The Daily: June 2nd, 2022

I’ll be honest, today I woke up, sweated through my morning walk, showered and decided that I didn’t want to bother with makeup. I was just perfectly fine with going bare faced. I think part of it was the sunscreen. I finished my trial sized tube and so today I just used a spray sunscreen. It was a Neutrogena sunscreen (Beach Defense to be specific) and I usually really like it.

The problem was that I didn’t wait long enough before going outside.

Usually I spray myself down and then I get my mp3 player sorted and untangle my headphones (I know I keep meaning to get a cordless set, and once this set breaks I will I just don’t see the point in replacing them until they do wear out). However today I had everything sored and then remembered I hadn’t put on susnscreen because the sample I was using ran out.

So the spray. Usually I just spray my arms and other exposed non facial bits. Today, the face got it. And I forgot to tuck in my lips before I sprayed too.

It is good sunscreen, it doesn’t taste very good though.

So since I was already ready, the sunscreen was still wet when I stepped outside. And then the wind kicked up blowing dust on the still wet sunscreen. You see where I am going with this. I didn’t think it was an issue but by the time I returned home I felt like I was covered in sand paper. Sticky sand paper that tasted bad. So I showered and decided I was done with products for the moment.

It helps that today I am working alone at my desk so I didn’t have to be seen by anyone. Not even a video call on the line up.

So I got my exercise in and while I was protected under a layer of SPF I made a few minor errors. So if you would like giggle at my day and take forward this lesson, even good skincare needs a moment to dry and settle in so it doesn’t become a dust magnet in the wind.

I know, not terribly profound, but that’s what I got today.

And so for me and my bare (and now sandpaper free) skin, it is back to work. I hope you have a fabulous rest of Thursday my darlings and remember sometimes timing is everything.

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