Perfume Review: Fresh by Zents

Have you ever used a scent and you know that you know the scent from somewhere but you just can’t place it?  That is what happened to me this week.  As you may remember I am working my way through the Zent’s Sample Scent collection which they very kindly sent over to me for review.  The collection has 10 scents in it and I highly recommend picking it up (retail $22) if you are interested in any of the Zents Eau de Toilettes. 

Each week I am reaching into the bag and pulling out one of the vials at random so that I can try them all.  I am actually having a lot of fun treating it as a mystery bag and reaching in to see what surprise scent the week holds for me. 

This week’s scent was called Fresh.  While the Sample Collection does come with a card detailing the scents and the website lays out all of the scent notes beautifully, I like to spritz and sniff and then wear a scent for a few days before looking up the details. This week, that about drove me crazy.

I spritzed, I sniffed and I knew I knew the scent from somewhere.  I just could not remember where I knew it from.  The Fresh Eau de Toilette is well…fresh… and sweet and fairly shoots the word spring into the brain.  It is, as the name implies a very Fresh scent. It is the scent of new blossoms and warmer weather that has yet to reach the stage where it makes you sweat.  It is like that early spring day where it isn’t too terribly warm yet but warm enough that you can open all of your windows and blow the winter stuffiness out of every corner of the house.

It is a very clean scent and I really do like it, yet it is still a familiar one.  Finally I couldn’t take it any more and had to go to the website.  According to Zents the Eau de Toilette Fresh is…

Soothing & Innocent
linden blossom, cucumber, heliotrope, lemon, ambrette

Sparked by the fusion of healing and art, ZENTS FRESH Eau de Toilette becomes a potent potion as it reacts with your body’s natural chemistry. You are the artist, crafting a unique essence that invokes what is in your heart, inviting love, beauty, and joy, and drawing all of life’s most cherished gifts into the present moment. Apply FRESH Eau de Toilette on pulse points and heart area. Your radiance and warmth will bring the scent to life and make it uniquely yours.

ZENTS FRESH Eau de Toilette is pure perfection on its own. It is also fully compatible with other scents and products in the collection.


As with all of the Zents scents, you can blend them to create your own unique scent, which is something I am looking forward to doing once I finish trying them out individually.  I will say that I can smell the linden blossom and the heliotrope.  I think the lemon and the cucumber aid in the freshness of the scent and keep the florals from becoming too cloying.  I had no mental scent depiction of ambrette, but according to The Perfume Society it is…

” Musky, slightly sweet – and maybe a hint of Cognac in there…?  That’s what you’ll get when you smell ambrette, an aromatic medicinal plant (musk mallow) which is native to India and used particularly in Ayurvedic medicine.”

The Perfume Society

I’m not entirely certain I get the cognac in there, but there is something that does help mellow down the florals. I will say though that I was still a bit confused as to why it smelled so familiar until I talked to my mom.  She reminded me that my Great Aunt Olive had linden trees and loads of heliotropes throughout the yard and that when I was little I spent hours playing in the yard. As I can think of no other reason for it to be so familiar, I’m guessing the scent memory lingers.  I remember the flowers and flowering trees but other than purple and white I couldn’t tell you what they were.  I always love the way memory and scent work together. 

While it did give me momentary confusion I have to say I really did enjoy this scent.  It was also the perfect time to pull it out of the bag.  It was spring in a scent and this is the perfect time for it to be worn. It is a lovely fresh scent that I really enjoy.

Like the rest of the Zents scents that I have tried, the scent comes on strong with the first spritz but than almost as though it is embarrassed by its outburst it retreats back to hug the skin.  The slight alcohol scent fades immediately and you are left with a scent that stays close to the skin, perfuming your personal space but not traveling to visit others.  It is a personal scent and one that could easily be worn in an office environment without causing those who may be sensitive to the scents of others trouble. 

I would also say that this is much more of a day time scent than anything else.  This scent is time in the sun, not dinner by candlelight. Or even a drink with friends after work. The day time is where this scent shines, even when like today with the rain sheeting down, the sun really doesn’t. It is lightly floral and sweet with a vegetal citrusy tang that is probably the lemon and the cucumber at work. Fresh is the sort of scent that makes you want to plan picnics before the summer heat rises and this is the perfect time of year for it. I am very glad that this was the week it emerged from the bag of Eau de Toilette samples and I can not wait to see what the Zents collection has in store for me next week.

If you are still looking for the perfect Mother’s day gift, I highly recommend checking out Zents Mother’s day Gift Guide. They have all sorts of gift bags and bundles to provide a relaxing spa like day. I ended up sending my mother the Collection of Petal Bath truffles this year. Normally she loves Oolong but lately she has been talking about trying something different so I thought it would suit her. It is hard to go wrong with the lightly floral scent, soothing epsom salts and silky shea butter. They have plenty of other options however is this isn’t the scent for you.

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