The Daily: May 24th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope all is well with you. After the insanity that was yesterday, today is running along smoothly. I don’t want to say that too loudly in case anyone is listening and decides I don’t have enough trauma in my day. Thus far, two thumbs up.

Well maybe one and a half.

The neighborhood cats are back. They have decided that the one low garden bed in the back of the yard is actually their litter box. It means about half of the newly sprouted seedlings were destroyed after they decided to bury their waste. My babydoll is picking up some natural cat repellant that should be okay with the plants. With luck that will work. I’d hat to have an entire garden bed that i can’t use. Admittedly i will now have to replant most of it, but that is something for weekend me to deal with.

Today I am again working at my desk. And if nothing happens, then it will remain that way until the end of the day. I have my fingers crossed. This morning it was only in the mid fifties so I had a lovely walk without feeling like my skin was going to melt off my bones. It was glorious. I don’t know how many mornings I am going to get like that, so I am going to be waking up just a little bit earlier the rest of the week to take advantage while I can. I figure one nice walk in the morning and then one sweaty one after the heat has broken and i will be able to keep on track. Thus far I am good. usually this system lasts until mid June. I am not entirely sure i will get that long this year but I am hoping. Every time I see my neighbor he predicts a scorcher of a summer. He isn’t an officially accurate gauge but he keeps repeating it so it is stuck in my head like a song i just can’t forget. I hope he is wrong though.

Today’s Look

Primer: Stila All about the Blur Primer

Foundation: IRL Filter foundation from Revolution Beauty

Bronzer: Fenty Beauty Sun StalkR palette

Blush: Yensa Serum Silk Cream Blush

Setting Powder: Anastasia Beverly Hills Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette (currently on sale on the HUDA site for $26.80 instead of $67 if you are interested. The link is general and not an affiliate one if you click it then you will just go to the main brand site)

Mascara: MAC Magic Extension Mascara

Lips: NARS in Shanghai Express topped with Fenty Gloss bomb in Diamond Milk

Okay, still getting the hang of this primer but I am really liking it. I can tell this Stila Primer is going to be on the favorites list this year. I am wrapping up my Revolution trial and since i already know what I think about it (review tomorrow) I went ahead and used the Stila today with the Revolution. It is a really good foundation. Lots of coverage without lots of product and it wears well.

I used the Fenty bronzer today because the palette lets me adjust which shade works for me. while I am mostly in my summer skin already, I am not full on summer tan yet so having a palette works for me. I do like the formula as well. this and the Fenty Gloss Bomb are pretty much my two favorite Fenty Products. And I used the Gloss Bomb to top the Nars Lipstick. it is a Matte lipstick, but i thought today needed just a little bit of gloss. They work well together and I adore the newer Nars lipsticks. They are less dry than they were before but still last well.

This is the second use of the Yensa blush and I am in love. A quick swirl in the pan with the brush and the blush applie beautifully. It belnds out so well and doesn’t leave a spot where the brush initially touched down. I am very impressed by this cream blush and have a feeling i will be using it for a while.

The ABH Setting powder is good. it sets well but is so messy. I always feel a little wasteful when I use it because of how much powder gets scattered everywhere. It is a good setting powder, but the mess of it occasionally gets to me. So once this one is empty i am not entirely sure i will repurchase it even though it performs well.

Today is more about the eyes than anything. I reached for one of my neutral palettes and then I saw the Huda and decided today that was the one I wanted. I did start off with a soft look but then I saw Mercury. It is kind of a mermaid blue and I just had to go for it. I think that is one of the reasons I don’t reach for it a lot. I open it and think, yeah I can create an everyday look with this. Which I can. but then in the middle of the everyday look I see the shimmers and just can’t resist. I really do like the shadows though. They perform really well. The mattes blend so beautifully. I will end up getting a wear line through the shimmer though since I didn’t use a lid primer. If I use one I don’t get the line (i have hooded eyes so it wears where the fold). it doesn’t bother me that much so I don’t bother with the lid primer. Mostly because I haven’t really found a lit primer I like. At the moment I use concealer when I want to use a lid primer, which is rarely. But it works well. There are just so few times where it is that important.

I may actually keep this palette out and use it more. It is light and summery and I really do love the way it performs. And who knows, after a few days of giving into the shimmers I may be able to resist and come up with a more office friendly look. Today of course the shimmers won.

I can’t say I am as thrilled with the MAC Mascara though. It has a very strong scent and it requires at least three coats to look how I prefer. It is a fine everyday mascara, but there is nothing to make it stand out. There is nothing that makes me want it over other mascaras. In fact I have several drug store mascaras I prefer. Plus the scent gives me a bit of a headache. I’ll use it, but then I will let it go. I am left with the thought every time I use it that MAC is usually better than this.

And with that my darlings I will leave you. there are e-mails to answer, calls to return and editing to be done. And today, i am the one who has to do it. I will see you bright and early tomorrow though, so have a great afternoon.

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