The Daily: May 17th, 2021

Good Afternoon my darlings and welcome to a brand new week. I made it to the gym today, despite wanting to stay in bed for just a little bit longer, and because the weather was so nice i went on a walk as well. I am feeling like I am getting a good start on the week.

And it is the week of subscription boxes. It seems everything has come in all at once So it is a week of unboxing. It feels lIke a surprise party just for me. Even though I paid for all of the gifts. I still have loads of new things to try out. Which makes it very fun and exciting. Admittedly i can’t try them all at once. There were a lot of peels and retinols this month. Apparently the undisclosed theme for May is ‘strip down your skin before summer arrives’.

Speaking of Subscription boxes, Boxy Charm Choice opened up today. This is the first time in a while I managed to get my box before I had to make my choice. I went for the Marc Jacobs Mascara and the Natasha Denona Foundation as my two choices. And then in pop up I purchased another Milk Makeup Kush Lip Glaze. I just couldn’t resist. I really like the formula.

Besides spending a bit of time with the postman collecting my subscription boxes, this weekend was quiet and mostly spent in the garden. In addition to rabbits, this year we are fighting carpenter bees and an influx of voles who have turned part of the yard into an ankle breaking hazard. But the tomato plants are sill alive and the pepper plants went into their assigned spots. In addition the lettuces are starting to come up and my fig tree got its first leaf of spring. That tree always surprises me. All winter it looks like bare sticks shooting up from the ground then I’ll notice one or two leaves and think oh its starting to come back. Then I’ll turn my back for a few days and the entire thing will have leafed out. It does the reverse in the fall. All the other trees will lose their leaves but the fig will still be green and glossy and then one night it will freak out and drop all its leaves at once.

I think it just isn’t good with transitions.

but at least last year I got three good figs from it (it’s only three years old) I have my fingers crossed I’ll have enough to make my own version of fig fingers (Like fig newtons only better). That’s the hope anyway. I suspect i am a few years out from that, but a girl can dream.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Urban Decay All Nighter face Primer

  • Urban Decay has a Spring Sale going on right now with over 100 products 50% off. I will be poking around tonight. I have been wanting the Honey palette for a really long time and keep missing the sales. Fingers crossed it’s in the sale.

Foundation: Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation

  • Free XXL Mascara when you spend $60+ with code FREEXXL

Bronzer: Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

Powder: Kristofer Buckle Translucent Loose setting Powder

  • usually this powder is $24 but currently it is on sale for $18

Eyeshadow: Subculture by ABH

  • since the Subculture palette has been discontinued the link will take you to the ABH eyeshadow Palettes general page – I have no affiliation, I just thought you might like to poke around on their site to see what else they had on offer.

Mascara: They’re Real Magnet by Benefit Cosmetics

Lips: bareMinerals Gen Nude in Pout

The Urban Decay Primer came in the Macy’s subscription box this month and I figured I might as well start to use it. The Urban Decay Primer I usually use (Optical Illusion) is being discontinued. At least from everything I have seen. If you happen to hear other wise let me know, because I really prefer the Optical Illusion to this one. The All Nighter is a lot more moisturizing than the Optical Illusion and felt really wet. I tend to let my primer settle in for a minute before applying my foundation and it dried down a bit, but I’m not entirely sure this primer is for me. I’ll play around with the sample like I always do, but it is definitely different enough from the Optical Illusion that it won’t be a replacement, even if I do end up liking it.

The foundation is one I really like. It is the Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation and it always sits beautifully on my skin and feels as light as a moisturizer.

Because we’ve entered the season where my skin tone is starting to tan but not yet at the summer level of pigment the bronzers are in flux as well. Spring and autumn are the seasons where bronzer palettes shine. There are four shades in the Ace Beaute one. For the winter I am the lightest shade, in transitional months I am the second lightest shade and then in the depths of summer I can go to the third shade. The deepest shade in the palette I can’t wear on my cheeks but it makes a fantastic eyeshadow. It is brown with just a hint of red. It is a great one and done look for me.

I didn’t think to use it today, but rather went for My Subculture Palette. It too has sadly been discontinued although there are places it can be picked up. I personally will use it until I’ve panned out the shades as I really enjoy it. Since it has been discontinued though I will try and restrain myself and use it more on the weekends. Today I decided I wanted to play with the yellows and greens. I don’t know why, I think I’ve just had too many browns in the past few months. So I went for it. If you have the palette, I used the shade Edge first and then added a little New Wave on top of it because I thought Edge made me look jaundiced. I then topped it with untamed and then went with Electric in the inner corner. I think the yellow and green went really well with electric. I still can’t decide if the yellow makes me look too jaundiced. Even so it was fun to play with some colors that i normally don’t use. or only use as small accent touches.

Finally of course is the other new product I tried this week and that is the They’re Real Magnet Mascara. Thus far the mascara is performing well. It works as good as the regular They’re Real Mascara. I really don’t see much difference between the two.. I actually have a regular They’re Real Mascara I might open to do a side by side comparison. Its good, but I think I am still going to prefer Bad Gal Bang. I get more length and volume from it.

But alas play time is over and it is back to work for me. I hope the rest of your day is fantastic.

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