Weekly Weight: April No Scale Begins

This morning was interesting. On Fridays I get up , use the facilities, walk to the kitchen to put on the coffee and then go back to the bathroom. Then, before I begin my morning skincare I strip down and step on the scale to record any changes over the week. While I have taken breaks from the scale, most notably around holidays, I have been weighing myself every Friday for a long time.

Not stepping on the scale this morning felt…strange. There was a feeling of relief that I wouldn’t have to see myself dealing with tiny fragments of weight (in either direction) as I try to get myself off of this plateau I am on. There was also a feeling of guilt.

And to be honest, this feeling of guilt bothers me. I felt almost as though if I didn’t get on the scale, I hadn’t really done any of my exercising. I hadn’t recorded my food. I wasn’t working towards a healthier me. All of which is foolish. I have been getting my exercise in, but I am working to shake up my routine so I can see where that feeling of not doing what I was doing when I stepped on the scale might occur.

In addition I have been writing down all that I consume. Partially because I had a doctor’s visit this week. Since I am wearing a FitBit which records my activity and I am recording my food we sort of looked through that. It turns out I haven’t been eating enough. Which is part of my plateau at the moment. Each time I see the scale not move, I knock a few calories off and apparently that doesn’t help. So there is some recalibrating.

and he did validate my decision to step away from the scale for a month. He suggested letting my body get used to things before I start second guessing myself and making adjustments. Which is smart. Smarter than My I can’t just can’t stand to see 0.2 weight increments for a while version of stepping away from the scale because it is driving me bonkers.

So we are going with his version of Smart so that I don’t try to micro manage myself idea. It sounds much better than my initial thoughts. Both are still true of course. I just need to get over the guilt that stepping away from the scale causes. It annoys me that I feel guilty, but denying it isn’t going to help. So I am acknowledging it and hopefully putting it behind me.

So doctor’s visit down, caloric intake tweaked I am moving forward. I feel good about what I did this week and ultimately it feels good not to think about the number on the scale for a bit. The weight loss journey will continue, even without the confirmation of the scale. I know this. Sometimes you just need a breather.

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