Unboxing the February 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

I always love when the Look Fantastic Box shows up on my doorstep. I think it is because the only spoiler I ever see is in the back of the previous month’s pamphlet as their Sneak Peak. And then I forget what i saw so everything is a surprise. Plus I often get items and brands I’ve never heard of mixed in with familiar favorites. Incidentally in the back of the February’s pamphlet is March’s sneak peak. It is the Sachajuan Volume Styling Cream (125 ML). I’ve heard of the brand but never tried any of their hair care products, so that should be fun.

This month there was a hair mask from Paradox in the Look fantastic box. It is the Paradox Repair Game Changer Hair mask. I have tried a hair mask from this brand before and I really enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to trying this mask out and hope it works as well as the last one. It is in a metal tin and I couldn’t help but open it. The tin is quite full, which is always a ood sign. I’ll have to look into ingredients before I try it out but do you know what it smells like? It smells like those natural deodorant creams. I find that a little strange, but also an excuse to go on an ingredient investigation so that might be fun as well.

original on left and this months version on the right

The second item I had to double check because of the packaging. It is the Dr. Botanicals Lemon Repair cream. I’ve gotten this before in a different subscription box (I think it was Birchbox) and I loved it. Then I found a store near me (walgreens) that sold it and I picked up another travel sized tube for my purse. this has the rainbow colors rather than the yellow tube but is it exactly the same cream so I am thrilled. The tube from my purse is almost empty so it is nice to have a replacement.

Funny thing is that I used to put my least favorite hand creams in my purse so if I was away from home and needed hand cream I would go ahead and use them up because there was no alternative. Now with hand sanitizer drying my hands out at every turn I am putting my favorite hand creams in my purse because I know I will need to reach for them. Not the only switch up in my world but a slightly amusing one nonetheless.

Moving along this month there is a Balance Me Vitamin C Eye serum in this month’s box. Balance me and I have scent issues. The products are always fantastic though, the scents are just too strong and almost always remind me of industrial floor polish. Occasionally furniture polish. Which kind of makes the sample sized versions good for me. I can use them and then about the time I can’t take the scent any more, the product is gone and I have moved on. I don’t think I’ve tried the eye cream so that will be a nice change.

he BYBI Clarity Cleanse is completely new to me. I have not heard of the brand and clearly not tried the product. I am always up for finding new cleansers though. It is one of those categories I will always use. No matter what else happens during the day, I will always wash my face in the morning and again at night. More than any other product in my skincare line up, I like having an array or products that I know I can pick up because they will work for me. I like having both drug store and high end brands that I know I can consistently reach for. Because if i run out of cleanser I may order one of my favorites on line, but I will also run out and pick one up from the store to hold me until the order arrives. Since I know nothing about this brand I suspect it isn’t going to be one I can just run out and pick up. And of course since I haven’t tried it, I don’t yet know if I’ll want to. But I like trying new cleansers. I do have to add I had a hard time finding this one. There were other BYBI products listed but I couldn’t find the clarity cleanser anywhere. I will have to look further.

There is one makeup item in my Look Fantastic box this month. This box does tend to be a little heavy on the skin care but usually there are a couple of makeup items. This month’s makeup item is one I already own. It is a travel size of the Lottie London Ombre Blush. It is an interesting product. Because it is ombre there are color variations across the pan. The darker sections of the blush work fantastically for me. The lighter shades are too bright pink. While this does work well in a larger pan. It isn’t very good in a small trial size like this because no matter how carefully you dip into the pan you will get multiple shades on the brush. The pigmentation and blendability are great and I would consider getting a full size of the darker shade (if it is offered). Since I already have this blush I will be passing it on, but I don’t mind it.

Glov is a frequent brand to this box and this month there is a packet of two reusable makeup remover pads. They are small heart shaped cut outs that feel quite soft. I am always looking for reusable products so I will happily give them a try to see how they perform. Some Glov products I have really liked and others I just can’t stand so it will be interesting to see which category these fall into.

And finally we have item number seven in this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box. And it kind of amuses me. This is the Pixi Glow Tonic exfoliating toner. I have tried this toner before and really liked it. what amuses me is that after I used up the bottle I purchased I went back to the store to restock and they were out. In fact they have been consistently out of this product every time I go. This and the Clarity Toner are my two favorite Pixi products and the two I would continually repurchase. Unfortunately both are almost always out of stock whenever I go to purchase them. And now a subscription box sends me a small (15ML) sized bottle. It feels a bit like they are taunting me.

We know you like this, but you can’t have a full sized bottle, oh no. But you can have the small one, just don’t try to repurchase.

I’m sure they aren’t intentionally taunting me, but as I again looked for the toner this weekend and came up short, it just feels that way. I am happy to have it though. It is a good product and once I finish trying out the sample toner I’ve got going now, I will use this up. I just find it amusing. And yes I know I can order the toner. But it has been gone from the store so many times that i am now determined to buy it at the store here. Just once. Then I’ll probably order it. I do have other toners so it isn’t a major thing. Its really just me being stubborn.

So there you have my February Look Fantastic box in all it’s unboxed glory. And you unintentionally got a peek at a little piece of my internal crazy. Sorry about that. And I don’t really think that Pixi and Target are deliberately hiding toners from me. Or taunting me with samples in subscription products that I can’t find because the racks are always empty. Since I tend to go shopping at the same time each week, I know it probably is a timing issue. There is no collusion.

I’m like 87% sure anyway.

This month was a pretty good box for me. There were a couple of products I love and a couple that I want to try. There is one I will pass on and the rest will be put to use here. With th seven items it feels like the box was overflowing this month. I will say that I wasn’t too thrilled with the booklet that came with the box. While there was a picture showing all the variation items, they only broke out their favorite four. So there was less information about the products that i received than usual. I think they might have had more variation items than usual so that’s why they chose it. They did include heaps of other information about skincare routines and even a Valentines Day Book club, but I would have liked a little more info on the products I actually received. It is a minor complaint as far as these things go though and I’ll just end up looking up items before i use them. Otherwise, great box.

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