Rub a dub dub it’s Foamie in the Tub

This bar of Foamie Shower Body bar came in a subscription box and even though I usually don’t get all that excited about a bar of soap, I have to say I was excited to try this one out. There were two reasons for my excitement.

The first was scent based. Even as I opened the subscription box, the scent wafted up to me. Once the box containing the soap was lifted out and opened the scent was even stronger. The scent was papaya and it smelled delicious. It also smelled like a wonderful summery bath time scent.

In the summer everyone seems to go for watermelon, strawberry or coconut. I know, they are popular scents and this is their season to shine. But after a while it can be a bit much. This papaya scented soap is lightly fruity and slightly sweet and very much a summery scent. I think because I have had so much watermelon and coconut in my products lately, I was extra thrilled by the scent.

textured side

And while this scent is strong in the bar and after a shower does tend to leave the bathroom smelling a bit papaya esque, the scent does fade fairly quickly from the skin so as intense as the scent is in both the box and the shower, it doesn’t really linger as more than a slight scent on the skin. And even that you pretty much have to press your nose against your arm to smell it.

It was a nice aroma for the post shower bathroom though.

The shower body bar from Foamie does lather well and rinse away clean. I do like that it has a Ribbon to hang the soap from a hook in the bathroom (My shampoo caddy has one at the bottom which was perfect.) I like this because one of the reasons I am usually not a big fan of soap in the shower (I generally use a body wash) is because I absolutely hate that soft gunky mush on the bottom of the bar of soap where it has been sitting against something.

reaching the end

Even if you don’t have somewhere to hang this, then there is less gunky surface as the bottom of the bar is textured instead of flat.

The other reason I was excited to see this bar of soap was because it is a papaya and oat milk bar. My babydoll has allergies that occasionally cause him to break out in red skin irrigations when he comes in contact with certain types of mold and things. The antihistamines take down a lot of it but sometimes his skin remains irritated and oat milk based soaps have a good soothing effect on his skin.

wears fairly evenly in the shower, the use after this the soap broke free of the cord

Admittedly he doesn’t like a lot of the scents that oat milk soap tends to come in, so it is always a quest to stock up each summer. He liked the scent of this and it is also why I only tried the soap a couple of times to see how it performed (foams well and rinses clean, leaves little scent behind) and then turned the soap over to him.

He really liked using and loved the formula. His one complaint is that the bar didn’t last as long as some of his other bar soaps. As you can see it is nearly gone. His one suggestion was to make it a little bigger so it would last longer, otherwise he loved it. I think he was a bit surprised that he liked it as he thought the scent was over the top fruity. However he was pleased the scent faded and the oat milk took down his skin irritations. If t was just a little bit bigger, he would have been thrilled. I suspect, we will be getting this bar again in the near future as he asked me to look into whatever other scents they have. I think he’s hoping for something in a spruce. I don’t think they have that, but they do have mint, so perhaps that will be getting a try in a shower soon. Over all this Foamie Shower Body Bar was a winner.

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