Allure Beauty Box August 2020 Unboxing

August 2020 Allure Beauty Box

Okay, I’ll admit.  I caved.  I kept hearing from friends and family how good the Allure Beauty box was that I had to try it.  It didn’t help that last month BoxyCharm was disappointing. And when people start comparing a $15 box to a $25 one, I tend to take notice, even if they don’t have the same parameters (Boxy Charm is supposed to contain all full sized items, Allure does not).

So I signed up for the Allure Beauty Box.  It is currently $15 per month ($16.46 with tax when all is said and done).  In the box you receive 5-7 Allure-approved products curated by our beauty editors, discount codes for up to 35% off beauty products, and a mini magazine filled with editor tips on how to use the products.  This month there were two full sized products in my box. The mini-mag is mostly a pamphlet with a testimonial about the products in the box from the Allure staff.

The price and products will be changing soon though.  In October they are giving their box a shake up.  The price will increase to $23 (I’m guessing a little over $24 with tax). The improved box will feature at least six products each month, valued at $100+, with three or more full-size items in every box, exclusive opportunities to get your favorite luxury and indie brands at members-only prices,  Special offers for our limited-edition boxes,  and access to members-only events with Allure editors and beauty experts.

The $23 price will put them just below the Boxy Charm Base Box and IPSY Glam Bag Plus in price. While both of those boxes feature five full sized items, this promises at least three full sized items out of the six.  I have to say rather than be concerned about the slight price increase, I am intrigued to see what happens.  It’s a bit like watching a sneak attack and I have to say if Allure keeps the quality of their products when they increase price and sizing, they might just be able to take a bite out of Boxy.

In fact, two of the items offered this month are the main reason that I decided to try out Allure.  The first is the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing bar.  It is one of their classic products and I admit, I have tried it before and really enjoyed it.  Even though it is smaller than the full sized bar, it is not a small hotel sized throw away sample either. It is a good sized bar.  In addition Allure Subscribers get a 20% off code should I decide I need to purchase a full sized bar.  (or anything really as the code is just 20% off an order from the erno laszlo site).

The second item that I decided me on the box was the Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum.  I received a couple of foil packets from Sulwhasoo before.  I know one was a moisturizer and the other a serum.  It was a while back (like several years) and I don’t think it was this serum.  I do remember thinking it was amazing and lamenting that at the time my finances were still recovering from a move and I couldn’t afford to pick up a full sized product.  Now of course I can’t remember which of the products I liked so much.  This is why notes are important. And one of the reasons I really wanted this box.

The third item in my Allure box this moth was a full sized Pixi Rose Oil Blend. I have to say I have really been liking oils recently.  I can only use them at night because of the summer sweat factor but I have been using the Malin+Goetz Facial oil for a while now at night and absolutely adore it.  As the weather cools I might expand my use of oils. 

I routinely use Pixi’s various toners (and eyeshadows, seriously nice eyeshadows), but I haven’t tried many of their other skin care products so I am very happy to have not only a Pixi oil to try but a full size so I can give it a full month long trial to see how my skin reacts over time.

The second full sized item is a highlighter from the brand Floss.  I’ve tried their lip glosses and found them nice, but I’ve never tried anything else from the brand.  According to the editor’s blurb in the mini-mag it is supposed to provide a shimmery glow rather than looking like you put glitter on your face.  Since the light glow is kind of my goal with highlighters, I am happy to give it a try.

There was also an H2O+ Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer in this month’s box.  I’ve heard good things about the brand H2O and I generally find that Gel Cream Moisturizers really work well in the warmer months as something about that formula just seems to work with the heat and humidity.  Well at least the good ones do.  I’ll have to schedule this for a trial to see how it works.

The sixth item in my box is a primer, so you know I was happy to see it.  It is the Whish Botanical Primer to be exact.  While not a full sized product it is large enough that I can definitely get a feel for the product and decide if a full sized version needs to be added to my dressing table.  I’ve tried Whish hand lotion before and found it was absolutely gorgeous on the skin.  I didn’t realize they made makeup products, but I look forward to trying it out.

Finally there was a seventh item in my box and it was a sheet mask from Looks & Melli.  It is a brightening mask and as I have never met a mask I am not willing to try out, I am happy to have it.  I’ve never heard of the brand before so it is completely new to me. 

I have to say there were some really good products in my Allure Beauty Box this month.  And I know I mentioned it with the Erno Laszlo cleansing bar, but each of the products came with a discount code as well ranging from 15% to 20% off of a purchase. Given that many of the items in this month’s box are pretty pricy, I really appreciate the extra discount. And as always I appreciate the ability to try products before committing to a rather pricy purchase.

And yes I am also deliciously anticipating watching what happens as Allure goes up in price and expands their range, leaving the Birchbox territory and edging into Boxy Charm’s realm.  Not completely of course, but given the price range, comparisons will be inevitable.  Given the recent disappointing Boxy Charm boxes it will be interesting to see what changes and what stays the same in the subscription box world.  Quite frankly I was already thinking about canceling either my base or premium, I just hadn’t decided which.  A decent Allure box, could make that decision much easier.


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