An Afternoon Facemask with Dew of the Gods

Today my darlings I am super excited about using the FijiFuji Collagen Whip Vitamin Mask from Dew of the Gods. And no it isn’t because I feel like I need a little extra blessing from Buddhist Monks. Although that is a lovely thought and I will never turn down such blessings.

But that is beside the point.

Today is the last use of this mask. That’s right. Don’t let the blue tint inside the plastic fool you. The plastic itself is actually dyed blue. This is the final wear of this Dew of the Gods Face Mask. I think it actually feels like such a big accomplishment because it is so large a container. I also did not think it would last this long.

I adore this mask. Of the Dew of the Gods face masks that I have tried this is my favorite. Which I wasn’t actually expecting. I have a pink clay mask and a charcoal mask from the brand as well. Both are really great masks and clay and charcoal masks are sort of my go to masking favorites so I was a bit surprised that i liked this so much.

But I found myself reaching for this so much that when the Black Friday sales were popping off I went ahead and picked up a back up. I never pick up back ups of masks. I usually tell myself once I have finished a mask I love that if I clear out two more samples or one more full sized masking jar then i can think about replacing it.

This one, I picked up before I was finished with it.

And yes having the unopened mask lurking in the back did give me an odd anxiety for some reason. I think it was potential product wastage. So I probably won’t do that again but it was a really good sale so i have a hard time regretting it. (It retails for $2 and I think I ended up getting it for around $15 when all was said and done and nothing makes a really great product better than getting a really great product at a really low price. It’s like a double win, especially if you know you will use it.)

According to Dew of the Gods…


Vitamin cocktail, anyone? That Fiji glow really hits different. Rich, luscious and thick electric kaolin infused with vegan collagen, vitamin-C and lychee extract brightens, tones and lifts your skin while restoring its natural bounce. Injected with hyaluronic acid, Fijifuji is all about that youthful, radiant glow — it’s a party in the tropics, and the vibe is Fiji-chic.

Maybe it is the hyaluronic acid in it that I love so much. The mask smooths on easily and feels a little more like the clay you would use in a pottery class than your typical clay mask. I think it is because clay masks tend to be looser and this really looked like a chunk of blue clay you would start on a potter’s wheel. But it does smooth over the face really easily.

It is cool from the start and I did feel the cold along my cheekbones as I wore it. I also noticed that if I have allergy puffy eyes that coolness does help reduce some of the puffiness just by default. This is the mask my babydoll loves making fun of. He thinks it looks like some sort of Mesoamerican death mask.

dried down and o smile is possible

It does dry down pretty far in the 15 minutes of wear that I usually keep it on for. It isn;t exactly kiln baked but it is dry. I keep a facial brush that is too harsh to use as a facial cleansing brush around just for clay masks. As you can see I have used this enough with this mask that the bristles are somewhat tinted. I am going to give it a good soak tonight and see if i can get some of the blue out of the bristles.

I don’t use the brush to remove the mask, I just wet the brush and lightly trace over the mask so that the water loosens it up and makes it easier to remove. Essentially I am rehydrating it and using the trace lines from the bristles to loosen it up. i find this just makes mask removal just a little easier.

brush to help removal

Then it is rinsed off and I have to say but skin always feels so fresh and clean. I feel smooth and really revived with this mask. It not only perks the skin up but if you have a day where you feel like you are dragging just a little bit, then this kind of gives you a bit of an energy boost without resorting to an extra cup of coffee.

While I like other Dew of the Gods Masks the Fijifuji Collagen Whip Vitamin Mask is my favorite. As much as it bothered me to know I had a back up instead of waiting until I finished and cleared this and at least one other product out, I am thrilled that as this empties, I have one jar of this waiting in the wings. And now I can use it to prompt myself into using up other masks because I will not open the new jar until I have emptied two more. That was the deal I made with myself when I purchased the back up. I remember because I put a post it note on the box. So it will be a little while before I get to see this mask again, but I know it will be worth the wait.

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