The Daily: February 25th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and I had a fantastic walk. I am still hoping to make up for the pizza and wings of earlier this week, but over all I feel pretty good about it. My life is never going to be about restrictive dieting. While I am losing weight to reach and maintain a healthy weight loss and I want exercise to be a daily part of my life, I am not going to make it the center of my life.

Life happens around fitness.

My goal is moderation in my enjoyment of things. I’ll admit, I went a little overboard on the pizza and wings this week, and my belly made me pay the price as even when I have indulged in heavy food lately it has all been homemade heavy food. I think it was the level of salt and grease from the takeout that really did me in. As most of the indulgences I’ve had in the near past have all been ones I baked or cooked myself it really does make a difference. I didn’t think it would but apparently my belly thinks otherwise.

I think that treats for a while will either be home made or something in small moderation. Especially as moderation is my goal. My babydoll who is also losing weight to get healthy along side me (and because his doctor informed him it was a good idea) suggested candy as it generally comes in smaller containers that can be more easily meted out. He suggested that I might want to add that to my subscription box list as he thinks it is way better than skincare. While I will agree that candy is nice (I do have a weakness for sour versions while I live with Mr. Sweet Tooth Chocoholic) my love of skin care will not be dimmed.

I actually went looking and while there are several chocolate based subscriptions, some of which look really nice in my search I came across a company called the Candy Club. I actually started drooling when I saw the Blue Raspberry Sour Belts. That is actually one of my weakness candies and the container is right there on the front page. That and oddly the Haribo Peach circles. I have a hard time resisting those as well. I like the fact though that the Candy Club has to be ordered, therefore I can crave it and order it but then I have to wait for it to come in and when it does I can eat it in moderation. If I can pick it up at the store then generally I am craving it and will go through the entire bag quickly. Sometimes the delay is my friend. I think more information needs to be found about the Candy Club. Research needs to be done.

In moderation of course.

For now, lunch was soup with a side salad and tonight’s dinner is going to be asparagus. For the first time this season it was at the store and while the plant is only little nubbins in the back of my garden the bundle at the grocery store was too hard to ignore. So dinner tonight is asparagus.

I haven’t had it since last spring and am already making the nom nom noises at my desk thinking about it. I know in most stores it is there year round, but even though I am willing to sneak in a bunch early, I generally only eat what grows here, when it grows here, so there is a limited window and this is a seasonal treat. There will also be a piece of salmon with it, but tonight it is all about the asparagus.

And yes I realize how silly it is hat the two treats mentioned are in season asparagus and blue raspberry sour candies. What can I say, i like what I like. As long as I remember to like it in moderation, everything will be fine.

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