Let there be lip Balm

The May Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm Subscription

I know I have mentioned it time and time again, but my favorite anti-snacking device involves lip products. Currently, as outside time is limited, I have a selection of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip oils and limp plumpers arranged on my desk in front of my computer monitor. 

While I love lip products, sometimes the choices I make when shopping (or what comes in a subscription box) aren’t the colors I gravitate towards when actually applying my makeup for the day.  As a consequence what I have started doing is lining up the shades that just don’t work for me, but whose formula I would like to test before investing in the purchase of another from the company, on my desk.  These off colors are my test subjects.  I apply them while looking into my compact and then forget the color while seeing if I like the formula.  As I have some really interesting colors in this selection there have been some interesting reactions when my baby doll asks if I want to join him for lunch.

It also keeps me from just using my Kristopher Buckle Cashmere Lip (Bardot, fav everyday color hands down) down until it is nothing but a nubbin when it is just me and a computer monitor. So that’s a plus.

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Oddly enough this makes my lip balm even more important.

In the morning after applying my skin care, my final touch is to apply some lip balm to my lips.  At the end of the day, I apply another coat after my final tooth brush of the day. While I also use masks, scrubs and oils on my lips, I generally find that a morning and night application of lip balm helps my lips recover from whatever drying effects some of my tester lip products have had during the day.

This is only one of the reasons the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm subscription is one of my favorites.  For $10 (with a $3 shipping charge) they send you four lip balms per month.  Sometimes they’ll include a pigmented lip balm, sometimes not.  The subscription is mailed out between the first and the fifth and  renews on the 11th of the month.  So if you ordered on May 14th for example, they would charge you immediately, but you would get the June subscription and then on June 11th they would charge you for July’s package.  As their lip balms usually cost about $12 each, it is a pretty good deal. 

This month was an exceptional one as in addition to my four lip balms, I received a small silver heart necklace with the word Mom inscribed on it for mother’s day and a reusable (non-medical grade) face mask. I appreciate both the sentiment and the safety concern. My baby and I will soon make a trip out to the grocery store to forage for fresh veg and I will be wearing both the lip balm and the face mask then.

Then of course there are the lip balms.

Two are plain lip balms, one scented like strawberry and one scented like pomegranate. They are both perfect scents for this early spring when warmth is still a fleeting thing.  They bring to mind long days in the sun (although for me with an extra layer of sunscreen to prevent a burning repeat).

The third lip balm is the Super Sativa.  I have to say I am getting more and more enthused by some of the CBD products lately.  While there are several products out there that seem like a stretch, I have found a few that I really like using lately. The Yensa CBD infused cleansing oil comes to mind actually.

I tried this same lip balm last fall and through the winter.  It was a little more solid than the other formulas but once it warmed up a little it was one of my favorites.  The Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balms do tend to be a little soft, but the Sativa one was stout enough that I could keep it in my pocket when running around outside, so it was close to hand all winter.  As a consequence it was used up first.  Because of this trait, I suspect I will save it for winter again and have safely sequestered it in my dressing table for later use.

What I tend to do with this subscription is keep it for a few months running, building up a stash of lip balms and then once I start to feel overwhelmed by my stash, I cancel the subscription for a few months and work on using up the lip balms I have.  Then when I run low again, I rejoin and start the process over again.  While some disappear in the wash or in the bottom of a purse never to be seen again, I am generally pretty good about only keeping one open at a time.

The fourth lip balm in this subscription is usually something a little fun.  This month it was the Moon Glow Silver Lip Highlighter. It can be worn alone or with lipstick and it has a little shimmer to it.  It smells like peppermint actually and tingles slightly on the lips.  It isn’t glittery, just sort of a lip balm with a little extra shimmer.  Because I was curious, it was the first one I opened and I have no problem using it as a general lip balm. I love that it has both Argan oil and aloe in the product so even though it is a shimmer product it is super hydrating. I’ve actually been paring it with some of my dryer liquid lipsticks. I find if I put it on, give the lip balm a minute or two to settle and then apply one of my more drying formulas of liquid lips over it, my lips don’t dry out as much. The highlight is actually covered by the matte of the lipstick so I still get a matte lip. Unless I put the highlight over the lip again after the lippie has dried down. I’m actually finding it super helpful in making some of the lip formulas I wasn’t very enthused by work for me.

highlight on hand

Admittedly, my baby doll thinks I look fancy when I wear this one to bed at night.

But he doesn’t have a problem with the texture when I kiss him, so it’s all right.

That is one of the other reasons I keep coming back to this subscription.  There are many products that my baby thinks feel slimy when I wear them and then kiss him.  And yes he makes the scrunched up face when he says it. 

Every time. 

He doesn’t think that these feel slimy so I don’t get the ‘Oooh slimy,’ comment. It’s a small thing, but to me, it matters.

Incidentally, while it is easier to find than it once was, sometimes it is hard to find this subscription on the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Home page. I tend to sign up through crate joy for this one (partially because when I reach my cancellation stage it is super easy to deal with). 

Click here to discover 100’s of subscription boxes for women.

If you don’t want to use cratejoy, I’d still suggest going through them to the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Site because oddly that has proven the easiest way for me to find the subscription link on their site. It’s sort of a strange back door, but it works and is worth the effort.

Under Eye Balm

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