The Daily: January 19th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. What a week this has been. I feel like it has been quite the wild ride. I know it is only Thursday and technically Monday was a holiday but it does mean that Tuesday and Wednesday were both off the rails packed and Thursday has been much the same. While Monday was the observance of MLK Day and a federal holiday, Tuesday I planned to make up for the holiday. However things with my mother inturupted.

In the best possible way of course. It was a very happy inturuption.

It also meant that Wednesday I tried to catch up from Monday and Tuesday. I was only partially successful so instead of Thursday being the day where I work really hard in the morning and realize I can sort of coast into Friday, Thursday is going to be one hectic day.

It is also one wet day. There are a series of storm fronts passing through and dropping rain down on us today in buckets. It is kind of interesting actually. We have a stretch of gray and quiet where the sun looks like it is thinking about poking through for a visit. The attempt is apparently seen by storm clouds as some sort of insurrection and it is put down by really strong winds followed by a brief deluge where the rain makes actual pock marks in the ground. Then, dominance reestablished the rain and wind back off and the entire process starts again. I am timing my running out of the house to do things (like chase after the trash can that I didn’t realize was still out (completely empty thank god) and has been sent on a mission to the neighbors. At that time I found my neighbor (who has some form of severe dementia and rotating caregivers) also had the trash can out. I brought it back and got a thumbs up from the Hospice nurse just before the deluge returned.

The look below is what I started with this morning but to be honest, most of hit has been washed away. It started to look like I was melting so i went ahead and recovered my makeup for the day since this afternoon is just me at the desk. The lipstick survived the rain without an issue though. It is supposed to be a long wearing lipstick and in all fairness it was the last to go. But I did take pictures this morning so we’ll go with those.

Today’s Look

Primer: PinkLipps Soft Matte Primer

Foundation HIDE Invisible Oil-free Medium Full Coverage Foundation

Bronzer/powder: KAB Cosmetics Contour Palette

Blush: NARS Orgasm Blush

Eyeshadow: Too Faced: Sweet Peach Palette

Mascara: Milk Makeup Kush Mascara

Lips: Guerlain 16 hour Wear Velvet Matte Lipstick in Black Red

Okay let’s dive in. This was my first use of the Pinklipps primer. In fact it was my first pink lips product. I’ve seen the brand but never tried anything from them. This is a balm style primer and it is thick. It does a really good job filling in pores but it felt a little waxy. I am not sure if I applied too much. It looks great but it doesn’t feel the greatest. It is really good for filling in fine lines though. I will definately be playing around with it.

This is the second use for the HIDE foundation and I really like the way it blends out. I still think the container feels cheap but the product is nice. I did notice that as I didn’t apply primer on my forehead, the foundation did sink right into the lines on my forehead pretty fast. Nothing was getting through the spackle that was my primer today, but I could see it needed something under it from my forehead application. I suspect i will enjoy this foundation with a primer but not without.

This was the first use of the KAB Cosmetics Contour palette that came in my advent calendar this year. (Glossy Box I believe) Mine doesn’t say whether it is volume 1 or 2 but I think it is 1. It has bronzers that suit my skin tone now and ones I will lean towards in the summer. It also had pans I could use as just powder, which I also used today. I really like the powder. The bronzer I like in tone but it is a very pigmented product, so remember that in application and go lightly. It does build and it does blend so I enjoyed that. The palette is a bit big. While I do like the amount of product in the palette with the big pans, I tend to forget to reach for the big palettes. I am going to try to remember because I like this, but There is the tendency for the big palettes to get pushed to the back and forgotten. They are good products though so hopefully I won’t forget them.

I forgot just how much I loved the NARS blush. The Shade orgasm is just so beautiful. I know I will try to reach for other products, but I really like having this NARS around again.

With the eyeshadow I went with the Too Faced Peach. Partially because I just liked the scent of the palette. It seemed summer warm on a day that is anything but. I really enjoyed using it. I had to tap the brush to get the excess powder off as Too Faced shadows do get a little powdery, but it was worth it. I really liked how the shadows came out. I was kind of sad the look was destroyed by the rain.

Although it was the mascara that suffered the worst, which is kind of sad because the Milk Makeup was on point today. Long, think and fluffy, I think my lashes looked great. until they turned me racoon-like anyway. I used two coats and the Kush Mascara looked fabulous.

I decided to round out the fabulous with the Guerlain lip. I initially tried a liked peach toned gloss but the peach tones just didn’t suit so I went with the black red of the velvet Guerlain. This is too pricy a lippie for me to get in every color, but it is a fantastic formula. The color pay off is fantastic, if feels soft and nourishing on the lips and I simple adore it. I have the refillable case so I will just keep refilling it with my favorite shade. Admittedly I am thinking that for my birthday I might get a second case and one of the more neutral shades so I can have both a red and a neutral. That is either going to be my birthday peresent to myself or my reward for getting my weight back into the range where it starts with a one instead of a two. I haven’t decided. But either way, it is a fabulous lipstick.

And so that is me today, or it was until I suffered rain damage and went to seek out the makeup remover. I am bare faced for the rest of the day and I think I am going to take advantage of that and apply one of the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye masks on while I work. Which alas, I must now get back to. Have a fabulous Thursday my darlings and try to stay dry.

Wander Beauty

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