Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s Supermud

Last week I indulged in a first use of the Glam Glow Youthmud and as I can use the exfoliating maks two days a week i am continuing it for the month of July on Mondays and Wednesdays. More than that will be too much exfoliation, so it is back to clearing out some samples from my collection. Some of them will make it to full sized purchases, others will not.

Since I have one remaining sample size from Glamglow it seemed like the perfect time to go ahead and use it. So todays mask is the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

mask on

It is…

A clarifying mask with six exfoliating acids and activated charcoal to instantly and visibly clears pores and improves the complexion of normal, combination, and acne-prone skin. Skin Type: Combination and Oily, Skincare Concerns: Pores, Acne and Blemishes, and Oiliness

This advanced clearing treatment instantly fights skin imperfections and skin problems, and is suitable for acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay, activated-x charcoal, and the Super Six Acid Blend instantly work together to target skin congestions, clogged pores, and dead skin cell buildup, resulting in clearer, poreless-looking skin.

Glam Glow
mask dried, can’t smile

I do have a couple of blemishes and clogged pores so while I will show the mask on at the beginning and just before I wash it off, I will also put the before picture of my face and the after picture of my face in the image compare so it can more easily be judged with the instant pore clearing.

Going on, it is a mostly smooth mask. There are a few bits in it, but they feel incidental instead of like exfoliation beads. The Eucalyptus makes it’s presence felt immediately with the licorice root not far behind as far as scents go. I actually rather like the scent of it. It smells very medicinal. The tingling arrives almost as soon as the scent and lasted for the full ten minutes I wore the mask. In that time you can see that the mask dried to an ashy color instead of a dark gray.

It also dried pretty stiffly so it was hard to smile. I am not actually trying to look grim and actually enjoyed this mask. I decided that today I could just lie back and relax to scented candles. And yes I know I said I was going to look at a summer scent but I did end up just reordering the Edgar Allen Poe from Paddywax’s Library collection. I can’t help it, it is my favorite candle scent. I keep meaning to branch out and then i think about how much I like ti and then it ends up in the cart. I have occasionally convinced myself to get the summery candles from the La Playa line, but still somehow still end up with Edgar. Its a great candle.

And it worked for me today. I returned to the bathroom washed the mask off and patted my skin dry. Is my skin cleared? Are my pores minimized?

Before on left, after on right. Not much visual difference unless you get really close, but the feeling is good

I can say that my face feels clean and significantly less oily. I think that some of my pores have cleared out as well. Is it an instant miracle? no. But honestly I’d be very suspicious of skincare that was. Do I think that repeated use of this Glam Glow Supermud Clearing mask would produce results? Actually yes, I do. I suspect from the way it worked with my skin that if i were to use this on a regular basis, my skin would achieve the results touted on the product page. I simply don’t think that skincare is an instant magical cure all. I do like this mask and it is definitely going on my list of products to purchase in a full size. I think that this would be a fantastic mask to try out in a full sized test because I think the results were good with the single use and would probably be better with repeated use. However this little tube contained only enough product for one use, so a full trial and whatever results it might yield will have to wait for another day. Today though, I am pleased enough to put it on the list of products to use again.


The Skincare line up: July 1st, 2022

The Line up for the week of June 27th – July 1st, 2022

Let’s just jump right in shall we?

Makeup Remover: Nuxe Very Rose 3-in 1 Soothing Micellar Water

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Toner: Aavrani Balancing Restoring toning serum

Serum: Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum

Eye Cream: Symbiosis London Tightening and Resplendent Eye Mask

Moisturizer (Day) Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Retinol: Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle Reducing Night Serum

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

The Nuxe actually felt really good on my skin this week. We started the week off with cooler weather so I didn’t monitor when I walked as much but by Wednesday the sun and heat were back and I still wasn’t paying much attention. I ended up getting a little too much sun and the Nuxe Micellar water not only cleansed the makeup residue, it really helped soothe the too much sun skin. While the sunblock kept the skin from burning it was the wrong time of day to walk and I knew it (I just did it anyway.)

The Clove and Hallow is just fantastic. It is gentle and effective and because it is a powder it really requires so little product for each wash making it really cost effective as well.

