Trying on the Winter Drape Fit

Drape fit is a clothing subscription service that I have been trying out. It is my third fit and we are slowly edging into something approaching understanding. In my last two boxes, I ended up with one item from each, one a dress and the other a shirt. The shirt has in fact become my go to work meeting shirt and I absolutely love it.

This month i am not keeping anything.

One of the reasons I wanted to try out this service was because it was one of the few that had a plus sized section and I thought it would be nice to try. My plan was to go a year on the subscription level as it was and then change a few things in my profile and to play around with the service. While you can get a monthly Fit, I get my subscription quarterly, mostly because I simply don’t need that many clothes. So once a season is fine for me.

I am going to go in after my third fit because I think I am a smaller size than the clothing they are sending me. With one exception all of the shirts they sent me were enormous with no definition and actually made me look heavier than I am. I do actually have a waist and curves. These shirts for the most part made me look like a giant square.

So the size will need to be reconfigured. In addition they have multiple tiers for price range as to how much you are willing to spend on a single item. They do let you go by item. In your profile they will ask how much you would be willing to pay for a blouse versus an overcoat (or outerwear), shoes versus pants. I really like that because there are certain items I am willing to pay more for than others. For this first year of testing I went with the lowest price on all of the items.

The most expensive item in my box this month’s box was $30.75. The garments are pretty much what i would expect in the $28-30 range. They are good basic items. I don’t actually need any good basic items though. Those I can generally find in stores near me. what i want is something I can’t find in stores near me so I think instead of letting this set of settings play out for another month, I am going to adjust things when I go in to adjust my measurements. I’ll keep you posted on what I change and how then we will all see how things play out.

With each fit there are seven items. You can choose accessories as an item. I chose no accessories and this is the first time they sent me an accessory. It is a tennis bracelet. Since I knew I was sending it back I didn’t take it out of the package. It is the first time they have sent me something in a category I told them i didn’t want. I suspect it has something to with the idea of a little sparkle for the holiday season.

with the items comes a bag. As all of the items this month are going back, you can see that they do indeed all fit inside the bag quite easily. In addition to the bag there is one piece of paper breaking out the cost of each item and a slip of paper that tells you how the stylist paired the items. This month there were two pairs of pants and two shirts that paired with each pair of pants.

I have trouble finding trousers I like because I am very picky. I figured a company with the entire world to search would have better luck. Thus far that has not proven to be the case as all of the trousers have been miserable failures. I think because of my weight they assume that I want only jeggings style of pants. The problem with these is that to get the crotch to sit correctly I have to pull the pants up a lot further than my waist which means I can’t really tuck the shirts in because the waist is too high so they have to hang their tent like even though some of them are designed to be tucked in so they don’t make you look bigger than you are. If you lower the waist to the appropriate waist location then the crotch hangs low and your butt looks droopy. Even with the pants pulled up the leg is too long and while I have no problem hemming pants (and in fact learned to sew just so I could hem my trousers) this is not material that takes well to hemming.

So the two trousers were a bust, and yes I do know that high waisted pants are in fashion but I personally do not think that the waist band of your trousers should be touching the bottom of your bra. That is a little too high waisted.

I do like that the trousers were paired with the shirts. This fit they got the colors right for the most part (I didn’t care for the plaid patchwork shirt although ironically that was the only shirt that fit me correctly. I love that they picked up the jewel tones that I like. And finally there were no butterflies or flowers on the clothing. I don’t know why people insist on putting butterflies and flowers on plus sized women’s clothing. A lot oft the time the butterflies end up looking like Mothra and the flowers make me feel like a circa 1970s couch. All of the cloth for the shirts was that cotton rayon blend. It feels soft to the touch and wears well. It is also what most of the shirts I can buy locally are made from.

Like most things I suppose you get what you pay for. in the price range I gave them I got the same moderately priced clothing I can get anywhere. I think that more than anything means I need to increase the scope of the price range. I feel a little better about doing that now that I know how easy it is to return items and now that the stylist is actually sort of edging into things where the color range is more my thing. So we will see how the changes made after this fit affect what is sent to me. I will say that while not unique, the pieces sent to me are all of good quality. As they are similar to pieces i already have though, they are going to be sent back and hopefully soon I will have something I would never have found for myself. which is, in my opinion, one of the benefits to this sort of service.

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