December 2020 BoxyCharm Premium Unboxing

Yesterday afternoon I had a surprise waiting on my doorstep.  My Boxycharm premium box arrived.  I know, I ordered it so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.  However, this month, there was no e-mail sent to let me know it shipped or to give me an arrival date.  It simply appeared on my doorstep.

Which I’m okay with. I was wondering when they were going to ship it.  December is one of those months where I always get a little nervous about packages. I watch tracking numbers constantly.  Usually the post is good, but around the holidays the sheer volume can cause delays and mishaps.  This year I imagine the amount of shipping has doubled.  I know I sent out at least twice as many packages as usual this year than I did last year.

So even if the box arrived without notification, at least it means I didn’t watch it’s progress through the system.

Boxy Charm has several tiers to their subscription service.  The regular tier is $25, the Premium is $35 and the Luxe, which comes out quarterly, is $50. While I did have all three tiers, I have since pared it back to one.  I kept the Boxy Premium category (for $35) because after several months it was the one that offered more consistently good boxes.  At least good for me.  I didn’t worry about not keeping the others as at the beginning of the month BoxyCharm has add ons and they have started listing some of the other items, so if there was one or two items in one of the other tiers (or offered as a choice) that I wanted, I could usually purchase it then.  In fact I did that with this box, but we’ll get to that later.

So what was in my $35 Boxy Charm Premium this month?

Well, the first item out of the box was the item I chose.  It was the Viseart 12 pan Neutral Mattes Eyeshadow palette (retail $80).  I have to ay I was pleased to see a Viseart palette in the box this month. It isn’t a brand that has been in Boxy Charm before and it is one I have always been curious about.  I have never tried their shadows.  They were always so expensive but didn’t actually look like they should be as expensive as they are so I could never bring myself to buy them. 

Part of it is the packaging.  That plastic cover just sort of gave me drugstore vibes.  I will say holding it in my hand, I have to change my opinion on that.  The plastic is thick and sturdy and in no way cheap.  I’m still not entirely certain why it is an $80 eyeshadow palette, but hopefully once I start using it, I will figure that out.  I’m actually quite happy I get a chance to try it. You know without spending the $80.

The second item out of my box this month made me smile. It was from Elemis.  I am a huge fan of the brand and thus far I have never tried a product from them that I didn’t like.  Maybe I’ve gotten lucky with my selections or maybe my skin somehow fits squarely into their formula, but it is a brand I will always be happy to see in any subscription box.

This month I received the Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask (retail $82). I’m not entirely certain the system for using the eyemask.  It may be used like a regular face mask or something used over night, but I will certainly look up the details, give it a try and report back. 

This Elemis product was one of two  products from the brand that could be in my box this month and since the add on section of the website was still up when I received my box, I actually went on to the site and ordered the sleeping mask that I did not receive in my box.  I adore sleeping masks.  So nce it comes in, I will be trying that one out as well.

But that was not in my box, it was something I ordered, so on with the box.

Item number three was the True + Luscious Lucky Glow Palette (retail $46).  It is a blush, bronze and highlight palette.  I’ve never heard of the brand before, but look forward to giving it a try.  I am enthused by how large the pans are.   

I know that sounds strange but I have had face palettes before that were small enough that when I used the brush on the blush I also picked up bronze and highlight which made using them difficult. This seems large enough that it wouldn’t be an issue.  So fingers crossed that the product is good..

Moving along I pulled a small bubble wrapped vial from the box.  Once the bubble wrap was removed I found a bottle of The Lifestyle Co’s 100% Natural Cuticle oil.  (retail $22). I don’t mind having cuticle oil and each year just before new year’s I always do a nice manicure, so if I use the cuticle oil from now until my New Year’s prep perhaps my cuticles will look extra fabulous.  It seems to be a nice product, but I won’t lie, it’s pretty hard for me to get excited about cuticle oil. At least upon initial viewing. Once I actually start using it, I could get really excited. It is one of those products that gets more exciting it results occur.

I was more excited about the set of Crown All eyes on you 5-piece Luxe Brush set.(retail $34.95). It looks like an interesting set.  The bristles feel soft and none of them were falling out upon arrival.  I will give them a go and see what I think of them.  My brush collection is more of a mishmash of brushes so it will be nice to actually use a full set for the week.

And this brings us to the final item in this month’s Boxy Charm Premium box. It is the Elizabeth Mott It’s so Big Volumizing Mascara (retail $20). I have tried an Elizabeth Mott Primer before and really liked it. I know nothing about any other products, but the primer was really nice so I am happy to try out something more from the brand.  And I am a fan of volumizing mascara.  At the moment I have several products open so it may take me a few weeks to start trying this one out, but I am looking forward to it. I won’t open it until i start to use it so the look of the wand will have to remain a mystery to all of us at the moment.

Over all, I found this to be a really good box.  There were brands I love and brands I wanted to try.  There were brands I knew very little about and some I had never heard of before.  While I am a big skin care fan, recently boxes have been so loaded down with skin care that I really missed the makeup. This was a makeup heavy month.  It also seemed concentrated on the eyes.  I don’t mind that, I just think it’s kind of amusing. As for return on investment.  I paid $35 and received $ 284.95 worth of product.  So I am happy.  Personally the fact that I received an Elemis product for essentially $35 made me happy with the box.  But as everything in this box is something I want to try out, I am very happy with the mix and looking forward to keeping the subscription in the new year.

Incidentally if you are looking to stock up on Elemis, they are still having their extended Seven Days, Seven Surprises holiday sales. Today is day four and the promotion is: Unwrap 50% off Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil & Marine Oil.* Use Code: DAY4. I missed out on the Marine Oil when it was a Boxy Charm Item and I have been kicking myself ever since. At the time i didn’t see the point of oils as a category, then of course I tried them and really like them (well some of them) so I have wanted to try one from elemis ever since. Now might just be the time.

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