Workout Waffle: August 11th, 2020

Yesterday for the first time in two weeks I managed to go on a walk on our walking trail. I was welcomed back by the speedwalking alder man who nodded at me as he quick stepped past and the siberian husky who is required to go on three walks per day despite the heat as his owners help him recover from a leg injury. They both (and the dog’s owner) kept their distance bu the dog got thouroughly wiggly at the sight of me so I know my absence was noted.

I took my walk slow as I figured my tender ankle might balk once I reached the furthest point from home. No medical knowledge there, just Murphy’s Law at work, really. Its the one law I’ve always been able to count on. So I took it at a slow amble, which also helped me in the heat. It made the walk longer but I didn’t feel like a completely melted pile of goo like the wicked witch after Dorothy doused her. I was only half melted like a plastic happy meal toy in a too hot car.

I have to say though, hot as it was, I really enjoyed just walking around outside. It was nice. Even with the mask.

During my little break from walking, I looked over my notes for August to sort of compare them to my current August. Last year, July was a little cooler than this July has been so I was able to walk regularly outside for longer before the heat made the gym a much more attractive prospect. At the moment the gym isn’t an option, and won’t be for a while. I touch far too many machines when I am there for me to feel comfortable there even if the machines are now spaced apart.

So in addition to walking earlier and trying to get some calories burned before the heat rises, I will be looking at establishing my own indoor workout routine/system as I anticipate the arrival of the dog days. I’ll still be using some You tube workouts but I want to get more of a system with the weights I do have so I have sort of a check list to work through. At the gym I always had a set pattern planned before I went in. At home I tend to drift a little and I think I’ve been skimping on some of my workouts. (I can only justify so much because of the ankle) Mostly it is me drifting. So I’m writing up a checklist this week so I can burn the appropriate number of calories.

I don’t know if it will help any of you out there, but once I set it up I can post it and then let you know how closely I stick to it. I think it is going to be a bit of trial and error on my part. But it should be fun-ish in a psycho sort of way. Plus, it will be nice to feel like I have a goal again (outside of work) I feel I’ve been drifting a lot lately as days sort of run into each other. As we approach fall I feel like As summer ends I need to get my ducks in a row. Perhaps it is my inner start of school year bell chiming. Either way, a schedule will soon be posted and the drifting will stop.

And yes I realize this post was sort of drifty too.

Workout Waffle: July 21st, 2020

My three favorite pieces of at home gym equipment (and the foot pump that makes the yoga ball small space friendly. (and yes. there are technically two yoga mats there)

Morning all, things have been interesting here.  I’ve more or less had to give up my walks outside for a little while. Its not totally unexpected, its just a bit early.  Usually the dog days of August hit and drive everyone inside for sanity’s sake.  I noticed it seemed a lot hotter than I remembered from last year, but looking over my notes I saw that I was still walking until the first week of August last year.  This year that’s a no go as we frequently hit triple digits or sit just under them. I have to say there is something I find oddly disturbing about seeing a digital thermometer read 99 degrees. I’m not entirely sure why, 100 is clearly hotter, but 99 manages to bother me more somehow.

My baby checked the weather data for me and surprise, record highs.  We are actually ten degrees warmer where I live than we usually are at this time of year. 

Because clearly that’s what this year needed, a brain melting heat wave.

After all, it’s not like anything else is going on, right?  

So indoor workouts it is, at least until the heat breaks.  So today I’m going to waffle a bit about my three favorite items in my at home workout tool kit. I should probably mention that my house was built in the late 1940s. While it is quite spacious enough for us, there aren’t buckets of extra space.  As a result I have what I like to think of as a moveable gym. It goes where there happens to be space at the moment.

The first element in this set up is my Yoga mat.  Even if your activities aren’t yoga based, I highly recommend getting one.  The first thing it does is it gives you a designated workout space. So what if you had to shift aside the couch to set up your personal gym?  While that mat is down, it is a designated space and makes it feel somehow more official. 

I know that sounds a little strange, but it really is helpful, even if only psychologically.  The mat temporarily transforms the space.  Plus, it is the same mat each workout regardless if you are in the back bedroom, living room or back porch. Using the same mat each time helps signal your brain (or at least mine) that even if this is where you ate popcorn and watched bad horror movies last night (Evil Dead in case you are wondering), now it is the place where you work out.

In addition the mat is textured to keep your feet from slipping and it keeps you from sweating on the carpet.  Which are things I generally like and find helpful during my workout.

My second piece of equipment is a yoga ball.  There are a lot of workouts you can download that use the yoga ball. It is also easily collapsible when you aren’t using it so you can easily get it out of the way if need be.  If you don’t have an electric air mattress pump hanging around your house, I recommend getting the yoga ball with the foot pump.  They look silly, but they are a life saver. I think most of them come with some sort of pump, but double check before you buy. 

I really like the yoga balls because first off, the exercises done with them tend to be low impact so tender joints like knees are protected. and they are great if you are just getting started on a workout plan. Plus, when you start out a workout sitting on a giant rubber ball, it is hard not to think of it as fun.  And seriously, how often as an adult do you get to bounce around with a giant rubberized ball? In a way that isn’t condemned by society at large?

My third item has to be my leg/arm weights.  The ones I’ve got are from ProsourceFit.  They are a soft material that just feels like a bag of sand and has adjustable Velcro straps so you can move them from your ankles to your wrists.  I have size medium in case you were wondering. 

(And no this is not sponsored, I just really like ProsourceFit. If I can’t pick something up in person I tend to order from them so their name comes up a lot when I talk about my equipment. The products are good quality and they last a really long time.  Plus, they are usually on the ball with shipping.  They tend to sell out of stuff because they seem to have a high turnover rate, although they are really good about restocking if they are out of something just wait a few days and check in and it is usually restocked. At least in my experience.  I’ve been eyeing some Kettle bells for a while now as well as a replacement yoga mat – I have two layered because they are both worn out in places and need to be replaced – so I may be placing a new order soon.)

While these are currently my top three items for an at home workout, I am always willing to try new things, so that may change.  Especially as my walks are down to nil until the heat breaks. I suspect this will mean a bump up in my indoor fitness as well as closer attention to my calorie intake. So that is this week’s workout waffle. 

I’ll link Prosource Fit below in case any of you out there are looking to add to your home gym.  It is an affiliate link so if you click and then buy something from them I may receive a small commission, which goes to support this channel. Even if you don’t click the link, I highly recommend checking them out.  Everything I’ve gotten from them has been quality and reasonably priced. Sometimes getting those to lines to intersect isn’t easy, and with work out gear, quality matters. Stay safe out there, or in there as the case may be.

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