A Monday Face Mask with Peter Thomas Roth

I know, I know, it isn’t Friday.  It is Monday. And a gray dreary rainy Monday at that. Still today, I am posting a face mask.  To be specific, today I tried out the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. The reason I am trying out this mask today is because tomorrow starts the Labor Day sale at Peter Thomas Roth and I want to be prepared.  

Last year, I saw the sale but couldn’t remember what I liked and what I didn’t. And as the Peter Thomas Roth products are on the pricy end of the spectrum, I didn’t feel confident enough to fly blind. So I promised myself I would make an effort to test out a few things before the next sale. Thus far I know the Skin to Die for Primer and the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich moisturizer are both on the ‘I really want’ list. Then, I remembered that I had a foil packet of the Pumpkin Enzyme mask that I had yet to try out. 

I know I’m cutting my ‘try before the next Labor day sale’ down to the wire. Hence, the Monday Face Mask.

So what is this mask I am trying on this dreary Monday? 

This powerful, triple-action manual, chemical and enzymatic exfoliating treatment addresses a dull, aging, and congested complexion in three ways: exfoliates with Pumpkin Enzyme, reveals with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and polishes with Aluminum Oxide Crystals. Helps even the appearance of skin tone, smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles and clarify to reveal skin that looks smoother, younger, radiant and revitalized.

Okay, now that sounds like something I’d like.  I know AHA’s are really good chemical exfoliate removing the top layer of skin and firming up the layer below. I can’t honestly say I know what pumpkin does, except make my bathroom smell like autumn. But seriously, masks and exfoliates, two of my favorite products and both combined in one. This says Mimsy all over it.

Well, technically it says Peter all over it, but it is in my bathroom so I claim this mask for France, er… Mimsy. 

Okay, maybe I’m not a sovereign nation just yet.

I opened the packet and was immediately surrounded by the scent of pumpkin.  There is no mistaking this for anything else.  It is pumpkin.  Which I am okay with. Not only is it the first name in the product (and second on the ingredients list right behind water), but after a summer where nearly every other product was coconut scented, it was nice to have a change.  And I like pumpkin.  Oddly enough I’m not a big fan of the pumpkin spiced things that invade every autumn, but this is actual pumpkin.

And on to the face it went. 

I know, the picture doesn’t really show much other than I appear to have a slightly orange cast to my skin. There was enough in the packet to cover my entire face.  There was no product left over.  Whoever measured the amount needed in the packets did a really good job.  The physical part of the exfoliant is extremely finely grained. You can tell it’s there, but is is the texture of superfine sugar.

Yup, the mak is on my face. it makes me look a little orange and wet but nothing more.

One of the reasons I didn’t feel too bad about taking a little masking time today was that this is a mask designed to stay on the face for only 5-7 minutes.

I will say, I can see why.  Almost as soon as it touched my skin I could feel a slight chemical tingle to the mask.  Thinking longer than five minutes might be a bad idea, I set a timer so I wouldn’t accidentally leave it on too long.

Labor Day Super Size SKU Sale – Use code SUPERSIZE from 9/1 – 9/8 11:59 PM ET

Five minutes passed and I returned to the bathroom.  The directions say to wet your face and rub gently for a little but to use the physical exfoliation aspect of the product.  When they say add water, they are not kidding.  The mask more or less dried down like textured spray on a wall.  Without water it wasn’t moving.  So I wet my face, rubbed gently and rinsed off. After patting dry, I had a good look at my skin. 

It looks a little brighter although I suspect for any anti-aging benefits I would have to use it on a consistent basis.  There was enough of an improvement in one use though that I am willing to try.  Quite a few of my blemishes have quieted down. 

This weekend I spent with Peace Out Dots (these have really been a great product to use right now. I am going to have to stock up on more soon. I usually just keep the Peace out dots on my face for occasional use but they have been my weekend clearout product lately so I am stocking up.) on my face trying to bring some of my deeper clogged pores to the surface.  Speaking of which they too are having a labor day sale. I’ll link it just below for those interested. I’ve only tried their acne dots but they do have other products addressing different concerns. I just can’t speak to their use as I haven’t tried them. But the dots are Fabulous.

Peace Out: Labor Day Sale! Get 20% Off Sitewide With Code LDW!

While the dots brought them up, this mask sort of cleared them out. I’m guessing that as the Peace Out brought them to the surface, the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask just cleared them out.

after the mask is washed off.

It’s kind of a nice tag team effort.

Inadvertent, but nice.

Despite needing more, consistent uses of the product to see more anti-aging benefits, my skin feels soft to the touch and I have far fewer clogged pores.  I know they will return once I spend more time masked up and in public, but it is nice to know there is a way to deal with them.  I am a fan of having a plan, and of this mask.

I think this Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is going on my list of things to pick up.  This gives me three things that I know I want. Will I be able to get all three of them on this sale? No. I suspect I will go on the site, see what the sale prices are and then start to negotiate with myself. I can usually talk myself into two things, but not usually three.  I don’t know why two seems to be my limit but I do this with anything over $50, from appliances to skin care. I start out with my list and a budget and always come out with two items. It’s like something in my brain says that while I’m there I might as well get a second item, but somehow ends up thinking a third is too indulgent. I’m sure there is some sort of deeply buried memory from childhood or something causing it, but I don’t remember it being in Granda Mac’s lessons in economy and thrift. I’m sure it was though. 

NEW Made to Mask 4-Piece Mask-a-Holic Kit. For a limited time, get a full-size Cucumber Gel Mask, a full-suze Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, a full-size Irish Moor Mud Mask, and a full-size 24K Gold Mask for only $58! A $177 total retail value.

Either way, the Labor Day sale starts tomorrow and unlike last year, I am prepared. And whatever I don’t pick up now, I can always look into picking up during the holiday sales. I’m pretty sure most of my Black Friday shopping will be done on line and I know my cousin has been debating over the mini mask pack for a while. Which means technically I have four things on my list to pick up. One gift and three things I want. And to be honest, I suspect I won’t be the only one mailing boatloads of Christmas gifts this year.  And shopping early leads to shipping early which may actually translate into making it to the destination on time.

If I cross my fingers and make a sacrifice to the postal gods. (Don’t worry the ritual mostly involves setting fire to an old envelope that requires licking to seal while dancing around with the envelopes you don’t have to lick raised high. The only potential bloodshed comes from me tripping over my own feet. No animals (save myself and then only accidentally) are harmed in this Postal Ritual.)

But I digress, to sum up, mask good, sale tomorrow, and Christmas coming sooner than you actually think.

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