Getting Lippie with Patrick Ta

In the winter lip balms and lip masks are a must for me. We get icy winds that seem to steal product from the lips and leave them dry and chapped. This time of year I have to double check all pockets before doing laundry as I almost always have at least one lip balm tucked away somewhere on my person and I always have at least on on my desk.

The problem with lip balms on the desk though is that they have the tendency to roll around and get nocked out of sight or even roll right off the desk. So when the Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Masque in She’s Juicy came in an IPSY bag and I saw that it was a lovely square pot of product, I decided it was the perfect desk product to try out. I end up dipping into it several times a day.

inner lid

The gold top looks lovely but it collects finger prints fast so I find myself wiping it down a lot. When you twist off the lid there is an inner plastic lid protecting the product. I like that it is a sturdy enough plastic to not fall apart when lifted up several times a day. I also like that the tab on the inner lid is large enough to easily grab and lift the inner lid up.

I know that sounds like an odd thing to like, but I’ve had several products that had really tiny tabs and were hard to grasp so I ended up just prying the lid off with my finger nail. It is a small thing, but to me it matters. It also makes it feel a little more luxe and like someone actually thought that through. The product has a vanilla peppermint scent to it which I like.

You know I have a thing for peppermint.


The balm itself has a sort of shimmer to it. This does make the lips a little shimmery but not by much. When first applied there is a slight tingle to the lips, but there is no plumping that I have noticed. And after a few minutes the tingling fades. About the time that the tingling fades I find that enough of the product had absorbed into my lips that I’m not wiping it off on the rim of my coffee mug. It will always leave lip marks, but when the tingling fades, the product has at least a chance of absorbing in instead of being wiped off.

I find it a good gauge.

on the lips

Is it a better lip product than others I’ve tried? Not really. It is on par with most of them. For me the advantage is actually in the packaging. Not only does the square stay where I put it instead of rolling around, but The gold lid actually draws the eye. What I have found is that when I am working and need to pause and think about my wording, I have a tendency to pick it up and twist the lid back and forth as I think. Then, because I have the lip balm in my hand, I tend to apply it before I put the container back down. So I have actually applied more than I normally would because of the container. And applying more means my lips get more hydration. So they are actually less chapped than usual this year.

Which is a side effect that I like. So for me, the product may be good, but not out of this world spectacular, but the container actually promotes use and convincing myself to use more of the Patrick Ta Lip Masque before my lips get dry and chapped is not a bad thing. while I will be using this for a while longer, I think that because of the advantages of the packaging, I would definitely consider purchasing this product again.

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