The Daily: March 24th, 2022

Ah, here that sound? It is the sound of the telephone not ringing. Isn’t it glorious. It has been mostly silent all day. And yes, after yesterdays everyone must call Mimsy day, I did think the ringer might have gotten turned off. But no, apparently everyone got their calls in yesterday. or my phone is just exhausted and no longer putting them through.

It has been kind of nice. I went on a long walk this morning and felt really good about it by the time i got home. It was as though in addition to exercising the fresh air simply blew the mental cobwebs away. of ciurse it also almost blew me away too. the wind was something fierce today. All of the trees in the park looked like they were competing with those blow up balloon men they have outside used car lots. You know the plastic tube attached to a fan?

It was like nature said, “I can do that too you know.”

It was interesting walking in such wind. At times it sped me along and at times it felt as though it really wanted me to work for every step. I’m sure it will balance out in the end. It is rare that wind is a factor in my exercising.

I did have to dodge a run away wheelie bin on my way back to the house. It was empty and being chased by a man clearly working from home. He had the dress shirt and necktie on, paired with superman pajama pants and socks. Not something you see running through the neighborhood often. Kind of fun. And he did managed to secure his trash can without spillage, so all was well. And I got my exercise in.

Today’s Look:

Pre-makeup: Embryolisse lait Creme

Primer: Lorac Light Source 3-in1 Illuminating Primer

Foundation: Wander Beauty Nude Illusion Foundation

Bronzer: Nudestix Nudies Bronzer stick

Blush: Illamasqua Colour Veil Gel Blusher

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: KVD Beauty Single Eyeshadow in Lolita

Mascara: Athr Beauty Big Bang Mascara

Lips: Mac Love me Lipstick in Bated Breath

I’ll be honest, today was mostly about picking up quick products that i didn’t have to think about too much. Except for the primer and Bronzer. The new primer arrived in the mail yesterday and i couldn’t resist using it. Because it is so illuminating, I ended up leaving off the highlighter. I love the way it applied. It has a sort of skincare scent to it, so I am going to have to look into the additional properties. I think this is a primer that I will have to think about the foundation I pair it with. I think for me it will go well with a matte foundation, but i think it would be too glow-y for me if I tried it with an illuminating foundation. So it will be something to watch. If you like a more glow-y look this might be something for you to look into. For me it added depth to the foundation that I really like. I will just have to play around with it.

Todays foundation was the Wander Beauty Nude Illusion. I really like this foundation. It’s sole drawback is that when you pull the doe foot wand out it splatters small drops over things. So you have to remember to open it over a cloth of some kind. Beyond that it is fabulous. Because it is my skin tone for the winter, I have been reaching for it on weekends. The reason is that I have had it for a while and it was getting low on product. I didn’t want to risk it hanging around for another summer just so I could use it next winter. As a result, today was the last use of product. So this tube of wander beauty is off to the empties bin. It was a fantastic foundation and I will be purchasing it again once i’ve whittled down my currently open foundations. This color is fair and it matches me well in the winter and edging into spring, but it is already getting to the time of year where garden chores have my skin shifting tones so perhaps it is a good thing I am letting this go. if I purchase it for winter use again I will go with fair. If not then I will have to figure out my shade. I will have to see about that when the time comes.

The Illamasqua, No 7, KVD Vegan Beauty and Mac lipstick all performed beautifully. They are some of my favorite go to products and I don’t have to really think about them. They work and they are fabulous. The Athr beauty mascara is growing in me. it takes a few coats but then everything is great and thee is little to no fading or flaking throughout the day.

And then there is the Nudestix. I like the color and I like the pigmentation. It is just not the best at blending. It wants to stay in that one line. If it can it will. When you start to blend it, it starts to disappear as though it wants to go off and sulk somewhere. I suspect it is a formula that needs to be warmed up before use. I am going to try holding it in my hand to warm it up a bit before my next use to see if it performs better. At the moment though, I’m not a huge fan. I will keep playing around with it on the chance that it is user error. Lord knows I’ve made mistakes applying product before.

And so my darlings that is my look. I was going for simple easy breezy and I think i got there. I really liked going for the one and done look with the eyeshadow and I am both sad and proud that the Wander Beauty Foundation is now going to the empties bin. Sad it is leaving, but proud I managed to use every last drop before it expired. I know, strange thing to be proud of, but it makes me happy. I hope the rest of your day is fabulous and I will see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning.

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