Trying out Josephine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle

It was my intention to go through all of my liquid eyeshadows (I don’t have a massive amount and figured one a day would cover the week) this week, but instead I found myself focusing on only one; the Josephine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle.  Until November I had never heard of the brand before and then suddenly they appeared in two separate subscription boxes. I received an eyeliner in a Petit Vour box and this liquid eyeshadow in an Allure Beauty Box.

I have to say at first glance, the package is quite beautiful. It is a sleek black rectangle with the black fading out towards the bottom to reveal the color within.  It is quite attractive to look at.  I also like the fact that it says eye dazzle on the outside as I have a couple of lip products that look very similar to this in terms of packaging and I like to know which package I am picking up.

The shadow I received is in the shade Leona and if you look up the shadow on line Leona looks like a very pink shade.  Swatched on the hand it is bronze with a pinkish undertone.  I’m not complaining.  Copper and bronze shadows are kind of a personal weakness for me.  I went from being okay with the shade to being really happy with it in one simple swatch.

The applicator is a hollow doe foot which means it is shaped sort of like a leaf with a hole in the center. (there may be another term for this type of applicator, but I don’t know it. The product applies easily and smoothly.  It is quite pigmented and it dries fairly quickly. Although when applying it you have to kind of keep your eyes open until it dries otherwise it will imprint upwards. You can see a little of that in the picture where I used this as eyeliner (below). If caught quickly you can wipe it off, if not then it is there until you get around to removing your shadow. Alas I did not catch this one quickly enough.

Since I know how the shadows work and it is an all matte palette, I used The Balm’s Matt (e) rimony palette this week and just used the Josephine Cosmetics eye dazzle as my accent.

Applied over shadow it works well if you just swipe it into place and leave it.  Attempting to blend it in just makes it disappear and leave only a few sparkles in its wake.  As a touch of shimmery color, just swipe and step away and it works well.

midday with clean spot rubbed in

On the first few days I tried it as the shimmer on my inner corner.  For the first couple of hours it worked well.  However, I have slightly hooded eyes.  As the day wore on I began to develop bare lines where my eyes creased.  It wasn’t noticeable when my eyes were open and my blinks weren’t long enough to cause anyone to question it, but when I looked in the mirror I could see them.  It wasn’t pretty, even if I was the only one who could see it.

shadow as liner

I had the same spots of wear when I used it in the center of my eye as well.  Perhaps someone without any hooding to their eyes would not have a problem, but I did. I ended up using this as sort of a coppery eyeliner on my upper lids and it worked beautifully for that.  It went on quickly and smoothly. As you can see if I opened my eye before it dried down then I got some transfer. If you are quick you can wipe it away relatively easily, I was not so you see the line of transfer in the inner corner where i blinked. Otherwise it dries down well and lasts all day.

It is the rubbing of the skin on the eyelids all day that causes the shadow to rub off. When used as an eyeliner, it is a beautiful product and one I am happy to have around.  I won’t be using it as an eyeshadow, but more of an eyeliner. And at this time of year, a sparkly copper eyeliner is not a bad thing to have in the dressing table.

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