Is Cashmere slip as soft as it’s name?

Kristofer Buckle Cashmere Slip lipstick in Bardot (and yes I repainted my nails right after this picture was taken)

Oh my darlings, I am in love. I know I talk about lipstick a lot. I use it to control my urge to snack and I delight in trying new shades.  I will confess I am more of a liquid lipstick kind of girl, usually. With a few notable exceptions.

Bardot by Kristopher Buckle is a notable exception.

I picked it up because I thought the shade looked nice and because it is supposed to be long lasting.   It is both.

The full name is Cashmere slip long lasting lipstick in the shade Bardot (retail $14).

The Description…

Full impact color. Cashmere Slip® is a creamy, richly pigmented lipstick that delivers bold color for up to 8 hours. Easy to apply, this luxurious formula glides on smooth and wears comfortably.

one swipe, seriously

I will say the color is very pigmented and it glides on as smoothly as the cashmere it is named for.  In the swatch picture to the right, I only did one swipe across my hand to get that color. I wore it for a seven hour stretch without any noticeable diminishment of color so I suspect it would go the full eight hours without an issue.

Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Fearless. Be Anything. Shop now at!

I find the thinner stick shape of it easier to apply where I want it than many of the bullet style lipsticks. I really like the way it felt on my lips.  It practically melted in so that I felt like I wasn’t actually wearing any lipstick instead of leaving a waxy feel to the lips. The waxy feel is why I tend to lean more towards liquid lips in general. This did not have that problem at all.

The shade Bardot is a perfect neutral color and I think it is one I will definitely be reaching for as my go to neutral. I was a little disappointed that there are only six shades in the line, but I have my fingers crossed that at some point they will expand the line.  For now, I am just going to enjoy the one, all-purpose neutral.

Kristofer Buckle

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