Weekly Weigh In: 214.0 lbs

Some of you may be looking at that number and think, that seems awfully familiar. Well, that is because it is the same as last week. This week was a lesson in moderation. At the beginning of the week I went into my walks guns blazing. After a week of no sunlight and bad weather conditions we had beautiful walking weather, sunshine and fifty degree temps.

It was glorious.

And so I walked, a lot. On Monday and Tuesday. Which is why Wednesday and Thursday I felt sore and stiff and was disinclined to move much of anywhere. I justified skipping walks on Wednesday because I had a bunch of errands I had been putting off. So I just let that take my walking time. Thursday I didn’t really have much of an excuse, I just didn’t walk. I could claim work, because it was a busy day, but really, I worked myself out on Monday and Tuesday.

Anything else is just an excuse.

And I think that is something to watch out for, because it shows. I know that regular consistent exercise chips away slowly at my excess weight and that overdoing it a few days a week and collapsing the rest doesn’t help. I think it was because exercise was so absent for an entire week that I just went bonkers. It is a good reason to have that workout set up for indoors on bad weather days. That way I can still get my workouts in on days where I am not leaving the house and not feel the need to over do it when I can actually get out of the house. And this may sound familiar to you, because I’ve said it before. It’s because I know it. Sometimes I need the reminder.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 214.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 214.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost over all: 32. 0 lbs

I have to say seeing the starting weight with my current weight does give me a little hope. I means that even though today there was little progress, I am inching along. It has been a one step forward one step back sort of thing, but still progress has been made and will continue to be made. Even if this week I forgot myself. It is encouraging to see that I am not where I started off.

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