I am still less enthused by the Aavrani. Each time i look at it I think, wow what a pretty blue glass bottle. and then it somewhat disappoints. It isn’t a bad product, but it isn’t really fabulous either. And as I can get really good toners in many places for much less as well as many better serums, it makes me less than enthused by this toning serum. I don’t mind paying extra for good skin care, but the trick is, it has to be good skincare. This is okay skincare.

The Vitabrid and the Symbiosis have definitely earned their place on my skincare shelf. They are both cream products and lightweight. They absorb quickly and don’t clog any pores. I am enjoying using them and hope that as I am approaching the 30 day mark with them results will soon be more noticeable. My skin really drinks in both of them.

This week I rolled in the Korres as a day cream. I did this because as the heat and humidity are rising I am starting to feel much more oily and this is one of the few creams I have that is designed for oily skin (as I tend to only really need it in the heat of summer as a day cream, which it is most definitely the heat of summer now). And yes it is in a pretty (and fully recyclable- actually the packaging is recyclable too which I like) green glass jar. I’ve only had a couple of days use out of it but i think that it is going to be the perfect weight of moisturizer for day time use right now. I don’t think I could use it during much of the rest of the year, but for right now it works for me.

The Kiehl’s night cream is also working for me, but I have noticed I need to use a little less than I was using. I don’t know if that is because of the weather changes or because I changed out my day time moisturizer. It may be a little of both. It is is something that I will be monitoring moving forward.

And I am still loving the Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. Just a little is all my lips need. The scent is light but I likeit. I kind of wish it had a little of a stronger scent because I like it, but I am okay with it the way it is and it works really well. Oh Tatcha does still have their Friends and family sale going on right now (use code FF2022 for 20% off. I actually used the code to order a few products that will hopefully be here tomorrow. Plus thee were three samples with my order so I get to try a couple of other products to see if I like them (and possibly want to order them) So I sense a foil packet try out soon. But for now I am relatively happy with my line up. There are some favorites and some so so products, but nothing major wrong,. which is how I like my skincare.


Weekly Weight: 220.0 lbs

The Scale, July 1st, 2022

Yup it is one step forward and one step back. Although I have to admit that I was kind of expecting this a bit. My birthday was Monday and there was a large ice cream cake. It can only stay in the freezer for so long and so each day has featured a slice of cake. It wasn’t as massive a sugar bomb as I did to myself at Easter (note to self, must avoid Marshmallow Peeps in the future) but it is far more sugar than I am accustomed to consuming. I enjoyed it as well as the rest of the celebrations, but i am also very glad that Wednesday’s company finished it off.

There was also a couple of meals out this week and while this week started off nice and cool, the weather quickly warmed back up and my walking time shortened. I also didn’t replace it with Yoga. So I didn’t stick to my meal plan, I didn’t stick to my exercise plan and yeah, I gained back the weight I lost last week.

Also I have been trying to remember to log things in to the My Fitness Pal app, but this week I didn’t. I probably should have mad more of an effort to do so, but there is something that feels vaguely shameful to enter large slice of ice cream cake into a fitness apps food diary. I know the computer isn’t judging me, but it doesn’t feel good. So since it was my birthday cake and not something I just decided to randomly have, I decided I didn’t want to enter it. But then I felt bad about leaving it out of my totals so I just didn’t log my food this week.

I know, its a lot of baggage for a food log isn’t it?

But I didn’t want to lie to my food log because I would always know I had lied and I didn’t want to make myself feel bad. I am back to logging my food in though as I know it does make a difference. So next week I hope to be back on track.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 218.4 lbs

This weeks weight: 220.0 lbs

change this week: +1.6 lbs

Lost thus far: 26.0 lbs

And so that is the state of me as we enter July. My goal is to try and log in my food diary every day this month and see how well that helps me out. I know it has been successful in the past, but only when I make a habit of it. Plus I kind of like having a monthly goal. Since I have so much weight to lose, it feels good to have a manageable goal. This month I have to log my food in each day. Since I know it will ultimately help me establish a habit that helps me lose the weight, I feel pretty good about setting it. If it works out I may start setting a monthly goal for myself each month. I like the thought, i just need a little planning.

