Five Fabulous Leave In Hair Products

I love a good leave in hair product, especially as I tend to use masks only once a week. So lets take a look at the five that made my top list this year.

1- Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandlewood

  • This is a really great leave in conditioner that leaves hair soft and manageable, but not sticky or greasy. It can be used every day. And it can be used on both dry or wet hair. When i use it on wet hair I comb through a little of the product into my hair and let it dry. Usually I let it dry naturally and then find my hair is easier to style later. When I use it on dry hair I tend to use a lot less and I put it on my hands, rub my hands together and use it to smooth down my hair to eliminate fly aways. The schet is fantastic and definatlye in the spicky sandlewood realm. I really enjoy it.

2- Foxybae 12-in-1 Daily Leave in Hair Mask

  • I don’t remember what all twelve of the uses for this product were but I do know that if i am going to style my hair right after I get out of the shower then this is one of the two products I reach for. It hydrates the hair and protects against brakeage from hot styling. I notice i have fewer fly aways when I use this before hot styling as well.

3- Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder

  • This will always be on my favorites list. It is a great heat protector and it is fantastic at giving hair a little shine when it feels dull (like when you have put off redying your hair and it needs a little pick me up without looking greasy).It takes down fly aways and it my favorite detangler. It quite honestly is the one product i never run out of. I try lots of other things but there is always a bottle of this on my hair care line up. The fact that it is only $8 is just good for my wallet.

4- Klorane Nourishing spray for dry hair

  • Most of the year, my hair is not dry. At this time of year, my hair becomes dry. i use this sparingly but it is one of the few nourishing products I can use on my hair that gives it some much needed moisture without weighing t down or making it look greasy. Ine maybe two spritzes will do for me when my hair is winter dry. it doesn’t sound like much but it does help keep down the breakage and it smells fantastic.

5- Saints and Sinners Velvet Divine Leave in Conditioner

  • I love this conditioner. Which is why it is on this list. It conditions without weighing down the hair and it makes it feel like velvet. it is soft and manageable and has a scent like a high end salon. I love a light spray of this right after I get out of the shower. it only really works with wet hair, but it is well worth keeping just outside of the shower. it is also the reason that in this coming year i am going to look into more Saints and Sinners Products.

And those my darlings are my top five leave in hair care products. I know my favorites lists tend to be a little heavy on the hair care but it is one of those things that is not weight dependent. I can treat my hair to something luxurious and not worry if it actually comes in my size. not everything is a good fit, but that is just my hair type and nothing to do with size. So it is often where I treat myself. plus I just love experimenting with products. And these were the best i came across this year.

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