If no one interrupts, I get one. If someone stops the conversation i never do. I’d think she makes them up, but when pressed there is always an actual explanation. Pinning her down is hard though.

Anyway, no bonkers warnings this year.

Kind of sad about it actually.

But there was the laundry list of what she is thankful for. So the lingo stuck in my head. And on this cold and rainy day where my blistered foot shouldn’t be walking, I am glad for my ankle weights and kettle bells and yoga mats and yoga ball. I knew winter was coming and in the winter we get most of our rain so my walking trail gets flooded for weeks on end. And I am still not going back to the gym. So home gym building it was. I took advantage of the Prosourcefit sale that was on at the time and stocked up for everything I thought I’d need when the weather reached the point where walking became treacherous. New shoes made that day come earlier. Incidentally Prosourcefit is having a sale right now actually Take 15% off sitewide at ProsourceFit + 15% of profits will be donated to Veterans Yoga Project use code VetD15. The products are quality, the prices reasonable and the cause fantastic. So if you are looking to stock up. I’d check them out.

Sadly I have reached the point where I feel twitchy if I don’t do some form of exercise. So it was me in the sun room with the kettlebells today. Which I suppose is better than Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick. At least it got me moving. And tonight we have barbeque. I put country ribs into a crockpot with homemade sauce and let it simmer on low all day. I know it isn’t a substitute for real barbeque, but my baby doll was giving me the ‘we haven’t had a meat heavy meal in a while’ puppy dog eyes. So meat tastic meal tonight. Salad tomorrow. I also had a hearty (but low cal) veg soup for lunch so I am not starving. As good as the scent wafting through the house is I think I can maintain my portion control. Fingers crossed. Because oh my darlings, that crock pot smells really good.

yoga gear

The Daily: October 13th, 2020

Well I won’t go as far as to call this afternoon sunny, but at least it isn’t raining and the walking path dried up enough that I could actually get a walk in. Yup, the floods receded, leaving scads of dead crawfish and flogs scattered across the walk way. The midges swarmed, the scavengers swooped and I managed to avoid sliding down the hill on my butt as my foot hit a patch of still slick mud.

It was a near thing though.

But I triumphed.

Well I got my walk in anyway.

It is still humid so I returned soaked in my own sweat and smelling vaguely of bad shellfish. Mostly from what the cuffs of my jeans picked up. They (and everything else I was wearing) went straight into the washing machine and i went straight into the shower.

I will say though, it was a nice test for the new deodorant. My stash of Dove powder scented solids finally ran out so I decided to give a new deodorant a try for a while. I tried a natural deodorant from Speak for a while (mostly because it came in my Petit Vour Box) and I really liked it, other than the fact that it came in a can and I had to apply it with my fingers. It performed better than I expected. I know they are planning to have the same product out in a stick form soon and I keep looking out for it, but haven’t seen it yet.

I still had my stash of regular deodorants to get through so I there was no rush. But now I have cleared out my stock pile (there was a two for one sale of two packs around the time the pandemic started causing people to stock up and self isolate so I picked up two two packs) so instead of just replacing as usual, I decided to give the brand Native a try. I picked up the Cucumber and Mint. I wanted to try the seasonal blood orange and clove but it is only available online. If the cucumber and mint turns out okay then I may have to place an order for some backups.

I picked it up last week, but with the rain cancelling most of my walking time it didn’t get a really good workout until today. While the cucumber mint scent fades pretty quickly, when I got back from my walk my underarms were actually less stinky than the rest of my clothes. In a few days, when the scavengers have cleared away the sun aired creek bed smorgasbord I will try again and see how it fares without the external stench to compete with. But so far, so good. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes in case any of you are looking into all natural deodorant. I also saw when at the store they had versions with no plastic as an alternative. so if i do decide this works for me there are plenty of routes to take. which i find fun and fabulous.

Other than the deodorant test it has been pretty quiet. Which is nice. A good solid workday without massive excitement is rather appreciated. i am quite happy to have the most exciting part of the day my deodorant test.I know the quiet won’t last, it never does. So I enjoy it while i can. And I happily got my walk in – fish guts and all. And as a bonus, at least this time, no startled birds dropped any fish on me from above. Once was more than enough for that.

I hope you got whatever sort of day you most needed today as well.

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The Daily: October 8th, 2020

Sleep. Such a beautiful thing. And last night, I managed to find it. So too, apparently did my neighbor. Or if he didn’t then at least his late night driving around the neighborhood was sans radio.

It was bliss.

Actually I was tired enough that I woke up feeling like someone hit me with a brick in the middle of the night. I also woke up in the same position as when I went to sleep, which almost never happens. I think I just conked out.

But I felt a lot better. My walk today did not feel as though my feet were made of lead. Which I consider a bonus for my workouts.

Less appealing was the humidity. The temps may still be low but the humidity went sky high today so I was sweating buckets. I kept telling myself it was good for the skin and that sweating purges toxins. I think I might have tried telling myself I was getting that post exercise glow. That lie didn’t last as I looked in the mirror when I got back to the house. There was no post work out glow. I just looked like a drowned rat.

So I cooled off, took a shower and decided I earned the trip to the drug store to look for replacement e.l.f. foundations. It turned into a bit more of a saga than I anticipated. I struck out at three drug stores and ended up at Target. But I found one of the products I was looking for. I also found out the one I loved has been discontinued. This week I’ll have to see if the new one stacks up against the replacement. They aren’t the same. One was a tinted moisturizer and the other is an acne fighting foundation. The link will take you to it if you want specifics early. I’ll spend some time poking around on the elf site later and see if I missed anything. At the moment elf has free shipping with orders over $15 in case you are looking to shop. I have to say it was really hard not to pick up other products while I was at Target. It is one of my downfalls. I tend to pick up an item when I see it or need it and then when I go onto the site to take advantage of the sales I realize I have already picked up all I wanted. So I’m trying to control the impulse buying and the need for the immediate so that i can just add in my wishlist when I do bulk orders for the holidays. I already know I will be ordering at lest three of the Bite sized palettes this holiday season. Seriously, good eyeshadow for $3, can we say stocking stuffers for thirteen year olds? I think we can.

Its actually amazing. I started adding things up and then I had to call parents to double check my ages because I thought I might have gotten them wrong. There are a surprising number of twelve and thirteen year olds on my list this year. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as everyone starting having kids at the same time. I just didn’t realize that we were entering the land of the teenager.

Fun stuff, and a not to bad day in total. I slept, I walked, I recorded my calories and I am maintaining the stance that I sweated out toxins. I don’t know what those toxins would be but I feel confident I sewated them out. I may not be able to convince myself of the post work out glow thanks to the mirror, but I am sticking with the toxin removal. It makes me feel better about the sweat fest. Now I am off to rehydrate and to finish out the last of my day. Tomorrow morning I am back on the scale and we will see if I managed to take a step forward.

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