Unboxing the July 2021 Birchbox Beauty Box

We have reached the point in the month where subscription boxes have started to arrive.  So brace yourself for a slew of unboxings.  They really do seem to come in waves.  The Underclub and Jersey Shore Cosmetics came at the beginning of the month and then mid moth the bulk of subscriptions arrive with a few stragglers trailing towards the end of the month.  The first in this mid-month block is Birchbox.

For those that don’t know Birchbox is a $15 per month beauty subscription.    There is a discount if you sign up for a longer term.  In order to give myself a full trial of the subscription I signed up for a full year and pay $13 per month ($14.27 with tax). Each month you receive five sample sized products to try.  I believe my subscription runs until October so that is when I will have to decide if I want to keep the subscription or not.

Usually Birchbox provides several different avenues for options.  You can choose one item from their list of choices to be included in their box and they will build around it, you can choose one of their curated boxes or choose not to receive a box and merely have our subscription fee go towards something in their store.  Often there is the possibility ow swapping your box for one single full sized item.  I’ll be honest, by the time I manage to log in to make my choice, the full sized item is almost always sold out.

This month there was no full sized swap option.  There were individual choice items but none of them appealed to me.  There was also only one box.  I think they are trying to lean towards more clean beauty items so the box was a Clean Beauty Picks theme.

This month instead of coming in a box, the items came in a mesh makeup bag.  It is a nice bag, sturdy and usable.  It is quite nice actually.  The bag is the sort of one I tend to throw my reusable makeup rounds in when I put them in the wash so they don’t get lost in the clothing. While nice and reusable, I did find them a little overly enthusiastic about the bag.  Earlier in the month Birchbox sent an e-mail detailing fifty ways you could reuse this pouch. 

As a spoiler, most of them involve using it as some sort of pouch.

So nice, but a little over hyped.

And it is about the elements within isn’t it?  So lets give them a look.

First up we have a familiar favorite with the Sunday Riley CEO Brightening Serum.  I think I have several sample sizes of this serum in my skincare drawer at the moment.  I think at least one of them came from Birchbox.  It is a good serum though so I am not overly upset to see it. It is a serum I will always happily use. I just have seen it many times before. 

The next item is the Supergoop Play Everyday Lotion in SPF 50.  I’ll use it, in fact I may even give it a use this week.  Over all I haven’t been massively impressed by Supergoop in the past, but I am always happy to try a new sunscreen.  At this time of year it feels like I just go through it so fast.  Mostly because of the length of time I end up spending outside. I don’t think I’ve tried the Play so it will be interesting to see how I feel about the formula.

The third item in my box I am also on the fence about, due to the brand. The brand is Arrow and it is a brand owned by Birchbox. While I don’t have an issue with them sending items from their own brand, I haven’t had the greatest luck with Arrow products. They are okay. None of them have been bad. They generally perform well. They are just also very forgettable. For me they tend to be a brand that I can use if I run out of something. I tend to think of them as place holder products. Something to use when I run out of something and haven’t yet picked out a replacement.

But this month they did send a lip oil. I do have a fondness for lip oils so perhaps this is the month where Arrow shines. The color of the lip oil is Enhancing Pink and that is actually an accurate color. Swatching it just looks like a shiny spot on the skin, hence no pics of the swatch, but it does have a barely noticeable tint that enhances the natural pink of my lips. So I will use it and perhaps, this is the moment when Arrow finally has a product i really love. I will keep my fingers crossed.

The fourth item in this months beauty box is the Megababe Space bar Detoxifying charcoal underarm bar. Which is a long title that I’m pretty sure means soap. A soap designed for your underarm and to help with odor, but still it is a small bar of soap. I’ll happily give it a try, but to be honest, it doesn’t actually excite me.

And finally We have a shampoo from Davines. It is the SOLU Shampoo designed to remove the residue of styling products from your hair. I find Davines an interesting brand. I tend to really like their shampoos and conditioners, but don’t really care for any of their other products. I haven’t used this shampoo before and am happy to give it a go since I have had good luck with their shampoos before. This is also a good sized sample so I can get several washes out of it which will help me determine how I feel about the product.

I actually just re-ordered a bunch of hair masks from The Mane Club (mostly Crybaby as it is my favorite and added a new bottle of the One Hit Wonder Spray while I was there) and with the masks, I like to use them in place of conditioners on the day I use them so I don’t mind having a seperate shampoo with no paired conditioner (although in general I really do prefer to try out sets just so I know that my hair feels the way it does because of the product and not because The Mane Club’s hair masks always make my hair feel nice. I’ll have to remember to think about the shampoo separately, but I have high hopes.

Overall this month wasn’t the most exciting month for me. I love the Sunday Riley CEO serum, but already have several samples of it. And while I am always happy to use it, I kind of like trying some new things. There were three items I am ho-hum about and then a shampoo I am excited to try. I really hate to feel down about a subscription box. And truthfully there is nothing really bad about this month’s box. It is just a little blah to me. Perhaps when I get into using the products I’ll feel more excitement, but Birchbox has had much better boxes in the past. Hopefully next month, they will bring back a little excitement. For now, July was good, but not overly exciting.

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