And so, we begin July.

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The Daily: June 30th, 2022

Ah, deep breath in, deep breath out. Company came, company departed. And the newly cleaned bathrooms were put to good use. Apparently while road trips are now okay for some of my family, they are still leery of public rest rooms so everyone walked in and lined up at the bathroom doors. So glad I took the time to do a fresh clean.

As I wasn’t expecting them until Saturday, and I thought they were staying over, this week has had to have some last second adjustments. So yesterday very little got done, which means today will be rather insane. It also means that Friday won’t be insane and I may actually have a quiet fourth of July Weekend.

Well quiet barring the fireworks. And my babydoll is kind of tickled that he only has to worry about cooking what we want to eat for the weekend festivities. Several of our erstwhile visitors have food sensitivities and because he grew up with a friend with peanut allergies he has this deep rooted fear of accidentally sending someone to the hospital. Apparently there was a peanut related incident at a family barbeque that left a lasting impression.

So he will be more relaxed as well this weekend. And as his allergies have been taking him out more and more, I think he kind of needs that. Actually we had an amusing conversation about that the other day. He was wondering why his allergies were bothering him more this year than they had in the past few and realized that as restrictions have eased he is wearing his face mask less this year. The mask was actually helping to filter out some of the allergens. So now he is thinking of strategically going back to wearing the face mask when running around town.

The mask is now his friend.

Which considering how much time he spent griping about having to wear it kind of makes me smile. Sometimes it is the little things in life that bring the most amusement.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Unicorn Glow Long Wear Primer

Foundation: Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick (Summer sale started 50% off selected items)

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush (Sample Boxes are now back in stock)

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: Natasha Denona Cupid Mini Palette

Mascara: Wet ‘n Wild Big Poppa Mascara

Lips: Mischo Beauty in Madam

As I have been attempting various reorganization patterns with my makeup, I have come across several sample sized primers that I forgot I had. So I may be using them up for a little bit. And yes I know the Tatcha one is coming in this weekend and I probably won’t be able to resist using it, but I did open one of my samples. I am really trying to clear out all of the sample sizes so I can determine if they are worth picking up in the full size or if they just need to clear out to make space. In the same vein I am also trying to use up products that are near the end of their life so there will be some repeats moving forward.

I kind of like this Unicorn Glow Primer. A little goes a long way and it is on the dewy side of things, but it is helping to keep my makeup in place longer and I like the look of it. I used the Fast Base from Revolution because I really love the formula. It doesn’t need to be armed up and glides on easily and blends in. It is one of my two summer shades of stick foundation so it will be in rotation for a bit (the other is ABH). While this is a relatively matte foundation, when paired with a glowy primer like this, it can make me look a little greasy, which is why I opted for powdered face products. Especially rolling in the No 7 powder. I have needed to touch up with the powder throughout the day, but part of that is because it is June in Tennessee andpart is that I am not a fan of the wet look as I always feel it makes me look greasy.

The too Faced is perfect at this time of year as it has the right buildable shade and just a tough of gold to go with the sun. The blush too is one of my faves. Both the blush and the No 7 powder are showing pan and I doubt either will make it past the end of summer. Which is fine. I love them both and while I will have to talk myself out of repurchasing the No 7 immediately so I can use up a few other powders the Gold Rush has been out of stock for a while so I will have to find another blush when it is gone. I suspect i will put that off until there is no more in the box as I really love it.

Today’s eyeshadow was the Natasha Denona Mini palette Cupid. I couldn;t find it on the site so the link just takes you to the selection of mini palettes. I personally like these. They each have 5 rather large pans and the color selection is pretty well thought out. The color story is well thought out and it is easy to grab and use. The shadows are fantastically pigmented. The issue I have is that I think when I pick it up I will create more or less the same look each time. This is my first time using it, so perhaps that won’t be the case. we shall see as i continue using it. I will say it is quick and easy to grab and use when you are in a hurry.

You know I love the Big Poppa Mascara. It has been on the favorites list since it came out. This is the last use for this tube though. I think I might not have closed it all the way as it is a little dried out. Today I used it but I think that was it for this tube. It will be replaced soon and another Big Poppa will take it’s place.

