BoxyCharm Unboxing: July 2020

It seems like subscription boxes are finally starting to come in.  For a little while there I thought all of July would arrive in August.  Admittedly, I still haven’t gotten any tracking information on my Boxy Premium so August is still a possibility.  But the regular box did arrive.  For those curious the regular Boxycharm Base box is $25 per month and inside you should receive five full sized items. 

I’ll be honest, this month was not that exciting.  I found myself looking at the items and being somewhat disappointed in the box as a whole.  But let’s get into what arrived in the box shall we?

The first item was the one I chose way back on the choice day for the Boxy Base box.  My choice was the 111 Skin MAC Y2 Pollution Defense Booster (retail $135).  I have had an interesting time with 111 Skin (pronounced, I believe one eleven skin for those wondering) products. 

Some I really like, some I like, but wouldn’t choose over other products due to their really high price. In other words, their products tend to be good on the whole, but not all of them can justify their price tag. It will be interesting to see which one this will be.

This product is supposed to protect against blue light pollution (ie from computer screens).  I’ve never tried it before, but as a writer I spend a lot of time typing away at my computer so perhaps I will notice a difference.  Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure how you test for that.  So I’ll have to do a little research before I use it so I know what signs to look for when I try it out.

The second item in my box this month was the Hourglass Arch Brow Micro sculpting pencil (retail $28). Hourglass is a good brand and I am always up to try a new brow product.  It is nice that it is in here and I do like this product. I think it is great that it has a spoolie on one end so I don’t have to reach for another brush and can just use this. That is a really helpful trait for a brow pencil, especially when I am traveling. Not that I’m doing much traveling these days, but still it is nice.

Next up is the Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise palette (retail $30). I don’t always have the best of luck with Ace Beaute products, so I can’t say I was terribly excited to see this here. I usually end up passing them on to someone else.  Admittedly the bulk of what I’ve tried has been eyeshadows (I find the ones I’ve tried both powdery and splotchy).  But perhaps the bronzer will be better.

The fourth item in my July Base box was the Alamar Cosmetics lip gloss in Birthday suit (retail $15).  It is listed as a universally gorgeous pink diamond dripped gloss. On the lips it is a clear gloss with a slight pink tinge that is pretty much unnoticeable. Like the other Alamar lip products I’ve tried, it is a little sticky. 

It is a nice gloss that smells of vanilla (I think for the birthday cake feel).  It’s okay, but nothing fabulous.  If I am going to buy anything from Alamar cosmetics, it would be their brushes.  Their brushes are fantastic.  Their lip products are only okay.

The fifth and final item in my bag is the Make Waves liquid metallic eyeshadow from Beauty by Popsugar (retail $23).

It didn’t look the best when I pulled it out of the box, but following the instructions, I shook it and it became less stagnant pond water esque in the tube.  The hand swatch came out okay after several swipes of the wand. That one swatch has about five brushes of product on it instead of a single swipe swatch. I’m not sure how that will translate to eye application but the color did turn out well on my hand eventually. Maybe it will do better on my eyes.

As I know, swatches aren’t always reliable.  I’ll give it a go and see how I feel about it then.  I wasn’t a fan of the regular Beauty by Popsugar shadows I tried, maybe I’ll like this one more.

I think the reason I find this a little disappointing in my bag is that a single shadow always seems like something you’d get in a $12 IPSY bag, not a Boxycharm $25 box.   I was disappointed when I received a single KVD Vegan Beauty Shadow in my Boxycharm and it is one of my favorite single shadows.  So I really think it is the single shadow appearing rather than the brand or shade.

So this month I received five products in my Boxy Charm Base Box.  Two of them I am excited by three I’m reserving judgement on.  The overall retail value of the July box was $231, which isn’t bad for a $25 box.  Admittedly, one of the items made up the bulk of the value and the rest of the items just sort of fluffed it out.  Maybe that’s why it seems slightly disappointing.  It feels like I got a lot of filler in my box.  That’s no reflection on the companies or their products, it is just a reflection of how the box felt when I opened it.

It is a sensation I have been feeling more and more with the Boxycharm base box lately.  It has me on the fence with the base box although I still like the premium one.  Or at least I have, I’ll have to see what turns up this month.  Because of the extenuating circumstances of the pandemic I’m willing to cut people a little more slack than usual as they try to readjust with their shipping and product orders, so I won’t be cancelling.  I am however starting to consider opting out of the base box and just keeping premium. For now, I’ll allow the readjustment time and hope it gets better.  Fingers crossed that the base box will arrive and be fantastic.

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