Trying out the Styledry Coconut anf Fig Hair Mask

You know I love my weekend hair masks and I have to say after this past week I did feel like a little bit of pampering. While I had my allergies and a really bad bout of insomnia, my babydoll spend most of the week dealing with a sinus infection. It proved worse than first thought so it was a bit of a marathon. So when I reached the weekend, I first, slept in on Saturday morning. That’s right, no alarm whatsoever. It was glorious.

Then I treated myself to a bit of pampering. I thought about reaching for one of my tried and true hair makes but I am still working on clearing out all of my samples so I can either put them on my list to repurchase in the full size so they become standards or cross them off the list. So I reached for one I had not tried before The Styledry Coconut and Fig Hair Mask.

I had high hopes for this mask actually and my hopes all stem from one word… Murumuru.

I know a strange word to make one hopeful. However Last year I received several hair care product samples from Natura’s Murumuru line and I adored them. My hair was soft with fabulous body and that scent. Oh I love that scent. It was a rich warm scent that was slightly nutty and slightly floral. At the moment I have several more samples of those products hoarded because I loved them so much. (Basically they came in and I wanted to use product samples I hadn’t tried before I looped back to ones I knew well. I will use them before I purchase the full size. )

So I was excited to see Murumuru listed on this hair mask. I didn’t expect the same scent because of the fig and coconut, but I liked the results as well as the scent so I was very hopeful. According to the Styledry website…

This super hair mask with Coconut Oil & Murumuru Butter is perfect for fabulous-looking hair. It’s the must have hair mask for the ultimate treatment at home. Your hair will look silky and shiny as never before. 

The rich scent I love is a little less rich. The coconut lightens it and the fig adds a bit of a green element to the scent of it. It is a lovely scent and I did like it. I wasn’t as in love with it as I was with just the murumuru scent, but that scent was still there and I enjoyed it.

The hair mask is a thick cream. I took it into the shower and used it as my conditioner. I used the Suave Mint and Rosemary shampoo as my base line tester. It is a good shampoo. It makes my hair clean and soft but it doesn’t really do anything extra. In general it is a good reliable shampoo. It is really great for testing new hair masks.

Since it needs to sit ten minutes I applied it then turned the water off, shaved my legs and took care of all of my other shower activities, including turning the water back on and washing myself. After ten minutes I rinsed it out and towel dried my hair. Because I use heat protecting spray (Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder – BEST hair product EVER and only $8) when I dry my hair with tools, I let it air dry and just brushed it through when dry.

I was able to run a comb through my hair fairly easily and my hair was soft. It was the soft of clean hair though, there was no extra softness that I could see. There was no additional body or shine. My hair looked nice and healthy but there was no extra. No sign that I didn’t just wash and condition my hair as normal. And a little extra is what I expect from a hair mask. I expect that my hair after a hair mask will look a little better and feel a little softer or cleaner or have more body after using a hair mask than it does with just shampoo and conditioner otherwise what is the point?

This Styledry Coconut and Fig Hair mask was a good conditioner, but as a hair mask it did leave a little something to be desired. I do have several shampoo samples without matching conditioners and i may just pair it with those to both provide them with a conditioner and to use up this mask. There is nothing wrong with this Styledry mask, it just doesn’t provide me the extra I expect from a hair mask.

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