I chose the Mischa lipstick today because I couldn’t remember if I used it before or not. It is a lips stick/lip balm cross and actually feels quite good on the lips. The color is supposed to be a sheer wash of color, which it is. The lipstick is darker in the tube then on the lips which at first was disappointing as I really liked the color in the tube. But I think the color turned out well today. It feels really comfortable to wear and while it does leave a little bit of smudge marks on glass rims, it doesn’t leave colored lip prints everywhere which I like. I may have to pull this into rotation more often. Thus far I am liking it.

And so my darlings, that is me today. I’m rather pleased with how things turned out. And now it is back to work for me. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your afternoon.

Let’s Get Naked Honey

If there is one eyeshadow that I can’t resist it is a good bronze. And I’ll admit golden tones are right there with the bronze. Slightly below it, but still in the mix of shadows I love. Don’t get me wrong, I love other shades, but the bronze tones really draw me in.

When This Naked Honey palette from Urban Decay came out I had immediate cravings. They might as well have just sent me a note saying ‘we made this just for you’ because that is what it felt like. I did put off buying it immediately though. basically I talked myself out of it because I had an overflowing eyeshadow drawer at the time. Also Urban Decay has a habit of rotating their Naked palettes through sales so I thought I’d wait until I had decluttered some of my palettes and the palette went on sale. Also I didn’t know if I wanted the full palette or if the mini version would suit me.

I know that sounds a little strange, but sometimes I find the Naked Mini palettes suit me better than the full sized. I actually really like the Naked Heat Mini palette, but somehow the full sized one did not appeal to me. Incidentally Urban Decay just released four new mini-palettes if you are interested. In general I tend to gravitate towards smaller palettes. with larger palettes I almost have too many options and can occasionally be overwhelmed by it.

While I like the brushes with these palettes I tend to only use them when traveling

The full sized Naked Palettes are my ideal size for a palette though. (I also like the size of the older ABH Palettes like Modern Renaissance). I generally find there is enough variation with this number of shadows without being overwhelming. And when I did look at the mini version I still found myself drawn to the full one. For me the mini version seemed to have something missing, unlike some of the other mini palettes. So I planned to pick this up and told myself I had to clear out some space as well as wait for a sale. I figured both conditions would help me out. It has been on sale many times but i always somehow missed the sale. This time i caught it and ordered the palette.

Swatches go letf to right starting with Flyby (white) and ending with Sting (dark brown)

If you like brows, golds and bronzes, this is an amazing palette. If you don’t then this palette is not for you. It really is that simple. while I would happily use the dark brown of Stung, topped with the bronze of Queen with a little Flyby in the inner corners, There is a lot of variation in the palette. It still had the bronze/gold/brown theme but there are enough shades that i found this palette interesting to play with and am actually kind of sad to shift to other palettes. For me this is an everyday palette that can be glammed up for going out or toned down for office work. Sadly these days it is more office work than going out, but i like the flexibility.

I love that the shimmers are smooth and don’t have any glitter bits in them. while I do occasionally like glitter, I want that to be my option. Plus I apply glitters differently than other shadows.

In the past there have been some Urban Decay shadows that turned muddy when blended. I did not have this problem with this palette. Each color was distinguishable. I found that I only needed one dip in the pan to get the shadow on the brush. with tapping the brush off I had no fall out as I applied it. The shadows are highly pigmented. I found that I needed to apply the shadow (especially the dark brown of Sting) with one brush and then use a clean shadow brush to blend it out. while it required having more brushes on hand I can’t say I minded as I used less product.

Sometimes when you wait for something for a while you end up building it up in your mind to a level it can’t actually achieve. I planned to purchase this palette for so long I was worried that would happen with the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette. It didn’t. This palette was just as good as I hoped it would be and I am thrilled it is now part of my collection. I would order this again in a heart beat, even when it was not on sale. I love the browns and golds so this one does speak to me, but I am also happy with the quality and ease of application and use. I think that this is a palette I will get a lot of use out of for a long time to come.

Trying out the iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds Kit

This iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds Kit was sent to me by the brand for the purpose of review.  As always the opinions are my own.

