The Hip Dot Zion Eyeshadow Palette

This week the eyeshadow palette I chose to work with was the Zion palette from Hip Dot. It came in a BoxyCharm box and I have to say I am a sucker for the marbling on the outside of the package. The palette itself feels substantial and has a nice mirror in it. With this company I have never tried any of their shadows however I did purchase the Spongebob Palette they sell for someone else (they really like it but I’m not sure how much of that is spongebob and how much is the product).

This palette as you can see is a very purple themed palette. Even the reds have purple tones to them. I don’t mind purple. The only real purple I’ve got is my Ciate London Jessica Rabbit Palette, which lets face it I bought because it is Jessica Rabbit. (and yes at some point I will be picking up the compact that goes with it, but as nice as many of Ciate London’s Products are that purchase again will have little to do with the actual product).Purple is not a tone I naturally gravitate towards. I don’t mind it or have bad associations, it just isn’t my go to like some other colors.

Swatches for the top row, L to R: Sandstone, Virgin, Canyon, maze and surreal

But that was another reason i chose this palette this week. I knew that I would probably not naturally pick this palette up. As you can probably tell from the above photograph, these are very powdery shades. The shimmers feel softer and more buttery than the mattes, but over all powdery is the term that comes to mind when thinking of this palette.when applying these shades you have to remember to tap your brush off when dipping into the pan or you will end up with a mess. If you ae the sort who applies eyeshadow before the rest of your face makeup, this is your time to revel in your good judgement. For me personally, I have never been able to do that. I always get everything put together except for the eyes and lips and then I concentrate on the eyes and finish with the lips. Everytime I try it in a different line up I completely wreck the eye look.


Even being careful, you will have some fall out as you apply so If you add extra setting powder and then brush it away after doing your eyes, then you will save yourself some trouble. even being careful I ended up with some of the color Virgin sparkling down my face after application.

Swatches middle row, L to R: Wanderlust, Grounded, Angel’s Landing, Wild River, and Whisper

Also be aware that tapping the brush off produces a lot of dust. My bathroom sink looks like a multicolored dust storm swept in after a week of using this palette. I usually clean it on Saturday, so that I can also get any mask spatter out as well and it will really need it’s Saturday clean. that being said, the colors do perform nicely. They are pigmented but buildable. The darker the color in the pan the more pigmented it becomes and the lighter you want to dip into the pan. not only is there more fall out as you dip, but the darker colors can be a bit overpowering.

Swatches Bottom Row L to R: Sublime, Narrows, Majesty, Mystery, and Vibration

The third row of the palette actually works well for a one and done look. When i used them I tapped into the pan, touched the brush to the outer edge of my eye and then used a clean brush to blend it inward. That row works best when used like that as they don’t tend to play well with the other shadows. If you try layering them they more or less just obliterate anything that came before them. They are still very beautiful to work with, they are just more stand alone kinds of shadows.

I don’t know if you can see this well but even being careful I ended up with a glittery cheek if I didn’t add extra powder to my under eye area to catch the fall out. You might have to zoom in to see. I will say though that once the eye shadow is on, it remains in place. There may be fall out when applying it, but it doesn’t migrate. I created whatever look I was going for and then used my HA Spray as my setting spray and that was that. At the end of the day my lipstick was gone but the eyeshadow remained. I did not get a lot of creasing (the line you see is the natural fold in my eyelid) and there was not a lot of transfer. The shimmers ended up migrating a little further up by the end of the day but that is mostly do to my slightly hooded eyes. It happens with pretty much every shimmer. Most of it remained where I put it but throughout the day is was pushed around a bit.The mattes didn’t budge. They faded a little, but as I expected to have purple under eyes from fall out throughout the day I was pleasantly surprised.

So the end of every eyeshadow palette: Is it a keeper or does it get cleaned and passed on and will I buy from this company again?

I think i will keep this palette in my collection. I don’t have a lot of shades like them and I did like how they performed. I would probably not have picked this up on my own as it is very purple themed and I am not. But I am glad it came to me in a subscription box. I probably won’t reach for it often, but I know I will reach for it when I am wanting purple. hich does happen occasionally. I think I will be looking at other palettes by Hip Dot in the future. I would probably choose a palette that was in a more consistent color scheme for me, but I would buy it. I would just remember the fall out and be prepared for a week of a very messy sink.

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