The Daily: November 18th, 2020

I am fairly certain that this week needs to be renamed ‘The Week of the unexpected delays’. While Monday was fine, Tuesday featured a tire blow out and unexpected automotive replacement, and today featured the bombarding of conference calls.

My ear has gone numb from too much time spent pressed against the phone. I tried using the speaker phone but the sound was just too poor for the call.

As a result everything I more or less planned for the day went out of the window. So there was no catching up from tuesday’s missing time just a planning to catch up tomorrow for Tuesday and Wednesday. There are worse things of course. I’d rather be too busy than bored.

But if you will forgive the momentary whine – I had a plan. An actual bonafide plan for this week. And now it is scuppered. Usually I have a loose and easily maneuvered to do list instead of an actual plan. I made the plan in an effort to be more productive. Clearly that did not work out.


Okay pity party over, I just had to get my moment of complaint in. So day two with no real exercise but I did managed to stick to my calories. Tonight I am making Cauliflower curry for dinner. As long as I don’t go overboard with the rice I should be fine. And tonight I will dream of getting back on track. Next week though I am going back to my loose and easily adjusted plan. Oddly enough i get more done that way than when I am trying to be productive by using an actual plan. And there is a lot less stress because I don’t feel like i am running to catch up. Let’s here it for the to do list method of life organization.

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