I’ll be honest, I am guilty of letting my eyebrows go their own way.  I always make sure to run a little comb through them so they look nice, but as most of the time my bangs sort of cover them up, I am guilty of forgetting to use the various brow products at my disposal.  Part of the reason is that I can count on my fingers the number of times I have managed to get my eyebrows to look like each other and still have fingers left over.

And the truth is, I like seeing my eyebrows done as I think it really finishes off the look.  I am somewhat picky when it comes to eyebrow products though.  I don’t like my eyebrows crispy so I tend to avoid brow gels.  I will occasionally use them but if I wear a gel brow for too long I will either start picking at it and either pulling the dried gel off (sometimes along with the eyebrow hairs) or I will twist it when not really thinking about it and end up with spiky looking eyebrows by the end of the day.  For me it is either pencils or pomade. Pencils I tend to travel with and pomade is my standard for daily use.

This Kit from iMethod Beauty features a brow pomade.  The shade I am using is 05 in case you are wondering.  It is a light brown.  It is lighter than my hair, but my eyebrows are naturally lighter than my hair and I always think really dark eyebrows look strange on me.  This is a harder shade to find than you would imagine.  Light brown can mean anything from ‘darker than blonde’ to ‘not quite black’.  I have a lot of light brown pomades that go too dark.  This one is actually a true light brown which I like.

the kit packed up for easy transport or storage

It is a kit so accompanying the glass jar of pomade is a soft angled brush with a spoolie on the other end.  A wand with a little sponge ball on the end and five sets of eyebrow stencils.  All of this comes in a handy reusable sip top pouch.  While I could see this being handy for travel, it is also really useful for keeping the stencils together.  There is an instructional manual with the kit as well, which I appreciate.

What I like is that while the tools and stencils work together, If you are in a rush, you can just use the angled brush and pomade and do your eyebrows without using the stencils.  Although truth be told, using the templates don’t take all that long.  I think it took me longer to choose the one I wanted and to make sure the left and right one were the same than it did to create the brows. 

The stencils are numbered and come in pairs.  There are five sets from long thin brows to slightly heftier ones and I was able to find one that suited me quite well.  Number five is the thickest and had the curve that mostly matched my natural brows, so that is what I used. I made certain that my eyebrows were shaped (with tweezers) a day or two before I began using this product.  As expected my tweezing made them slightly uneven.  The stencils however really came in handy for covering up my personal plucking issues.  The stencils were even, where my hand drawn ones usually aren’t. 

before on Left and After on Right the patchiness was filled in and the lines sharp

The most difficult thing to remember is to open the pot of pomade before placing the stencil.  Unless you have someone else handy to open the jar while you continue to hold the perfectly placed stencil where you want it.  Don’t leave the jar open for long periods of time or it will dry out, but open it before placing the stencil and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.  The tool with the foam ball is then dipped in the top to gather product and patted onto the brow inside the stencil line.  I suggest (As do the instructions) to start at the far end.  That way you know the area where you would naturally have the least amount of hair is taken care of.  I didn’t need to dip the tool into the pomade more than once for each brow, but as an experiment I played around and dipped the tool into the product a couple of times. 

While the pomade I have is light brown, It can be built up to a much deeper brown with layers so you can adjust the shade to the darkness you want. Personally I really like that flexibility. I also like that the pomade felt weightless on the brows and lasted all day without smudging.  I will be using the various stencils for the next few weeks to continue using and trying them out, but I have to say, I like the pomade and am really loving the  fact that my brows are consistently identical for the first time. Thus far this iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows kit is working well for me.

The Daily: June 29th, 2022

I’m afraid my darlings today’s Daily is going to be short and fast. A group of my family went on a road trip and planned to stop by. I was given dates for the weekend, but just got a call saying they will be here in an hour. I’m sure I will learn why things changed when they get here. Saturday is usually the cleaning day at our house, but I planned to take off early and get it done Thursday afternoon. It won’t be too bad, but I can’t not clean a little extra for company. So before they arrive, I need to do a quick clean and make sure that at least the bathrooms are company ready. So tomorrow I’ll be back to normal, at the moment, I have a date with some bathroom cleaner. Happy Wednesday.

