Snacktime: Verb Energy: Peppermint Mocha

Yes it is time to turn our attention once more towards snacking. As you may recall I ordered a four bar variety pack from Verb Energy a while ago. I adore variety packs, especially if they are a product I don’t know much about. And until I ordered the pack I only knew what I saw on the website.

And that was that Verb Energy bars are vegan, have only 90 calories and have as much caffeine as an espresso. All of which sounds pretty good to me.

As part of keeping on track with my calories, I like to have a snack in the mid-afternoon. I generally find that a small snack can not only make me feel like I have had a special treat but also keep me from over indulging at dinner time. while I have no real rules for my snacks I generally find that they have to be more than 50 calories for them to make any impact and I like to keep them under 120 calories so they don’t get out of hand.

All in all that is a pretty wide range.

In addition there are many afternoons when i find myself dragging. A little hit of caffeine wouldn’t be a bad thing.

However how thins sound on paper and how they taste in real life are two entirely different things. As I mentioned, I ordered the four pack of bars. This is actually the fourth of the pack. The last one. The salted peanut butter was far too salty and dry for my taste and made me very thirsty. It’s taste was okay (it tasted like a no bake cookie) but not something I would go back for very often. the second bar was the blueberry Crisp which was dry and crumbly and had a taste I couldn’t stand. The third one I actually liked. It was the double chocolate.

And while I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying ‘Oh, she liked the CHOCOLATE one’, the truth is that the flavor was strong enough to remain dominant so that it actually tasted like what it was supposed to and not like the base components of the energy bar. In addition it had more moisture to it. So I could eat it without feeling like I needed to pound back several glasses of water.

while I welcome the chance to include more water in my day, I don’t think that eating something that dries out my tongue is the way to do it. Of the previous three bars, the only one I would purchase is the Double chocolate one.

But this leads us to the Peppermint Mocha. I’ll be honest, this is the one I was most interested to try. I love peppermint and I think that peppermint and mocha are both strong enough flavors to triumph over the base flavors of the energy bar. And as a side note it isn’t that i don’t like the base notes. The base flavor isn’t bad, but it tastes like floury oats mixed with brown rice and agave which isn’t really my choice for an energy bar.

Which I’m pretty sure the company knows as they don’t sell the base flavor but mix in other flavors. So to the Peppermint Mocha, Batman!

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Organic Agave, Almond Butter (Almonds), Brown Sugar, Organic Crisp Brown Rice, Organic Quinoa Crisp, Cocoa, Natural Flavors, Organic Green Tea Caffeine, Sea Salt

First off, the bar is much more moist than the other bars. Even the Double Chocolate. It actually came out of the package in one piece and not cracked. It has a very peppermint-y mocha scent to it. The scent is however stronger than the taste. it does taste of peppermint and mocha. However it is more like I stored the plain bar in a box with an open container of mocha powder and an open box of peppermint tea leaves. It is like the scent partially penetrated the outer layer of the bar but didn’t go all the way in.

After chewing and swallowing the bar, the flavor is very much a brown rice and agave mix. which isn’t bad, but not really my thing. I don’t believe that this is going to be an energy bar i reorder any time soon.

Of the four I tried, only the double chocolate actually tasted like the flavor it was supposed to taste like. I think that there was enough cocoa in it to penetrate all the layers of the bar and dominate the flavor. The other flavors just couldn’t compete with the mix in the base bar. Which is strange with this one as peppermint usually takes over anything it is a part of. With this, it was only surface flavor and I was left with brown rice and agave.

I think this does reaffirm my love of the variety pack though. Out of the pack of four I found one that I liked enough to reorder and three that I have no desire to try again. In theory, this bar should have been my go too as on paper everything sounded designed to suit me. But some times, you just have to try things in person so you can really know for sure. And now I know. If I order a bag, it will be the Double Chocolate.

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