Georgia on my…cheeks?

I am a long time fan of Benefit Cosmetics. I love their primers, have an adoration for several of their mascaras and enjoy the ultra fine mist from their setting spray. One of my favorite Benefit products is their Gold Rush Blush. For me it is a great shade and works well for me. Much of the sparkle was actually in the overspray on the top of the pan and wore off as I used the blush, just giving me a fabulous blush.

In a recent BoxyCharm I received a Benefit Blush. This one is the Georgia blush. According to the Benefit Cosmetics Website…

Benefit’s cult-favorite golden peach blush is back and sweeter than ever! The NEW Georgia is a warm, vibrant peach shade with a soft, golden shimmer for a fresh-picked flush. Peachy cheeks are always in season!

  • NEW! golden peach blush
  • Silky-smooth & superfine with a creamy, blendable formula
  • Fresh peach-floral scent
  • Includes mirror & soft, natural-bristle brush

First, the Brush. I like that Benefit sends a brush with it’s blushes and a part of me really likes that it fits into the box with the blush. I actually like the brushes, but I generally don’t like using them with the benefit blushes. I use them for other products, just not the blush. I tend to reach for a denser bristled brush when using this blush. The benefit blush brushes are great with loose setting powder, especially when working under the eyes.

I ended up using a kabuki style brush with this It was the Anastasia Beverly Hills A30 for those interested. For me the denser bristles just work better with the formula.

As to the scent, if you are looking for a highly peach scented product, this isn’t it. To smell anything I more or less had to press my nose against the pan and even then it smelled more like blush than peach. It was slightly sweet scented, but it isn’t a big peach scent. So if you are worried about overly scented products, this isn’t something that really should concern you. I really had to press my nose almost to the pan to get anything.

It is a creamy blendable formula. It performs just as well as the Benefit Gold Rush blush in that respect. For me the issue I had was mostly to do with my skin tone. I think that it is really designed to work with paler skin than mine. On the website the picture featured a pale, freckle faced redhead which should have been a clue. I don’t think you have to be a pale red head to use the blush but I think that is the shades target.

With me, I am tan enough that the blush came off as a subtle tint. Personally I really like it for a natural makeup look. On me that works really well. When paring it with face products. It is really good friends with BB creams and tinted moisturizers. With a medium coverage foundation, the blush disappeared. Natural-look and barely there products are kind of it’s zone.

For me, that covers most of what I wear in the summertime and I really think this will end up being a great summertime blush for me.

I think that if you are just starting to play around with blush then this might be a product that you might want to look into. I have a friend who never uses blush because she always goes really heavy handed with the blush. This is one I would recommend to her. Even going heavy handed, it is a pale pink and just provides more of a healthy glow to the cheeks rather than a dramatic blush. Like the Gold Rush Blush there was a kind of protective spray coat on the top, so when using it for the first time, you kind of have to work your way through it. Once you do, it is a light flush for your skin and a handy tool to keep for your natural look days.

As always the question is, would I repurchase?

I think the answer is yes. I would be more inclined to purchase one of the blush palettes from Benefit Cosmetics rather than an individual pan because I really like several of the shades they have and enjoy the formula. I also know that this is a summer blush for me rather than a year round one so the palette would be more practical. If it is in one of the palettes. I’d have to look.

However in whatever form individual or palette, I would, when this blush runs out, purchase this again.

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