First use of the Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

I couldn’t help it, but the lure was too strong. I had to open the new Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream and start trying it out. I know looks aren’t everything, but just look at the light green of that glass jar. It just says pick me up and give me a try. So i am.

In general I really like the Korres brand. I find their products to be both fairly priced and effective. The Pomegranate line has found a permanent love in my heart, despite the fact that they seem to have let it go (sniff, sniff, so sad). I like the rose but not as much as the pomegranate, and since I have an allergy to pine I have to avoid that line, but the yogurt face masks are always in rotation in my mask collection. the Golden Krocus is high on my list to try.

inner lid with tab

I have not tried anything from the Santorini Grape line so I was over the moon when it was a choice Item in my Boxycharm for June. It has been on my must try list since it’s release and when I saw it I pounced. I’m sure there were other options, but I didn’t really bother looking.

And I did order the Santorini Grape Velvet Skin Drink Serum this morning as well because i couldn’t resist giving it a try. But it’s first use will come, for now it is time for the moisturizer.

According to the product page…

For: Oily, Combination + Sensitive, A lightweight gel moisturizer that blurs pores, controls shine, and hydrates skin all-day using a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Willowherb Extract, and the antioxidant-rich, Santorini Grape.

Key Benefits:  Poreless complexion,  Balanced all-day hydration,  Smooth skin canvas


At this time of year I am at my oiliest although I suspect i fall into the combination category. So this is about perfect and it is about the perfect time of year for me to try this moisturizer. As I mentioned above it is in a beautiful green glass jar. I know looks aren’t everything but I do like looking at a pleasing array of skincare on my shelf. It is okay to like pretty things, they just have to be pretty things that also pull their weight in the skincare department.

Opening the jar there is a stout plastic lid as a barrier to air, which I really like. It has a little pull tab to lift it off the top of the jar. It is wide and round and fairly easy to grab and lift. The inner plastic lid fits securely but it isn’t extremely tight so you don’t have to struggle with it if you don’t have a lot of hand strength. You just have to be able to grip the tab. Barring that slipping a thumbnail under the edge can flip it up for those with issues making pinching motions.

I find the scent of this moisturizer interesting. It does smell of grapes which I expected, but it is a grape that has had the sugars removed and smells almost like it is blended with plain yogurt. I didn’t see any yogurt on the list of ingredients so perhaps this is just a face mask hold over. The moisturizer has the same color as the mask, so perhaps that leans into it.

The Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream is a thicker sort of cream. It has the consistency of Greek Yogurt actually. It is the kind of cream that I scoop out a little and either dot it lightly on my face and then rub in or rub my hands together and then apply to my face. The second method will cause it to absorb faster on the skin and is fantastic when you are running late in the morning. Even if you choose the first method of dotting it on the skin before massaging it in, it won’t take long to absorb, just start with little dollops as a little goes a long way with this moisturizer.

The scent of the moisturizer fades as you apply it and once it dries down your face is not sticky at all. As a first use, it was a positive experience and I am happy that I will get to use it for the next month. July here promises to be incredibly hot and insanely humid, which is when my skin not only feels oily, but because I sweat so much I end up getting oddly dry patches from salty sweat running over the skin. I am hoping that this combination skin oriented Santorini Grape Poreless Skin cream from Korres will be just the thing to get me through with healthy skin. But only time will tell.

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Korres Greek Natural Beauty

Unboxing the June 2022 GlossyBox

Coming in just under the wire is the June Glossy Box. I can’t lie, this box caused me great angst this month. Normally this is one of my favorite boxes and any time i have had to e-mail customer service they have been great. This month was a little different. Around June 20th I realized my Glossy Box had not come in so I sent a note to their customer service asking when boxes would be shipped.

I received a message stating that orders charged by the 5th and ship by the 12th. The entire message made it feel like I was at fault for not sending an e-mail on the 12th to ask if the box had been shipped. I was a little irked, but I probably should have checked on the box sooner and at least now I know when i should check. I sent a message back saying that I had not been charged and had not received a shipping notice. I received a much more polite return e-mail telling me that June’s boxes sold out and that my subscription would start with the July box.

