The Daily: July 28th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I’ll be honest, today was not a makeup day. This morning I was a little stuffy when waking but after my morning walk I could practically feel the bags under my eyes start to sag. My eyes were watery and itchy as well. we had a brief bout of rain and it seemed to have brought up a whole bunch of stuff into the air.

Luckily I just got in a new batch of the Klorane Smoothing and Soothing eye patches. They feel cool on the skin and that alone helps take down a lot of the puffiness and bags, but the soothing is also fantastic for allergy season. Plus the gel consistency keeps them in place while i work so i can keep going even if my allergies attack. which is good because today has been a very busy one.

The odd scheduling from the past two days has finally caught up with me. So there is a mountain to do, but at least my eyes are starting to feel better. It isn’t the most glamorous look, but as all interaction with others involves the phone or e-mail today, I am good. I started with a set of these eye patches this morning right after my post walk shower and ended up with a second set shortly after lunch.

I generally try to space them out and not do more than one set in a day, but today, between the mold and the grass seed, I need a double dose. and as effective as these are in taking down the bags, I have never had a problem with too much use from them. They are gentle as well as effective. I still don’t like using them too much in one go, but today the double use was worth it.

So I got my walk in, along with an unhealthy dose of allergens and I used the ab wheel again. I know it will take a while before anything shows, but man are my muscles feeling the use. So at least i feel like it is doing something. we are supposed to have more rain coming in a little while I’m hoping it is enough to wash some allergens out of the air for a bit and not a small amount that just makes the problem worse. Admittedly my time outside today is done. I have holed up with the air purifier going and I changed the hepa filter on the air vents. With the brand new air system we spent a hearty chunk of change on in May, the air in the house is as clear as it can be. I think for the rest of the day, me and my sinuses are going to stay in the air filtered bubble and hope for better news in the morning. I have my fingers crossed that the rain will wash the air clear for my morning walk. As tomorrow is a work in the house day again, if I can just get through that morning walk i shall be golden. Today however is eye patches and filtered air. (along with sinus medication to keep the nose in check).

I know it is just that stage of summer. It happens every year. This year seems a little worse though. I think that part of it, is that the face masks filtered out a lot of things when worn for the past two years. This year, the masks are being worn less so more allergens are getting in. So maybe it just feels worse because of the lack of personal filter. Either way, I know the next two to three weeks are going to be allergy city. Which is of course why I stocked up on the eye masks to begin with. Early spring when things just start growing and late summer when the intermittent rains and heat bring up mold and lead us into the end of the growing season are when under eye masks really shine. don’t get me wrong, I like them in other parts of the year, but now is their time of glory. Viva la under eye masks!

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