I pointed out that I had been a member for several years and it wasn’t a new subscription. They again told me that June’s box was sold out and that my subscription would start with July.. The same day, my account was charged for June, I received a tracking e-mail and two days later the box was on my doorstep. It is the June box but there were some substitutions. So now that we’ve settled ourselves with customer service, let’s look at the June Box. First lets take a look at the items covered in the pamphlet that came in the box.

Item number one is a deluxe Mini of the Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing paste. I have never tried this product before but as I have more or less loved every Christophe Robin product I’ve tried, I am really looking forward to trying it out. I just finished up one of the sea salt scalp scrubs from the brand and will be ordering it. (The Skinstore routinely has both Christophe Robin and Grow Gorgeous (another fave hair care brand) sales so I am waiting for the next one to stock up – Their Fourth of July sale has begun so you might want to check it out if you are looking into stocking your own skincare). I did open the jar though and took a sniff. It is very Rose scented. I’m not sure how that will play out in my hair, but those with rose scented issues beware. It will be interesting to see how much scent stays in the hair from the paste.

The second item listed in the brochure that was in my box was the Pixi by Petra Peach Honey Blush Duo. It is a deluxe mini and according to the pamphlet…”sweep on the peachy pink and follow with a dusting of the golden highlighter. I suspect the peachy pink may end up being a bit light for me but I am willing to give it a try. While I have tried a few makeup products from the brand when I purchase form them I almost always purchase toners. The makeup I have received in subscription boxes and tends to be very hit or miss for me. They do make excellent toners though.

The third item listed in the pamphlet is a full sized body cream from Not Pot. It is the Banana OG Hemp body cream. It has a big fragrance free label on the side. It may be the most well sealed body lotion I have ever received. The entire tube was sheathed in plastic and it had an interior foil cap. Whoever sent this out was determined that it would not leak in transit. And it didn’t. When I finally released it and took a sniff I have to agree, there is zero fragrance. The label lists banana extract as well as sativa oil in case you are wondering why both banana and hemp are in the body cream’s name. I am kind of glad thee is no CBD scent, but at the same time I am a little disappointed that there isn’t a banana scent. I think it would be a nice summery scent that was different from the typical watermelon and coconut. But unscented is fine too.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The remaining two products in the box are not the same ones in the pamphlet. However the two items that are listed in the pamphlet I have received before. So I don’t know if the substitution was made because someone is keeping track or because they simply ran out of products. The two listed in the pamphlet are Comfort Zone’s ReNight Cream and Balance Me’s BHA exfoliating concentrate.

The two remaining products I received are the Astaxanthin Collagen All in One Gel from DHC and the Julep Love your Bare Face Hydrating Bamboo Water Cleansing Wipes. Interestingly enough I have received this gel moisturizer and a different type of Julep cleansing wipes from Look Fantastic. The DHC Moisturizer is nice. It is full size and has a water cream texture to it. It is actually really good for summer wear. I also like the burnt orange Ombre of the jar. It is a good product and I don’t mind having it appear again.

I’m never going to be thrilled by cleansing wipes showing up because I have taken them out of my routine. I do like the ease of using them, I just dislike the waste. Julep does make great wipes though. They moisturize the skin while removing dirt and makeup from your face. They are really good it is just a category of product that i specifically gave up using not because I really wanted to but because it was the right thing to do. Since they are here I will use them but i really wish subscription boxes wouldn’t send them.

For me this was a frustrating box. I was annoyed by customer service, more because it felt like they were giving me standard answers without actually reading the question I was asking and I do like when the items match the pamphlet. when they don’t it feels a little more last minute and like leftovers instead of a box someone thoughtfully put together. Whether it is true or not, I like believing that someone thought about the contents in at least a cursory way. I am happy with my substitutions though and am looking forward to trying them out. This month just felt harder than it had to be. Maybe I just felt it more this month because I so often really like Glossy Box and look forward to it. Or because I really needed June to be drama free for my own piece of mind. Either way I will still enjoy the products and I will hope that whatever the internal issues were this month they re resolved and won’t carry over to July.